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Fun Shadow Lane party article

In anticipation of the party this week, Eve Howard’s latest “Eve’s Corner” is a primer on what you can expect to see and do at these gatherings, plus some dos and don’ts. Each segment is cleverly illustrated with photos from various SL videos. If you’re going, or even if you’re not, check it out. It’s a fun and informative read.

As I perused the article and photos, I did a double take toward the end: Hey! That’s me! It was a picture I hadn’t seen before from Spanking Professor, with the splendid Steve Fuller. Above the photo, Eve had written:

This photo introduces a matter worth commenting on, namely, taking a girl by hair. It is quite possible to do this without feeling unpleasant, by gathering the hair close to the head, etc., and many people seem to like it, however, never grab anyone by the hair without first discussing the subject and getting their permission to do it. Even if you know what you’re doing, the act of grabbing someone like that if they are unprepared could be very disturbing, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, painful. So check first. And this applies to every type of exotic variation on standard over the knee spanking.

Very wise words. I happen to love a hair grab. Not a hair yank so much — I don’t have a whiplash fetish. But the feeling of a man’s hand entangling in my hair and then his fist closing… mmmm. Don’t get me started. But never assume a woman will like that; some consider it an abusive gesture.

However, here’s MY question: Just what the hell is going on with my mouth in this photo??

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15 thoughts on “Fun Shadow Lane party article

  1. My guess to what is happening to your mouth is you were caught in mid-comment politely making technique recommendations to Mr. Fuller.


  2. Paul — Yeahhhhhhh, that's it. 😀


  3. Ummm I would say its the good old " Rebel Yell "As In " MOOOOOOREEEEEE "lololol


  4. never mind your mouth, what's his hand doing. not on target in my book. i have a lot more to say but i'm tired and hitting the,ddon


  5. Alan — Ha! Yes.ddon — trust me, his hand was very much on target… over and over and over.


  6. The article was funny! The first thing I thought was "hey, aren't those pretty panties" shortly followed by, "Oh, hey that's Erica!"


  7. I love this pic!!! It's so candid, and your bottom is already pinking, and Iggy is right, your panties are lovely. 🙂


  8. Iggy — yup, the big mouth gave it away!Bonnie-jo — Thanks! Eve usually buys gorgeous lingerie for all of us, but this time, these were my own panties. 🙂


  9. lol… please say you aren't making your 'o' face. 😉 See you soon! 🙂


  10. Kat — ROFL!! No, I generally don't look utterly horrified in the throes of an "O." 😀


  11. I love your pic it's cute the, expression on your face is priceless 🙂 your panties are very pretty.WOW what a pink bum hehehe,my mom yanked me by the hair a few times OUCH it was very disturbing to me thats why i don't like it.i didn't know that someone could grab another by the hair and not make it hurt i am learning something new everyday.perhaps mom should of read this first huh.Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  12. Jade — you remember what I told you about "consensual," right? Steve got my consent first before he grabbed my hair. Your mom didn't. That's why it upset you, and rightly so.


  13. Was that expression from spitting out a bar of soap? 🙂


  14. Kelly — any man who tries to put a bar of soap in my mouth will be blowing bubbles out his a**. 🙂


  15. Looks like you've loved that style of panty for a long time, Erica!


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