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Shadow Lane party, Part 2 (the Northern Spanking shoot)

I was going to make Part 2 all of Saturday, but the Northern Spanking shoot deserves its own entry.

Prior to the party, Stephen Lewis and I had a brief exchange of email, discussing possible scenarios. He came up with one I thought was perfect — I’d be a temperamental, obnoxious diva actress and he’d be my long-suffering agent, fed up with my screwing up every job he gets me. What, me play a snarky bitch on video? Yup. 🙂

The shoot was scheduled for 1:00 in their suite, so on Saturday morning I got up and showered, and instead of my usual Saturday shorts and tank top, I put on a halter-top dress and full makeup, as I planned to head for the suite right after lunch. J and I went down to Cafe Siena and found Craig, Lizzie and Jada just leaving, and several others in our group inside. We got a table and were joined by Andy for a while, and then our friend David and another gentleman named Brian, whom we saw sitting by himself nearby and invited to join us.

I ate lightly and at quarter to one I left, went back to our room to freshen up my makeup and hair and got to the NS suite at 1:00 on the dot. They were running a little late, still shooting with Jenni Mack in the bedroom, so Lucy kept me company in the living room area and we chatted in a whisper. By 1:30, it was my turn.

We weren’t sure how we were going to work the setting. The bedroom was ideal, since there was lots of light and a white bedspread, but how could we do an actress/agent meeting in a bedroom? Then one of the camera men (dammit, I have forgotten his name, I’m so sorry) came up with a brilliant idea — I’d be passed out drunk on the bed, and Stephen’s character would come charging into my hotel room, incensed because I was supposed to be on set and I hadn’t shown up. Perfect!

Plus, I’d cooked up a little mischief of my own. I thought it would be funny if I’d demanded M&Ms in my hotel room, but they gave me plain ones when I clearly specified peanut. So I’d pitch a fit to Stephen about this egregious error and then deliver the coup de grace that would prompt him to take me OTK. I ran my idea past Stephen for his approval and he OK’d it.

When I last shot for NS, it was quite impromptu and they’d had just one camera. This time, they’d come with two and it took a bit longer to set things up just so. I think it will be well worth the time, though.

So they had me sprawl out on the bed, with glasses strewn on the nightstand (along with the bowl of M&Ms) and an empty champagne bottle beside me. Stephen would stride in, shake me awake and we’d begin our dialogue.

Action! He woke me, read me the riot act for blowing another job, and I whined a bunch of excuses. Then I launched into my tirade about the M&Ms. “What’s wrong with them??” “They’re plain! I wanted peanut!” “So what? What’s wrong with plain?” “They’re plain…. boring…. nutless. Much like you!” As I delivered this last line, I was pitching M&Ms at him. And after a bit more arguing, I said that I didn’t want them, but if he did, he was welcome to them… and I dumped the bowl over his head. That did it.

You get the picture… vigorous spanking, me squalling and fussing and insulting. Stephen and I work well together; he matches me scathing line for scathing line. He progressed from hand to hairbrush, and eventually I came around to agree that perhaps I should reconsider taking the jobs he finds for me and stop with the attitude already. Guess what I had to do as a finale? Get on my hands and knees on the carpet and pick up all the damned M&Ms.

Cut! We didn’t need to reshoot any part of it, so they went straight into taking still shots and then we were done. The whole thing took an hour and ten minutes. Paul and the other gentleman were thrilled; they said they got some great footage and our dialogue was hysterical.

Afterward, there was the usual signing of forms and taking the ID photo to prove we’re of age. That always cracks me up. I mean, I can see doing that for some of the young models who could pass for 16 or whatever. But me???? For God’s sake… anyone who could look at me and question whether or not I’m over 18 probably isn’t watching spanking videos anyway… they’re freaking half-blind! :-Þ

Big hugs and many thanks all around, and I took off, floating several feet off the carpet. Spanking shoots will always be one of my greatest joys.

Still to come — Saturday afternoon/evening, and all of Sunday.

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21 thoughts on “Shadow Lane party, Part 2 (the Northern Spanking shoot)

  1. Any idea as to when Northern will be releasing the video?


  2. No idea at this point, nor do I know what they're going to call it. They shot a fair amount of footage this weekend, so I guess I'll be in the rotation.


  3. sorry….but you do look 16 [or so]. i did get thru to zelle and she seems to have enjoyed what i sent. next week i'll try and have a little bit more for you two.relax and unwind.hugs from,ddon


  4. ddon — noooooo, my dear, I most certainly do not. But thank you. Much more reporting to come.


  5. Hello my Erica OMG you are so frickin funny hehehe you actually dumped the bowl of m&m's over Stephen's head hehehe i can't wait until this video comes out i got to see this.YOU ROCK YOUR VERY AWESOME.i would of said i am not picking up the damn m&m's off the floor pal you do it yourself i am not your slave.hehehe told you i could brat very well.Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  6. Jade — LOL, well, you know, by the end of the spanking video, the girl is supposed to finally be better behaved (at least for a few minutes, anyway). 😉


  7. never ever talk back to an alpha male when he is speaking the truth!!!!!j. are you out there???? take care of this insolent young brat for me. i'll owe you one.luv anyway,ddon


  8. OMG! How damn funny is that! I think you deserve an M&M-y!!


  9. Zelle — HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well done…


  10. Meeting you and shooting with you was an absolute delight once again. I really can't get enough of the verbal sparring my lovely for which you have no peer.Just a pity I never got to catch up with you during the rest of the weekend but am glad you appeared to have as good a time as we did.Here's to next year (hopefully) and Round ThreePS Good job my verbal skills are better than my written ones as this is the 3rd attempt to post this….


  11. Stephen — you are such a blast! You keep up so well with my snappy comments, you actually had ME speechless a couple of times. It was a joy to see all of you again; thanks so much. 🙂 Can't wait to see our efforts on film.


  12. "Nutless. Much like you!" Probably one of the most original, outrageously funny insults ever directed at some poor put-upon agent! Were you two tempted to burst into laughter or are you really able to stay focused when you launch insults at your spankers?


  13. Kelly – Stephen is incredibly focused; I haven't been able to make him break character yet! I can keep from laughing when I deliver a snappy line, but if the top delivers an unexpected one, it's hard not to lose it.


  14. Sounds like it went fantastically! I can't wait to see the results! You sure you had to do much acting??? Hmmm???


  15. Craig — of course I was acting! What could you possibly be suggesting? 🙂


  16. I think making me suffer doesn't involve much acting at all from Erica's POV.Without wishing to take over the blog, Kelly's question is very interesting.I'm very lucky in that in the UK I have the good fortune to work with the likes of Amy Hunter & Amelia Jane Rutherford. They are of a similiar ilk to Erica in that their fans want to see them be smart,sassy & generally run rings around the Top to a certain degree. Its the Hepburn/Tracy dynamic as I see it in the sense that Hepburn was always smarter than her male co-stars but would ultimately land herself in trouble because she'd over step the mark with that superiority.IMO its actually easier working with people of the verbal calibre of Erica(Amy & AJR) without corpseing beacause I know I have to be at my best to live with them verbally.There's a lot more I could say about topping for film but here is probably not the place..


  17. Hepburn/Tracy? OMG.. Stephen! That is a perfect analogy! Loved your post! "Engage their minds, the bodies follow" (grinz)


  18. Stephen — are you saying I'm smarter than you? 😉 Seriously… I love it when a top appreciates a feisty woman to bounce off of. I've said this many times before, but for me, the best tops are the ones who appreciate my spirit rather than trying to break it.Zelle — when Keith and I did all the Spanking Epics work together, some people referred to us as the Tracy and Hepburn of spanking videos. I loved that analogy then, and I still do!


  19. Erica… that Hepburn/Tracy so suits! The moment Stephen said that.. I said.. "YES! THAT'S IT!" .. And now you know why I love your videos! You come across as the real deal! Your acting makes me smile.. as it's something everyone wishes THEY had said (or had the nerve to say!).. Your bottom is the only one I know that can cash those checks! (grins)I can't wait to get this video and add to the collection I already have of you! I guess you know you are the spanko hero to all of us aspiring players! (grins)


  20. "Erica Scott, melts over your knee and breaks your hand!"Oh, well, I tried. Anyway, that sounds a rip-roarin' hilarious and horny vid! (The best spanking movies have high H&H factors, you know.)Thanks very much for the behind the scenes look now, and the look at your behind in the scenes later! Also eagerly looking forward to Rich's interview!


  21. Dave — I can always count on you to make me laugh! OK, I hear hilarious, but how the hell is it horny, Horatio?


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