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Part 2 is up, and Erica is a crybaby

Some of you may have already noticed, but Part 2 of my Richard Windsor interview is now up on Spanking Tube, here. I really appreciate Rich getting these up so quickly, and I hope you guys like them! And if you do, please do take a sec and give a rating. I suppose there will be those who are disappointed because there’s no spanking, just talking, but there will be that fun little spanking clip that Rich and I did as well, coming soon.

Please excuse me, but I’m going to whine now. I went to the dentist today. Here’s what was on the docket: an old crown on the upper left was to be removed and replaced, and the tooth next to it needed a filling. Then on the lower left, an old filling was to be replaced.

The crown should have been simple; the plan was to pry it off, take the impression for the new one, then cement the old one back on as a temporary until the new one was done in a couple of weeks. However, that didn’t happen. The damned old crown would not come off.

Dr. T said he was going to try to “tap” it off. He was going to hammer at it a bit in an attempt to loosen it, but I wouldn’t feel any pain. Well, guess what… despite four shots of anesthetic (yes, four), I still felt pain up in the jawbone. Plus, the feel and sound of the impact did something to me–I could sense and hear this banging resonating loudly through my head, and it freaked me out. I guess I must have gone chalk white, and I didn’t realize I was twisting and wringing my fingers until the dental assistant laid her hand gently over mine. The doc would stop, then try again, but the @#$%ing thing still wouldn’t come off and I was clearly terrified, so he stopped.

Plan B — drill the old crown off and fit me for a new acrylic temporary, since the old one would now be history. So drill, drill, drill away, plus drilling for the new filling in the tooth next door. Granted, by now the anesthetic was fully kicked in and I felt nothing, but my jaw was wedged open and my mouth stretched wide, and I could hear the drill (plus there’s that lovely smell of your teeth disintegrating). So when he finally said, “OK, drilling is over,” I had to fight the urge to burst into tears of relief. Yes, I am a big old baby.

The crown and the one filling ended up taking 2 1/4 hours total, and they didn’t even get to the second filling. They’ll do that when I go back for the permanent crown. However, I couldn’t get an appointment for that until three weeks from today. And instead of my porcelain old crown as a temp, I have an acrylic that isn’t meant to withstand all that much stress. The last time I had a temporary crown, I chewed right through it.

God, I hate dental work. You can say what you like about my spanking tolerance, but I am not a masochist. I hate pain.

The lidocaine has worn off and a dose of Advil has beaten the flare-up of pain down into a dull ache. And I have been warned not to eat anything sticky or really hard for the next few weeks. Thank God I don’t chew gum.

OK, whining over. Thank you for listening.

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16 thoughts on “Part 2 is up, and Erica is a crybaby

  1. Hello my Erica i am so glad that your not in too much pain i was thinking about you all day,what you had done at the dentist would freak me the hell out YOUR NOT A BABY your one of the toughest people i know.look at it this way you stuck it out and had it done, it would of been easier to just run out the door but you didn't.i loved part 2 of your interview it was funny it made me laugh.i can't wait to see the spanking clip next.feel better soon OK Love you sending you big hugs xoxo from your naughty girl Jade


  2. Loved the interview! Rated it and commented too. (weg)Erica.. I've told this a hundred times before.. but I'd been white knuckling the chair during one serious dental appt.. and so my Dentist asked if I was okay. (hell no!), and I said to him.. "I'd rather have a baby than this dental work!"… Without missin' a beat he said to me "Well, make up your mind, I have to adjust the chair." OMG.. of course I laughed my azz off and it put me somewhat at ease.. but they still had to slap a little nose thingy on me and pump me full of gas to get through it all!β™₯ ~Z


  3. Jade — thank you, sweet girl. I'll be fine — very grateful for Advil, though.Zelle — LOL… I do love that story. Gotta hand it to your dentist, he was sharp!


  4. I can't rate on Spanking Tube. I can actually write comments there, but they are never stored. Some error message pops up each time. Anyhow, A+ interview! F- dental torment


  5. There are some sick masochists that would pay extra for all that!C


  6. I offer this as half serious advice, as it may work a bit in some cases. What you need is a session of pain transference. I know from anectodal evidence that it works. Yes, I am prescribing that you get a good…hmmm, actually, maybe a caning or something a little stronger than usual, just prior to any such dental visit. Therefore, you may focus any pain you feel later to something that feels more pleasurable. Also, a post dental spanking may also help ease the pain, again by pain transference. Plus, throw in a third spanking, just I can say "take three spankings and call me in the morning."


  7. Kelly — I've never tried to rate or comment there. Thanks for trying anyway!Craig — No doubt. And they are more than welcome to it.Paul — You know, I would take that seriously, except I remembered that you recommend spanking for pretty much everything. πŸ˜‰


  8. Erica, forgive me but I just scanned the bit about the dental work. I have an utter terror of the dentist (got mauled by one in my twenties and ended up in hospital) and I know I need to go but I am too afraid.At least you are brave enough to do it and you are on your way- or are you done? I could not read. I never take so much as an asprin but I swear I would need some heavy duty medication to get me to the dentists.Shudder.


  9. guilty as charged. i don't know why men qualify an innocent compliment….but we do. and i have told 25 year olds that they don't look a day over 17.john stienbeck had no respect for grammer and neither do i and i can't spell worth a tinkers damn. tough, i'm me like it or leave friend jose, when he wanted to say a long time ago, would say long time to go. i'd cringe but it really didn't matter to methat was a great interview!!! so much fun. a shame the webcam went wrong.good luck with the acrylic filling. time for sushi and thai food.i'kk be around,ddon


  10. Poppy — no need for forgiveness. I am as squeamish as you. No, I'm not quite done, but the worst of it is over. I hate dental work, but I'm quite fond of my teeth, and they serve me well in the process of nourishing myself. So… I put up with the fear and discomfort. Not easy, though.


  11. ddon — not important about the webcam, I don't think. The interview was captured for posterity and that's the most important. Glad you enjoyed it.


  12. Yes, I do recommend spanking for just about everything. Forget medical marijuana, I want to open up a medical spanking clinic.


  13. "Medical Spanking Clinic?"… will you be taking insurance PB??? I'd like to sign up please! LOL


  14. Absolutely, Zelle, if your insurance will pay for it, I'm there. I would love to see the expression of the person in some insurance compnay cubicle who gets that form to process.


  15. Paul.. I think my Doctor said I had "cold pudendal nerves" as the diagnosis, thereby requiring immediate heat treatments.. and most likely given the go-ahead by the insurance company .. LOL


  16. All right, you two, get a room. πŸ™‚


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