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Wonderful, versatile ginger

Today, boys and girls, we will review the myriad uses of this tuber.

This is fresh ginger root:

Not very pretty, is it? But oh, the things you can enjoy from this ugly, lumpy rhizome!

Ginger is a part of many taste treats, both sweet and savory. Sliced and pickled, it is a classic accompaniment to sushi:

In dried and powdered form, ginger adds a distinctly spicy note to cakes and cookies:

And if you boil down ginger root with sugar syrup, you are on your way to enjoying some candied ginger:

Yum! But that’s not all. Ginger is known for its medicinal properties as well; in particular, settling various stomach upsets. So if you’re suffering a bit of indigestion or nausea, you can pour yourself a nice soothing cup of hot ginger tea:

Or a cold, bubbly and refreshing glass of ginger ale:

So many good things from one ugly, unassuming little root. Isn’t that amazing?

However, kids, some consider ginger to have yet another use. They take the fresh root, carve it down into plug-shaped pieces, and insert those plugs here:

Can you imagine? To this usage, I give a resounding FAIL. Ginger contains volatile oils that burn and irritate those tender tissues, along with the expected discomfort and humiliation. Strangely, the perpetrators of this ginger insertion (also known as figging) don’t seem to be too concerned with those factors. In fact, they (gasp) actually seem to delight in them.

There is debate about when and where this practice started, but there is much documentation about how, back in the 1800s, horse owners did this to their poor non-consenting equine friends in order to “liven them up.” However, that was the 19th century, and it’s now the 21st. Today, that would be called “cruelty to animals.” So I ask you — if it would be considered cruel to do to animals, wouldn’t it be even more egregious to do it to humans? Well, wouldn’t it?

A while back on my old MySpace blog, I wrote about my opinion of certain tops rubbing capsaicin (hot pepper) cream onto sore and tender spanked bottoms. I believe I suggested that these tops should have capsaicin cream switched with their hemorrhoid ointment. Well, here is my suggestion for those who insist upon this cruel and unusual usage of ginger: I think they should be required to go a full day with a habanero pepper shoved up their bum. Oh, and with a freshly fierce new one re-inserted each hour.

Just my l’il old opinion, of course. πŸ™‚  This concludes today’s presentation of Ginger 101.

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21 thoughts on “Wonderful, versatile ginger

  1. Ginger cookies, yum!


  2. I'm totally with you on the ginger, although I haven't had the displeasure of trying it. And I won't. It seems unnecessarily evil.Ha: I don't usually do this but my word verification was "nonsub".


  3. ginger?? SNAP!!! *In all the 101 uses for GINGER*… not once did I notice any mention in Betty Crocker's finest.. of carving it up and putting it where the sun don't shine! You wanna talk about your "The Root of all Evil?" .. well there ya go. Why does a lovely spankable azz.. have to be subjected to a weapon of azz destruction?? Last I heard, "If you break your toys.. you don't get to play with them any more…"To me .. THAT is not part of spanking play.. that is getting more into the realm of BDSM.. and hey.. if two people are ready, willing, and able to go there.. more power to em'! But don't pull that out of a plastic bag in your toy bag, whilst I'm over your knee.. and try to play around and talk me into that.. cause that's gonna end our scene in a yankee minute.. and that ain't but 30 seconds.


  4. I prefer Mary Anne.(Let's see how many even understand that last comment.)


  5. @Paul: I chose not to smoke my ginger!Amen Erica! I just happened to use dried ginger to provide an extra flavor to my chicken recipe. πŸ˜‰


  6. Iggy — those look particularly good, don't they?pink — nonsub? Really?? Oh, that's too funny!Zelle — I knew I'd hear from you on this one! (grinning) Root of all evil — ha!Paul — ROFL!! I think most will get your comment. So, did sweet little Mary Anne enjoy having her back door violated, I wonder? (brings a whole new meaning to the Skipper's "little buddy")Kat — can I come over for dinner?


  7. No need to acquaint my nether regions with this tuber. Ever. I'll stick to ginger ale.


  8. Hello my Erica i am going to stick to ginger cookies and ginger ale, i would not want to be over someone's knee and the person that is spanking me telling me that i am getting a just ain't happening my bum would burn like hell and i think it's inhumane and very cruel.i love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  9. ginger just happens to be a very favorite comestable.why they call it figging i don't know. what a waste of a wonderfull substance.gingerale is nice but ginger beer is devine.i haven't done s stirfry without ginger ever. i have some pure capsicum and rather than wasteing a good habanero i suggest dipping a tampon into that and inserting it into the proper place. figging equals zwollik.i have to make my own ginger beer [hence the capsicum] because in n.c. they think grits equall caviar. gefilttefish??? is that like catfish???you just had to show that plate of sushi, right. they have japanese resturants here, with no japanese food!!! unagi??…toro??…no..maguro???…no..miso soup??…no does anyone her speak japanese???…no. argh!!!mary anne??? i don't lose easy but you got me this time.another fun post!!!thanx so much,ddon


  10. Kelly — I need to revisit diet ginger ale. I haven't had it in years.Jade — yes, I prefer cookies too.ddon — Ginger vs. Mary Anne (Ann?), the two women who were on the TV show Gilligan's Island. Ginger was a glamorous movie star and Mary Anne was a sweet down-home kind of girl with pigtails and denim shorts. People tend to prefer one over the other.


  11. that's why.from 1959 to 1970 i watched almost no normal tv. i worked two or more jobs, attended college served in the usaf and/or all of the above.i missed gilligans island [gladly]. it seems like i went from mr. peepers & the honeymooners to barney miller with nothing in between.last night i did the 3rd season of "mad about you". paul, licking the envelopes for their wedding invitations, saying "if i just had two tounges i'd be the happiest person in the world".jamie, without batting an eye says "second happiest". now i'm doing the 1st season of cheers. "is there an ernie pantuso in the house"??? "that's you coach".i don't regret missing the 60's sit coms.thanks to someone we all know and love next months disposable income is going for mail order unagi and are a true jewel, you always amaze me.lot'sa luck,ddon


  12. Erica, as always, knows when something is spelled wrong. It indeed is "Mary Ann".


  13. This article is pretty figgin' funny! Thanks very much for the deee-lightful pink bottom shot. "I like pink very much, Lois."I glean that you'd rather have dental work than gingeritis, and I hope your pearlies are all better and the soreness gone. Otherwise, on the subject of vegetable misuse, I'm reminded of the old children's song:"Oh, Mother, we've gone and put beans in our ears! Beans in our ears! Beans in our ears! Oh, Mother, we've gone and put beans in our ears! Beeeeeans in our eaaars!""That's nice, children, just don't those beans in your ears! Beans in your ears! Etc."


  14. Gingeritis!!! Ha! Noooo… I've never heard that song. Thanks a lot. πŸ™‚


  15. Ginger is wrong (unless it is in cake) but I do like the way you deal with Tops who think it is a good idea. Horrid, horrid ginger. Shudder.


  16. Poppy — what's good for the bottom is good for the top, no? (snickering)


  17. I'm going to both agree and disagree with you on this issue.Agree:1. Nonconsensual is NEVER OK, and that includes a nonconsensual spanking.2. Just my opinion, but no one who claims to be a top can truly appreciate what a bottom goes through without first-person experience as a bottom.3. Even in a consensual setting, certain things should not be engaged in if they are just too dangerous.Disagree:1. If figging play is consensual, why not?How dangerous is ginger?A pared ginger root is not all that dangerous. The oils are irritants and will cause a burning sensation, but with the root they are not there in great enough concentrations. Purified ginger oil should never be eased, which is what was used on show horses. One should also be careful with a ginger butt plug for the same reason one should be careful with any sort of butt plug. Never leave it in for too long, never use one that is too large, and never use it on someone nonconsensually. Lastly, don't use that particular piece of ginger in cooking! I've been on the receiving end of both figging and spanking, and on the donating end of spanking. I enjoy all that in small doses. I will say that a ginger butt plug seems like a waste of good ginger. I'd rather cook with it in the kitchen!


  18. OY, make that ginger oil should never be used, not eased.


  19. Hi EricaLike the pose you bending over the sofa – nice paisley patterned skirt..suits you.And the salmon pink bottom – looks great, needs creaming.


  20. Don't knock it until you try it… πŸ˜‰


  21. Craig — I've never tried jumping off a cliff, but somehow, I know I'd hate that as well. πŸ™‚


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