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At long last…

…finally… better late than never… a birthday spanking!! YEAH!

You know how I’m always bitching about, how I get so many of my CHoS entries from there and it’s a bunch of uber-doms and wankers with dick pics? BUT… then I add that I leave my profile there anyway, because once every few years, I get a nice surprise? Well, guess what. It’s been a few years. I was due.

This gentleman wishes to remain anonymous, so I will refer to him as D (not to be confused with the other D, who was Danny). We met for coffee last week and talked for over 2 1/2 hours. The next day, he sent me birthday greetings and expressed a desire for a play date. The feeling was mutual.

J has not been feeling well, so even though he was sweet as could be for my birthday, he was not able to deliver a birthday spanking. And I was realllllly craving one. I thought my desire to play had waned with my hormones, but it seems to be kicking back into gear lately. So I was more than happy to have a play date this evening.

D showed up right on time, bearing a flower and a birthday balloon. How sweet is that? Oh, and a toy bag. He gave me a minute to put my flower in a vase and then we got right down to business.

First times are often awkward. The top can err on the side of caution and be too light, the chemistry isn’t right, the mood is off, one partner (or both) doesn’t get what he/she wants and doesn’t know how to say so, etc. Not so this time. He was a little light at first, but a healthy dose of my big fat mouth got him to ramp it up. 🙂 I got to sample all the toys in his bag plus his belt, and a couple of my own toys too. I thought, eh, it’s the first time, it’s too hot (it was about 110 here today) — I won’t get into the zone.

I got into the zone. I stopped bratting him. When he asked me if I wanted more, I said please. He finished me with several hard strokes from a light wooden paddle he’d made himself. It wasn’t one of those freaking thuddy slabs I hate, but it packed a sting nonetheless. I was quite done after that.

Oh, before I slipped into the zone, he did give me 53 swats with my leather paddle and made me count them. He also suggested that I say “happy birthday” after each number, but I thought that was pushing it and let him know by replying “up yours.” 🙂

We talked for about an hour afterward, once I recovered my powers of speech. So I’d faded a great deal by the time he’d left, unfortunately, but I still snapped a photo to mark the occasion:

Ah yes… it’s been a blissfully happy birthday…

I think I’m ready for sleep now. Yes, on my stomach.

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14 thoughts on “At long last…

  1. Night nite little miss feeling all warm and fuzzy! How fantastic was that? Birthday wishes fulfilled! Sounds like you had a blast and are blissed out at the moment! :-)OH! AND, the man brought you a flower and a B-day balloon! I just think that is incredibly thoughtful on his part.. and that gets points from me!


  2. What a delightful idea to celebrate a birthday. Happy birthday month, and year, and celebrate well all year.


  3. Hello my Erica i am so happy that you got your birthday spanking 🙂 i love your pics you have a red bum hehehe.that was so nice of him to bring you a flower and a birthday balloon,you look happy holding your pretty wonder why alt is bad for me i didn't know that there were naked pics of privates on there YIKES my foster mom used to yell at me for coming out in a bath towel in front of my brother imagine if i put a pic of me without any panties on the internet and she saw it she would have a heart attack, she would beat my bum hehehe, i Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  4. That was lovely! I'm so glad you finally celebrated your birthday the right way.Hugs,Hermione


  5. Zelle — thoughtful is big in my book too! One of my favorite qualities in a top, and in people, period.Paul — right, like you hadn't thought of it. :-)Jade — I don't think my mom would be too crazy about my Internet pictures either. ;-)Hermione — I know, right? I mean, what self-respecting spanko has a birthday without a birthday spanking, I ask you?


  6. Quite a lovely red bottom my dear . I am envious of the lucky Mr d. ahhhhhh well i guess thats what happens when your 1500 miles away .AWWWWWWWWWWW SHUCCCCCCCCKS


  7. Cute cheek shots! All in all it seems like you had a spanktastic birthday. He sounds like a keeper, too. Love the endearing "up yours" remark. 🙂 I am really in awe that your redness/marks can fade so soon yet you still feel some tenderness post spankings.


  8. Alan — the powers that be need to get to work on that teleportation thing. :-)Kelly — it's freakish! I mean, NOTHING today, save for a very slight pinkish tinge, barely noticeable. But I sure feel it.One of my favorite post-spanking comments: The top, after whaling on me with various toys in his arsenal for a long time (and in every room in his house), watched my color fade and blurted, "Are you HUMAN?" 😀


  9. good on you,i'm so happy for know my concerns for jay but….if a person won't help himself there is a limit to what even the most loving caring friends can do.this one sounds like a keeper. only time will tell.and…bye the bye… e-friend [23 years old can you believe it] sent me her home e-mail address.she joins you and zelle. it's never too late.much luv,ddon


  10. ddon — thanks. J has been Xrayed many times and diagnosed; he has arthritis. Nothing one can do to cure that. His resistance to meds will decrease as his pain increases, I'm afraid.


  11. hi sweeetness,thanx for taking a huge weight off my back.this and any further discussion is not appropriot for here or in our emails[they are for fun only just in case you haven't noticed]i have lot's to say but if you won't call me…so be, ddon


  12. Teleportation !! Sounds good to me , ummmm as soon as its ready you will be over my knee willing ly and waiting for my belt right !!"gets out physics books and goes to work "


  13. Nice bottom! Bright red!Happy Birthday!You're very lucky to get just what you need…C


  14. Craig — thanks. Yes… once in a while, life works well. 🙂


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