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A two-parter

Part 1: Birthday greetings are in order. Two wonderful men, back to back — Danny, October 4, and my sweetheart J, October 5. Danny, I hope you had a great day and enjoyed your greetings on FetLife. I tried to bake you a bacon-and-Hollandaise-sauce cake, but sadly, my projectile hurling kept interfering with the process.

J and I were supposed to celebrate his birthday this past weekend. However, he’s been sick as the proverbial dog for two weeks and counting… he got the flu. Big time. In 14 years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him quite this sick. 😦 

A few tip-offs that he’s more than a little sick:

  1. He hasn’t worked out for two weeks. This is unheard of. J will always exercise through an illness. The only thing he’ll cut out is his bike rides. But the walks and the weights? No.
  2. He can barely eat. And when he does manage to force something down, he can’t stand anything with sugar or salt in it. J usually has a huge sweet tooth, and he loves salt so much, he refers to potato chips and nuts as “salt delivery systems.” I had baked him some brownies from scratch, and he couldn’t touch a bite. Normally, he can put away three of those things within five minutes of getting his hands on them.
  3. He’s shivering and bundling up into his jacket one minute and breaking a sweat the next.
  4. He’s taking Tylenol and Advil regularly and I don’t have to hold his nose and stuff it down his throat.
  5. He’s sleeping and sleeping and sleeping, 10-12 hours at a time. This is a man who never sleeps more than six hours in one stretch.
  6. Finally, this is the real shocker: He actually took himself to the doctor last Friday. I didn’t say a word; never suggested it. Usually, I’d have to bug him for about six months before he’d go. They took blood, but basically told him, “You have the flu. Go home.”

(sigh) Have I mentioned that I am a sucky nurse? I worry and fret and get nervous, feeling helpless and wishing I could just wave a magic wand and make him better. And seeing him suffer makes me want to cry. In fact, on Sunday, I did. Ugh. So after this weekend, I was very stressed out.

Which leads us into Part 2…

A week or so ago, Hermione posted about stress release through spanking. I am a strong advocate of this practice; I can blow off stress through exercise (or posting a rant), but nothing sends that tension for the hills like a good hard spanking. Enter New Guy, who paid me a visit this evening.

We played harder this time. Last week, he had a wide leather strap that turned out to be too long (it was wrapping), so we put it away. This week, he brought it again, showing me how he’d cut it down and now it was perfect. (says who???)

OTK in a straight-back chair for a warmup, then he said, “I think I want you over that ottoman.” “You do, huh?” “Yes, I do.” And he lifted me off his lap and carried me across the room, still horizontal, plunking me down on the ottoman. I do love that thing; it’s very comfortable to lie on and there’s room on either side for the spanker to stand, so he has room to swing and give equal time to both cheeks. Besides, if I’m reclining comfortably, I can fully focus on the discomfort happening elsewhere.

He was bolder this time, giving the sweet spots more attention. “Are you feeling this?” he asked. “Why do you ask such stupid questions?” I snapped. I then got a flurry that nearly sent me through the ceiling. “You want to ask me that again?” Uh… no. No, I’ll pass, thank you.

Concerned because I was marking, he asked how I was doing, if I wanted more. Zoned out, I gasped, “My common sense says no; the pain slut in me says yes.” He laughed. “Which one should I listen to?” “You decide,” I said. He went for 10 more swats with the paddle and we were done.

After I returned to Earth, we watched a DVD (When Danny Met Erica, in honor of his birthday), and by then I was back to sassing (yes, already), so I got another spanking on the couch. Just his hand this time, though. 🙂

I needed that. Who the hell needs Xanax — bottle spanking and call it Stress-B-Gone.

Ow…. do you feel sorry for me?

Well, don’t. I’m a happy camper. Thank you, New Guy. Thank you very much. 🙂

I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight… zzzzzzzz….

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19 thoughts on “A two-parter

  1. Sorry for the misery bestowed upon J.A BIG "Yeeaayyy" for you though for YOUR newest stress reliever. Awesome sassy comeback to "New Guy's" taunt, "Why do you ask such stupid questions?" Could be one of THE funniest butt busting inducing responses ever. Good sense tells me to rethink this but I want to try to up my sass for my upcoming spankings, to see how well I tolerate those flurries of spanks! 🙂


  2. I do hope J feels better now. He should… as you bumped up his meds by going for the "flurry".. which is like taking TYLENOL 3 (prescription only). (roflmao)I'm liking "Dr. New Guy" more and more!((blows 'covered mouth' kiss to J — for medicinal purposes only of course..))


  3. erica,i'm gld j is listening to reason. try and get him to take a really potent multi vitamin wthh a b-supplement added. nice pic's…thanx,ddon


  4. First, I hope J improve and feels all well very soon.I am glad your stress relief method works. Seriously, I think it should be included as medicine. But, you already know that.Happy birthd- two months, Paul


  5. So the prescription would be chicken soup for J (you made him some, no?) and a spanking for you. The tried and true methods are always the best!I'm glad New Guy cut the wraparound leather down to size. Hugs,Hermione


  6. Kelly — up your sass?? Oh, good luck to you, my friend. :-DZelle — forget John; I'm the one who could use the Tylenol 3 today! ;-)ddon — thanks; glad you liked them. :-)Paul — the trouble with this method is, it wears off. Very addicting. I may have to go to Betty Ford.Hermione — (hanging head in shame) I don't cook. But he did have some miso soup with tofu when we went out. Finished it, too.


  7. Hope J feels better and manages to have a happy birthday. Glad you got a nice spanking!!!


  8. Sounds like a perfect session! Wow! Look at those marks. You sure that's not a body double, Erica?


  9. Iggy — thanks; hope you have a great time at SSC!Craig — can you believe that? Nope, that's me. I used to be the "stunt butt" — now it looks like I need one! 🙂


  10. It does wear off, but it all wears off. It is addicting, but it is all addicting. The bottom line (pun intended) is: it is all how you get your endorphins. Some do it through intercourse (as an aside, a minister from Intercourse, Pennsylvania was arrested a few days ago for illegally distributing condoms), some through things that are good and healthy for you, like exercise, some through things that you injest, like drugs, alcohol, and chocolate, and some through physical pain. If you choose the physical pain route, which to some is their best option, there is only one main part of the body to hit where one does not damage bone, cartilage, or an organ. Plus, there are sensual benefits to it as well (not counting those who are turned on by hitting their thumbs with a hammer). So, enjoy. I really do mean it when I say it is good for you (and far better than nasty drugs, alcohol, or that chocolate I hear is going around.)


  11. Is the soreness near a level 10? It would be "awful" if your beloved spankers are amping up their force because your bottom is such an ongoing challenge. Next they'll have you saying "Thank you SIR…may I have another?!" That would be choke-inducing for you I bet! 🙂


  12. Paul — I love chocolate, but spanking won't make me fat. :-DKelly — Level 10? Oh hell, no. 🙂 Just enough to be squirmy. And yes, I have had tops who make me spout ridiculous phrases. I always refuse at first, but they can be very convincing.


  13. Hello my Erica i do hope J is feeling better 😦 i am happy that you got a spanking and i agree it does relieve stress,why do you ask such stupid questions made me laugh hehehe you sounded like me,i like your pics, i got a virtual spanking on spankfinder today it was fun i was told i was an excellent actress and great with being bratty and sassy but there is nothing like the real thing,i love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  14. Jade — I'm glad you had fun. Poor J is not feeling better; he had a miserable birthday. (sigh) But we will make up for it when he's better.


  15. YOU DON"T COOK!!!!!this from the girl who just awhile ago extolled the virtues of ginger. no wonder poor j. is suffering. it comes from a lack of jewish penisillin. no prescription's not just the people all humans have a gene that says when we have a cold or flu we need chicken soup!!!!!unleash the "mother hen" in you and make him a pot of soup. anyone can do abound. this isn't the place to post a recipe but if you ask i'll send you mine. i'm sure zelle has can't post too many pic's of the cutest girl,ddon


  16. Hey, you're becoming a Chross Regular, gal! I always thought he had Good Taste. In fact, you, Poppy, AND Devlin are all there this week!Happy belated birthday greetings to both D and J!!I like your idea, and you should appropriate that jingle: "Take SpankinRite tonight and sleeeeeep!"


  17. Dave — thank you, m'dear. And yes, I'm old enough to know that you're referring to Sominex (heavy sigh).


  18. I like marks, it's almost like army scars had to earn them by serving. Also the postion, butt up on some pillows as a perfect target and it's amost begging to be spanked. Please Spank Me!!! I always sleep well after a bedtime spanking and always on my stomach also. I am becky not sure how to post my name and e mail?


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