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I don’t need no stinkin’ Calgon…

Spanking took me away, for a little while. πŸ™‚

New Guy read my blog about being stressed out. He appointed himself as my caretaker and prescribed extra-strength, time-release Spanksalot. He did warn me that side effects included reddening of the bottom, difficulty sitting, loss of sass and a condition known as subspace bliss. Marking may occur in some patients. I was willing to take my chances.

I will fully admit up front that I was a little snot to him at the outset. (Who, me? I know, hard to believe.) I was all edges and angles and prickly burrs, full of tension. But he knew that.

“I think I should spank you in your bedroom,” he said. “Why?” I asked.

“Because I haven’t spanked you there yet.”

“So you think a change in geographic is going to improve your technique?” I snapped. That did it.

I don’t know how long the scene was. It went on for quite some time, and his bag of tricks was fully utilized, including a brand-new hairbrush, purchased for yours truly. Somewhere about mid-scene as my emotions were bubbling up, I felt angry. Not at him, per se, just in general, and I wanted to fight and scream and cuss. Instead, I snatched the nearest implement on the bed next to me — a strap — and flung it off the bed. Unfortunately, it hit him in the legs.

“Why did you just throw that at me?” “Because I felt like it.”

Strangely enough, he then felt like whaling the tar out of me. “You will not throw things at me. I will not allow that. Do you understand?”

I’m not stupid. I nodded my head. But he kept going until I apologized. After I did, he paused to rub a little, and I thought, “Oh, damn, I hope he’s not done.”

He wasn’t.

Earlier that morning, a friend had written me and said, “It sounds like you need a good cry. Can you go there with [New Guy] yet?” I thought no, it’s too soon. It usually takes a while for me to let go to that point. But I knew she was right; I sure as hell needed to.

The implements are all blurring in my mind. I remember toward the end, he asked me, “Have you had enough, or do you need more?”

I thought I’d had enough. I really did. But when I opened my mouth, all that came out was a meek little, “I don’t know…”

“OK,” he said. “If you don’t know, then you’re getting more.”

Twenty hard whacks with the wide strap. I had to count them. By ten, my voice broke. By twenty, the dam broke.

It was a long time before I could raise my head. Crying as catharsis feels wonderful, but it embarrasses me as well. As Pixie likes to say, “tears are hot, snot is not.” There is nothing sexy about a red nose and smeared mascara. He didn’t rush me, just brought me Kleenex and rubbed my back. “Is that what you needed?” “Yes,” I murmured into the bedspread.

By the time he remembered that he’d brought his camera, I’d already faded a fair amount. Still, we had to have pictures, right?

Here I am, covered with his arsenal — and this wasn’t even all of it:

Later, I’d pulled my little blue shorts back on and I was sprawled on the bed, and he liked the pose so much he wanted to capture it:

However, it annoyed him that I was now merely pink, and he decided it was time to refresh the color a little:

Mission accomplished.

We hung out and talked for a couple of hours, and then he asked if I’d like something to eat before he headed home. I didn’t want dinner; what I really wanted was something sweet, and it was still warm out. So… we went for frozen yogurt. I can’t tell you how perfect that tasted. He smiled at me, watching me happily scarf my concoction with four flavors, bananas and cookie nuggets, and asked if I was happy at both ends now. Yup.

Sleepy, sore and foggy brained this morning. But no more tension. Wish it would stay away. Perhaps for today, it will. πŸ™‚

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20 thoughts on “I don’t need no stinkin’ Calgon…

  1. New Guy read my blog about being stressed out. He appointed himself as my caretaker and prescribed extra-strength, time-release Spanksalot. He did warn me that side effects included reddening of the bottom, difficulty sitting, loss of sass and a condition known as subspace bliss. Marking may occur in some patients. I was willing to take my chances.OMG! That was the funniest little paragraph I'd read in awhile! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful release! I'm so glad "New Guy" is learning about your sass and body language.. cause it sure makes for good reading later! LOL..lucky bee-otch! lol


  2. ps… GREAT PICS! Thanks "New Guy"! Thanks totally 'hot' woman!


  3. Zelle — shucks. πŸ™‚ Yes, my pushing requires a top who knows how to push back — without pushing me over the side of a cliff! LOL


  4. I bet you are NOT an easy read! Kudos to "New Guy" for gettin' a hand-le on that so fast!


  5. What a nice guy, to touch up your tushie for a photo. That's the downside of spanking – the redness disappears far too fast. Nice arse…..nal!Hugs,Hermione


  6. Zelle — I really don't know; I've been told I'm an easy read because I'm so reactive, but I guess that's all in the eye of the tops. I should ask them sometime. :-)Hermione — ROFL!!! Clever, clever. And yes, whatta guy.


  7. Wow! Fantastic scene! Sounds like you two hit it off (or he just hit it!). That makes me very, very happy for you!


  8. Hello my Erica i love your pics you take great pics, your sassy just like me hehehe and i like to throw things too hehehe,i am so happy that you got your spanking, like you said maybe your stress will stay away for awhile,i think its good to cry it always makes me feel better, do you think i could of took the kind of spanking that you got last night? would i have cried? YUM the frozen yogurt sounds so good you lucky girl πŸ™‚ i love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  9. Loved reading your story! Especially love your sassy spunk! I can't help that in myself and find it delicious to find another woman expressing herself defiantly, too!Gonna follow you!FT


  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful time; thanks for sharing the story! It's always great to hear that a friend has made a connection with someone – and it sounds like you've done that!Tears are amazing, when you need them, aren't they? Kudos to New Guy for reading you well enough and earning your trust to get there. I hope to read about many more adventures!


  11. Just what the doctor ordered. YOU have great medicine! Keep up with your refills! πŸ™‚ I like your comment regarding delay of crying with new tops. I wasn't sure if you often get to that point from your spankings.I don't feel embarassment watching people cry from their spankings, I feel compassion for them, but for myself it's pride and ego at stake for me not to give in. But it doesn't minimize my trust and respect for my tops.


  12. Moving along…that's 100 reps of squats, 2 laps of walking lunges around the gym track holding 10lb weights and oh…a few sets on the leg press just to keep it all real! πŸ™‚


  13. Just stopping by to say hi after reading yet another wonderfully illustrative story of yours. (I finally figured out how to open up an account so I can once again post a comment or two. Ah, the little victories . . .).


  14. Craig — thanks, sweetie! You and me soon, maybe? pleasepleaseplease?Jade — welllll, you know, I don't recommend throwing things. It was quite wrong of me and I paid for it! :-)FT — thanks, and welcome! :-)Lizzie — Hey, you! (waving) Yes, tears from an intense scene are cleansing indeed. I wish the effect could last at least a week or so!Kelly — I don't cry that easily from spanking, because I am very stubborn and resistant to it (the pride thing, as you mention). But sometimes, it just feels so damn good to let go.Are you in training? ;-)Pam — Yayyy! I'm so glad to hear that — hate it that some of my friends can't comment because I had to turn off the Anonymous option.


  15. I've never cried from a spanking–I guess it is that pride issue, but I always imagine how much I would enjoy the catharsis of tears following a good walloping… I hope that someday I might have that experience. But at the moment, I'm wondering if and when I'll ever get spanked again!I'm so happy for you that new guy is on the scene!(envious too, but mostly just happy for your serendipity)


  16. Dana — my wish for you would be to find a spanker once again. Don't give up.


  17. "So you think a change in geography is going to improve your technique?"Sassy, sassy. I love it!


  18. pink — yeahhhhh… me too! πŸ˜€


  19. Congrats on this stellar post getting Chross action, and for being right about mine! You so smart. πŸ™‚


  20. pink — heeheeee! I knew it! I giggled when I saw "Erica was right." Congratulations!


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