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A couple of teaser clips! :-)

New Guy was busy today on his day off, pulling clips from our Monday night footage. And he has given me the OK to post some here.

Because I’m such a brat, I’m going to leave you with a couple of teasers, some more light-hearted stuff, and save the ouchie clips until after the weekend.

For the first one, I didn’t even know the camera was on yet — we were prepping for the scene. Very impromptu, but fun, I thought!

The radio was on in the background. Makes me giggle that the song playing in this clip was Sexy Sadie. (“Sexy Sadie, you broke the rules, you laid it down for all to see…”)

Oh, and check out Mr. Hammy looking into the camera!  LOL

In this quickie, I had made a smart-ass remark (fancy that) and he’d reached in his bag for a paddle. After one swat, he realized that he’d grabbed the wrong one — one that I’d given a hard NO. Oops! In his eagerness to get rid of it, he… well, you’ll see. 🙂

I hope everyone had a pleasant and peaceful Thanksgiving! Have a great weekend, y’all.

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13 thoughts on “A couple of teaser clips! :-)

  1. Hello my dear Erica your video clips ROCKED i really enjoyed them hehehe you were so funny your bratty and sassy just like me :-)new guy is funny he said the camera cut off your boobs hehehe,i can't wait to see your other clips you are so amazing,someday i want to be in a spanking video so you can see how funny and what a good actress i really am, have a great weekend i Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  2. Hot! Hot! Hot! Great looking NG, Great looking Erica Bum, and great looking paddle. Love the heavy wood. You two have amazing chemistry. 🙂


  3. I wish more video's had some fun in them. What a delightful and naughty outfit you wore. You are naturals.


  4. These are priceless! Why you say? Because nothing is contrived! (well… (snort!).. almost nuttin'!) I guess what I meant to say, is that none of it is flakey or "put on"… although much was 'put on' your lovely bottom! (giggles)The fun lovin' connection the two of you have really comes through.. and that's what I like to see in a video clip. People that actually HAVE a rapport doing something that is mutually pleasurable!Major kudos to you both! These beat the band of all the rest of the mini clips you see across the net… and maybe, that's cause I know you.. and recognize that you ain't acting! ROFLBRAVO! BRAVO!ENCORE! ENCORE! 🙂


  5. He liked the dress…:)As the other commenters said, these clips are so genuine and I love them — and your "bratty" comments. I like you, Erica Scott!


  6. Looks like you had a GREAT time…and a video??? Wow. You must be in heaven!! Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. I agree with the people up there…this is very awesome. :)"This is the thanks I get?"–"This is the spanks you get…" —I loved that. And the way he tossed the paddle away like it was burning his hand…very, very, cute indeed. Hmm…sometimes names don't always sound like a person. I was expecting "New Guy" to be a bit more inexperienced and, well, newbie-ish. :p Guess it's not true.


  8. Great clips, Erica! I can't wait for the full-length motion picture.Hugs,Hermione


  9. everything is great except the lighting.there is a very simple solution. go to lowes or any other bulding supply house and get three or four inexpensive aluminum reflectors. they don't cost much and come with a light socket, a large clip on a universal swivel , and a short cord. you can clip them pretty much anywhere out of the way.add halogen high intensity bulbs and you're cooking. if you use 1,000 watt bulbs just be carefull not to turn them all on at once if they are on one circuit. extention chords will solve this problems.proper placement will eliminate shadows and allow black clothing [i love black] that sucks in light otherwise.everything else was spot on and i loved it.please place this here as well as spanktube. i got a virus warning when i tried spanktube.good job erica.ddon


  10. I thought that red booty set the room aglow myself! LOL


  11. Jade — glad you liked them! :-)Kelly — love the heavy wood?? That makes one of us!OBB — it's all about fun, no? Thanks!Zelle — (bowing) Thank you, thank you… yeah, we were just having some goofy fun (although the later clips are a bit more serious!).pink — (beaming) I like you too!Craig — yes, you know me… love being in front of a camera! :-DBonnie-jo — Nope; New Guy's been doing this a lot longer than I have. I really do need to come up with a better name, but NG seems to have stuck!Hermione — oy… two hours of me and my big mouth? Nahhhhh…. :-)ddon — it was an amateur bit of fun. We weren't looking for perfect lighting. I'm just glad it came out at all! 🙂


  12. OMGawd! I'm ready to hop a flight to Cali!Great fun! Loved these clips and yes you need some better lights, but as Zelle said, you bottom was glowing pretty brightly!


  13. Poppa — picky, picky. 😀 More coming soon!


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