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Correspondence Hall of Shame, 12/31

Happy New Year edition! ๐Ÿ™‚

Haven’t had one of these for a while, but I figured, what better way to close out 2010 than to give a few idiots a proper sendoff?

Thatโ€™s one great ass you have there Erica. You look PHENOMENAL for 53!

Oh, now I’m PHENOMENAL. I suppose at 54, I’ll be MIRACULOUS, and by 55, I’ll be OTHER-WORLDLY. (rolling eyes)

hey sex you have a nice ass i would spank you all nite

Whatever. Mind if I sleep while you’re doing that?

I could totally eat that ass!

Don’t be ridiculous. What would I sit on if you did that?

that is a sweet lilโ€™ ass. ๐Ÿ™‚ iโ€™d enjoy making it redโ€ฆ and watching you drip from the sting.

Honey, it’s not the sting that makes me drip, it’s the man administering it. And in your case, I’d be the Sahara desert.

You can be my slut anytime, sweetmeat.

Wow, I can? Really? Cool! And you can go blow yourself anytime, mincemeat.

And finally, this edition’s gem (and since when are subby boys so utterly filthy?):

I am 44 years old white guy want to be your slave [phone number] sex slave Xxxx I live in Hollywood zip code xxxxx with me you can do whatever I like when I was beaten and humiliated. You can piss my mouth, you can beat my eggs can have my ass hole, I suck dick and I lick pussy

OK, I’ll play Domme for a few minutes. Here’s your order: Go write “I will not send such unsolicited filth to a woman ever again” 100 times. And I mean write, not type. With a pen. In your toes.

Enough of this nonsense. On a serious note, another year is about to conclude. It was one of great highs and lows and everything in between. The lowest point was John’s illness and all its complications and stresses. The high point? I met a wonderful new friend and play partner who provided fun, laughs and stress release. Life has a way of providing checks and balances sometimes. I only hope I’ve given him even half as much joy as he’s given me.

And for tonight, I will be with my sweetheart. We’ll have champagne and put the last few months behind us, start 2011 fresh with a kiss. I don’t know what the future will bring regarding his health, but for tonight, we’re putting it all aside and celebrating the moment.

To all my friends and readers, Happy New Year. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I wish you joy, health and serenity. xoxox

One more clip! :-)

This was the finale to last week’s Christmas spanking.

It could have been over; he was winding down, and I was plenty sore and worn out. But despite that, somehow, I didn’t want it to be over. I needed that final push. And so, I opened up my big yap one more time…

What you don’t get to see, because the clip ends before the aftercare, was the part where I’m kind of curled around him with my head resting on his leg, and I voluntarily smile up at him and whisper, “Merry Christmas.” No persuasion necessary. Amazing.

Guess you’ll just have to imagine me being sweet. ๐Ÿ˜€

On my mind

So we’re at John’s sister/brother-in-law’s house on Christmas, sitting in the living room chatting before dinner. I’m a bit off to the side, looking around, observing and absorbing my surroundings. S & J are both involved in academia, and the decor reflects it. Some of it seems a bit pretentious to me, as if it’s screaming, “Look how SMART we are!” But perhaps that’s my own prejudice.

I notice the expensive-looking chess board on the coffee table, listen idly as John’s nephew shows slides on his laptop of his trip to Kenya. I look at the tasteful paintings on the wall, the stacks and stacks of collector LPs. My eye wanders to a side table next to my chair. Atop the table lay three books. The first two are books of poems, by Pablo Neruda and Ezra Pound, respectively.

The third is a book of drawings. Its title? “The C*** Coloring Book.”

I kid you not.

I felt the usual visceral lurch of revulsion to that word, then felt angry and disgusted. Judgmental of me, I know. But I couldn’t help it.

Later, John’s brother and sister-in-law arrived… with their eight-year-old son. She sat in the same chair I’d been in earlier, and sure enough, she noticed the coloring book. I saw her face, watched her eyebrows shoot up. She picked it up, flipped through it. Then she put it back — face down — on the table, and put the other two books on top of it, so her son wouldn’t see it. “Sorry,” she said, “but I am so not ready for that conversation.”

I don’t blame her.

OK, so here’s what’s on my mind. Most of us spankos worry about accidentally exposing our kink. We hide our spanking videos and our BDSM paraphernalia, password-protect our computers, turn the spanking book titles inward in the bookcase. My coffee table bears Beatles tomes, not spanking art books. Why do we bother? Why are we so cautious about our innocent fun, when vanilla folks can blithely display that kind of crap for everyone to see??

Doesn’t seem right, I’m thinkin’.

Oh, but spanking is degrading to women, they say.

Hummph. And coloring in women’s hoo-has isn’t?

I’ll put any of our fetish erotica up against that coloring book in a bad-taste contest any day. I am betting that the coloring book would win.

Just my thoughts on a quiet post-spanking Tuesday.

Monday by the hours

Every Monday afternoon, just about this time, it hits me… I’m getting spanked in 3 1/2 hours. The home-stretch anticipation kicks in, along with the butterflies, the rapid heartbeat, the heightened color in my face.
I need to start getting ready. I shower, blow out my hair, dress. I choose something different each week, so he’ll have no idea what I’m going to wear. What color will it be? What style panties? Dress up or dress down?
Time plays tricks on these afternoons. Sometimes it flies at warp speed, and other times it drags on and on until I feel like I might jump out of my skin. But before I know it…

Ack! Getting closer!

I put on my makeup, trying to control the slight tremor in my hands so I won’t put out an eye with my mascara wand or swipe lipstick across my chin. Is my place tidy? Gather up the newspapers, throw the clothes in the hamper, straighten up the bathroom. Oh. Yeah. It’s nearly 5:30 and I haven’t eaten anything since 10 A.M. Make a light snack.

Fool around online for a while to distract myself. Brush my teeth. Make the bed. Kill a few minutes, then another few, and then I look up…

… and the butterflies multiply until they threaten to burst out of my chest. In five minutes, my phone will ring. I won’t have to check caller ID; I’ll know it’s him, waiting for me at the outdoor intercom to buzz him in. He’s never late. I let him in, and seconds later, my doorbell rings.
I don’t know exactly how the evening will play out, as he keeps me guessing, changes it up a little each week. I will challenge him, and he will meet my challenge vigorously. Perhaps I’ll cry, or perhaps I will giggle with sheer delight through the entire session. I’ll be OTK for sure, but who knows…
…I might end up in the damndest positions as well.
I know this for sure, however. After the spanking is over, I will snuggle up against him and he will be gentle and soothing with me. We’ll talk, after a while of companionable silence. Maybe (OK, probably) I’ll get spanked again, since I can’t seem to stop sassing for more than about a half-hour. And then…
By now, he’s gone. Another Monday has passed. I’m sore, stinging and sitting gingerly. And I am serene, happy, all my rough edges gone buttery soft. The butterflies are sleeping peacefully, dormant until it’s time for them to come alive again…
Next Monday.

Post-holiday joy, and virus questions

What a fun treat — came home from John’s this evening and discovered that I was included in a special Christmas Chross list. I thought he had skipped the Spankings of the Week this week, due to the holidays. ๐Ÿ˜€  Always makes me happy to be in that illustrious list! I see, besides many of the usual great choices, two of my dearest buddies were highlighted as well — Zelle and Wolfie — for what I believe is their first time! Congratulations to all.

So, how was everyone’s Christmas? What’d you do? John and I had a lovely and peaceful time. Friday night it was just us; we went out for sushi, then came home, lit a fire and watched It’s a Wonderful Life. Saturday, we lounged and lolled around in bed until after noon. Nothing was open, so I’d brought soup and rolls to have for lunch, which we enjoyed with Christmas-y jazz playing in the background. Later that day, we went to his sister’s for dinner. It was just family this time, no big wild crowd, and it was actually quite nice, just 13 of us. We had Cornish hens and braised rabbit for dinner, with salad and vegetables and mashed potatoes. Normally I’m a bit squeamish about the idea of eating Thumper, but I have to say the rabbit was incredibly good. I even had a glass of champagne, and John made fun of me because my face was flushed and I was giggling at everything. I’m such a lightweight!

We came home around 9:00 (it was pouring rain), lit the fire again, made tea and watched a Marx Brothers movie. I’d treated myself to a boxed set of their first five flicks — love those guys! We didn’t do much in the way of presents this year, due to John’s illness… far too preoccupied for that. I’d noticed, when I cleaned his house that one time, that his vacuum cleaner was broken, so I bought him a cordless hand vacuum cleaner, the best one I could find. Not a very romantic gift, but practical, and something he’d never buy for himself. Plus chocolate, of course. He gave me a gift card from Kohl’s, so I can buy some new clothes. And today when we were at brunch, I noticed there was a small wad of cash in my wallet that hadn’t been there before. “Sweetie,” I said, “where did this money come from?”

He just looked, shrugged and said, “Guess Santa thought you were extra good this year.”

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See? SEE? I was good, dammit! New Guy lied when he said Santa was mad at me! Hummmmmpppph. Boy, is he getting a piece of my mind tomorrow.

I have a question for the blog experts out there. One of my readers wrote to me and said she thought she might be getting viruses off my blog! She wanted to give me a heads-up, saying that whenever she came on to read, her virus protection would catch something new. Also, it was happening when she went to Pixie’s blog. I’ve also heard from her and others that people were getting viruses and various warnings when they went to the Spanking Spot.

What could this be? How does one’s blog get infected by a virus? I mean, I’ve run all my programs and come up with nothing; I have no infections. If one’s blog is transmitting a bug somehow, how does one stop it? And how do you know if it’s really happening in the first place? I mean, if my blog had a bug, wouldn’t it pass it on to everyone who comes on it? (According to my reader, it happens immediately.) And regarding Spanking Spot, I’ve gone on there many times to check on my blog votes, and haven’t caught a thing. So what could be going on? Any clues? Anyone else having a bug problem with my blog? Or is it just a coincidence, something with Blogger and not with me, a browser issue, what? Blech.

Oh well. Not going to fret over it tonight; I feel too good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope everyone had a very special holiday!

Chestnuts roasting on my flaming bum…

…Jack Strap nipping at my a$&,
Although it’s been said, many times, many ways,
Merry Christmas, with sass! ๐Ÿ˜€

See, even I can have a bit of holiday spirit with the right coercion… er, coaxing.

I wish all of you a merry/happy/joyous/fun/peaceful whatever you celebrate! xoxox

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