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Weekend + a couple of pictures

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I was so jet-lagged and loopy on Friday, I stayed home that evening, but went to John’s yesterday morning instead. It was fun to catch him up on all the adventures and stories. He was enjoying it all and kept asking for more. Poor baby had dental work done, so he was in a fair amount of discomfort; I’m glad I could distract him. Still has the rash, but says the itching is lessening slowly. I so want him to feel good again…

Sheesh! I take a few days off from blogging and my stats plunge. Ah well, I guess if you don’t write, people don’t come, ’cause there’s nothing new to read. OK, I’ll do my best to get the interest back up again. How about a couple more pictures from last week?

These are from the snotty waitress scenario — Paul the annoyed customer taking me to task:

Facial reaction angle:

And here’s a rarity — me, exhibiting contrition (isn’t Sarah’s dress cute?):

This one is from the “hooker” shoot — can you believe those handprints??

Paul had a case of dry skin happening on his right palm on Wednesday; I offered him some lotion, and he scoffed, “Nah, I don’t want to smell like a girl.” Men! So he kept on going, and when we wrapped, his skin had broken in about six places, tiny little splits.

Ouch! See the little cuts at the base of his fingers? So there were K and Sarah, fussing over him, asking if he was OK, offering him skin balm, ice, etc. Hello?? Sore butt over here! 😀

I have several photos of Sarah and me, and of the three of us, but I want to run them by Sarah first to make sure she’s OK with my posting them.

Meanwhile, New Guy is coming over tomorrow; it’s been two weeks and he says his hand is itching for some action. I seem to be fully recovered, except I have a bit of “sandpaper butt.” So I’m loading up with Gold Bond Mega-Ultra-Healing cream. I missed him!

Back to the gym tomorrow too, after not going for a week. Can’t say I missed that. Some day they’ll invent a pill we can take that will tone our muscles while we sprawl on the couch watching trash TV and eating peanut-butter Oreos.

Well, it’s a nice dream, anyway. Right up there with finding an anti-wrinkle cream that does everything its ads promise. You know it doesn’t really exist, but you still keep hoping!

Back tomorrow to report on the Monday evening festivities. 😀

Back home — it’s catch-up time!

I have so much to write about and so many pictures to share, I don’t know where to start! But I guess I should just jump in and start somewhere.

I had so, so, SO much fun, I really didn’t want to leave! But I know I had to get back to real life. For a little while, it was suspended: No gym, no chores or errands, no bills to pay… just fun and silliness and work/play. Our host K and Paul and Sarah were so good to me and I enjoyed them all a great deal. Not to mention the doggies!

You know, Paul and Sarah have so many irons in the fire, it’s a little confusing to try to explain just what I worked on. Paul has the one big project, which I believe he’s going to call Spanking 101 — that’s the sort of instructional series, tons of clips with voiceovers. But he also has clips he is uploading called Spanking Shorts. Plus, Sarah is shooting content for her own site.

So, on Monday, I shot five clips — two were for Spanking 101 and three were for Spanking Shorts. On Wednesday, the three of us shot three longer clips, which will go up on Sarah’s site. We were going to do one more for Spanking 101, but I was absolute toast by then and knew I couldn’t give it justice. No worries, Paul said. They’re going to be shooting this stuff for the next several months and they’ll have me back for more! 🙂

Wednesday, the first two shoots were a bit more complex. In the first one, we had an authentic schoolroom setup with old-fashioned desks — Sarah played a bratty student of a fancy private school and I was her teacher, frustrated because she just failed a test, getting every single answer wrong. I keep her after class, and she’s so snippy with me, we end up getting in a shouting match. Then Principal Paul hears the ruckus, comes in and spanks Sarah for her disrespect to me… then spanks ME for not handling her properly! We both get bent over the desk for yardstick swats as well.

The second one is realllllllly bizarre, but you’ll have to admit, it’s original! 🙂 I play Paul’s wife, and I’m frustrated because he never, um, pleases me sexually. So I hire a prostitute (Sarah) with the idea that getting pleasure from a male hooker would be cheating, but not from a woman. (How’s that for rationale?? LOL) Anyway, I give her $100 and just when she’s about to take off her dress and get started, my husband comes home unexpectedly. Of course, he spanks both his wife AND the hooker.

In the third, Paul and Sarah play guests at a Bed & Breakfast, and I’m a snotty waitress. Sarah leaves to get the car and Paul stays to give the waitress a special “tip.”

Sarah has more clothes and costumes than I’ve ever seen before all in one place. They shoot often at K’s house and she has bags and boxes and drawers and closets stuffed with everything you could imagine! In one large suitcase, nearly as big as the one where I packed my clothes, she has shoes alone… pairs and pairs and pairs. So I was able to borrow a dress from her for the waitress scenario, since I didn’t have anything that worked. She found an adorable schoolgirl outfit, but she had no idea where all her socks were, so I loaned her a pair of white socks. Oh, and she also very thoughtfully brought along a bagful of warm sweaters for me in case I needed them.

On Wednesday night when we were all done, the four of us went out to a wonderful seafood place to celebrate. Damn, that was fun! We stuffed ourselves (I hadn’t been eating much all week, due to shooting, but now I could forget about that), and I even had lobster. Paul insisted; he said I should get something I wouldn’t normally get, and if I liked lobster, now was the time to get it, being in New England. I haven’t had it for years… oh God, it was so good.

It started snowing (again!) while we were at the restaurant, so when we went to the car, it was falling. Paul and Sarah were laughing at me because I was so fascinated with it, lifting my face to the sky, dancing around, grinning like a silly child. Well, you know, I’m a California girl. The last time I saw snow falling, I was 13! Oh, and when we were leaving the house and walking to the car, for some reason, I thought I was stepping up on something and instead plunged my foot down into a snowbank, up past my knee. Paul nearly fell over, he was laughing so hard. Sometimes I am such a dork! Oh, and I forgot to mention this — when Paul, K and I went out to eat the night before, I put on a black knitted cap I’d brought. Everyone told me I had to have a hat. K gave me a down jacket and I put my own (unlined) coat over that, and then the hat — I looked like Nanook of the North. Paul and K laughed so much at my hat, I took it off and never put it back on again! LOL… screw the cold. I looked like an idiot in that thing.

Yesterday was a bit rough; we all thought at first that my 1:15 flight out of Hartford would be canceled, since all the morning flights had been. But it wasn’t, so K got me there a little after noon (I was panicking at first, since you have to get to LAX at least two hours in advance, but all three of them assured me it wasn’t the case here). I checked in, had enough time to get a bottle of water and a Connecticut magnet and boarded.

In Dallas/Fort Worth, I was supposed to have a two-hour layover. However, at the gate they asked if I wanted an earlier flight. I was so tired and spacy by then, I said yes, not thinking clearly. Yeah, I’d save an hour on this end… but then at the other end, I’d have to wait longer for my luggage. (groan) Not only that, but the luggage was delayed! So even though I got to LAX earlier than planned, I had to wait an hour and 20 minutes for my damn suitcase. And you know what’s weird? There are chairs all over the airport… EXCEPT in the baggage claim area. All those people waiting for their luggage, and there is not one seat of any kind to be found. I got so tired, I ended up just sitting on the floor, leaning up against a pole.

Finally got my bag, dragged myself over to the SuperShuttle terminal and got my ride. Of course, on the freeway heading for home, there was a massive accident and everything came to a halt. AAAAGGGGGHHH! Our driver cleverly maneuvered us off the freeway, took a detour for a few miles and then got back on the freeway ahead of the accident. Mercifully, even though there were four of us in the vehicle, he took me home first. Relief… it was 10 P.M. To me, it felt like 1 A.M. But I’d made it.

The one casualty? I left my cell phone at K’s. I borrowed someone’s cell at the airport to call and tell him — he’s mailing it to me.

Sarah loaded hundreds of photos onto three CDs for me. Unfortunately, one of the CDs was corrupted and I couldn’t copy any of the pictures on it, but I’ve written to her and asked if she would please send me just a few of the shots on it. I’m kind of bummed, because on that CD there were some incredible shots of the snow that she took with her telephoto lense, plus a very cute shot of me with the two dogs. But it’s OK. I have plenty of others on the other two CDs.

I have to go through all the spanking photos and select ones I like, reduce and crop them, etc. But in the meantime, here are some fun vanilla shots. Hope you like them!

The adorable Sarah Gregory and yours truly (wearing Sarah’s sweatshirt):

Sarah, Paul and me:

Sarah, showing how unbelievably flexible she is (yes, she has both legs behind her head):

And here’s me, attempting to do the same thing and failing miserably:

Here is Cocoa, the Doberman. Look how cute — she has one pointy ear and one droopy one!

And here is Max — I wanted to bundle him into my bag and take him home:

And finally, here’s a view of the snow behind K’s house, although it’s nowhere near as good as the shots Sarah got:

After I go through the photos, I’ll post more shoot-specific details with pictures. But for now, like I said, this is just catch-up. And I have to catch up on all the other blogs too!

Gotta head for the post office now and pick up my mail. Have a great weekend, y’all.

Hi from Connecticut!

Hey guys! Today we are taking a day off from shooting (Sarah has other appointments, and my butt could use a break anyway), so this is catch-up time. Reading email, trying to catch up somewhat with other blogs and with FetLife posts, and of course, updating here.

I’ll start with this and then backtrack: I’m having a blast! 🙂

Got up at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday for a 3:30 pickup. I had determined I was going to cram everything I had planned to pack into one big suitcase and my carryon, but I had to give up a few things, as there was way too much. As it was, I had to sit on my suitcase to get it to close.

The first flight was a breeze, as I was on the aisle and the center seat was empty. The extra space was a huge luxury! However, on the second flight, I was in the very last row (right by the restroom) and crammed up against the window by a nice, but big burly guy. With fresh tattoos on his left arm that he kept scratching. I finally offered him some lotion so he’d knock it off. There was no room left in the overhead, so I managed to shove my carryon under the seat, my purse at my feet and my book and water bottle in my lap. And I could not move. Fortunately, I was exhausted and was able to sleep much of the flight.

Paul and K (our host) picked me up at Hartford airport and took me back to K’s house. It was snowy and freezing outside, but K’s house was toasty warm, and he’s been keeping the heat going 24/7. Plus, I have a space heater in my bedroom. All that fretting about not having warm clothes? It was all for naught. I haven’t set foot outside since I got here. There is plenty of food and drink here, so we haven’t gone out to eat, and that’s fine by me. K even made chicken soup from scratch for us yesterday, loaded with meat and veggies and noodles. Heaven. There is filtered water, coffee, fruit, nonfat milk, cereal, lots of chocolate… I am a happy girl.

Yesterday, Paul and I shot five clips, with Sarah on the camera. She has gotten very good at working the other side of the camera and with directing, plus she edits and Photoshops and everything else. I am so impressed with how skilled she is. Anyway, we did some stuff for the Spanking Compendium, plus some role-play clips that will go on Paul’s Clips4Sale site. (He’s got a ton of different things going and is shooting with so many different people, it makes my head spin.) He and Sarah are even traveling to the UK to shoot with the models there. They are always on the go; Paul isn’t going back to his house until March. That is such a foreign concept to me, being the homebody I am. Anyway, we had lots of laughs and silliness, got some great footage and photos and Paul and Sarah said I was one of the easiest models to work with. 😀  So much for my rep of being difficult — HA!

I was glad I brought so many varieties of outfits — I wore five different ones yesterday alone. Tomorrow, we are shooting content for Sarah’s site, so she’ll be in that as well, with K on the camera. Then we’ll go out for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate, and Thursday afternoon I go home.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures yet, but they’re all on Paul’s or Sarah’s camera. I will get them mailed to me and when I come home, I’ll sort through them and post some.

OH! I forgot to mention, there are two dogs here. K has a 12-year-old Doberman Pinscher named Cocoa and Sarah has a Chihuahua/terrier mix named Max. I adore dogs, so I’ve been having such fun with these critters. Max loves to play and is always bringing me his rope toy so I’ll play tug-of-war with him. Both of them love to cuddle… last night, I was lying on the couch, and Cocoa settled in at my feet and Max on my stomach. Sarah took a couple of shots of that; I have to get those as well.

That’s all I have for now, but I wanted to let y’all know I’m doing well and having a great time. I’m with incredible people and I feel like a celebrity. 🙂  Plus all three of them have been keeping me in stitches laughing.

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far!

Miscellaneous pre-trip meanderings

Checklist: Mail and newspaper put on hold? Check. Pedicure? Check. Bangs trimmed so they’re no longer in my eyes? Check Plus (now they’re too short… arrgggh). Boots and shoes polished? Check. Travel sizes of toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc.? Check. Shuttle to airport booked? Check.

Heading for John’s tonight as per usual, but will come home tomorrow after lunch. Then it’s packing time, and hoping I don’t forget anything. Going to bed early, as I have to get up at 2:00 a.m on Sunday. The shuttle is picking me up at 3:30. Ugh. I’m scheduled to arrive that afternoon at 4:45, and nothing is planned for Sunday evening except getting me settled in. So I should be fine for Monday.

John seems to be doing a little bit better. He’s seeing a dermatologist today, but who knows if he’ll get any satisfaction. He thinks the itching is slowly, slowly fading — we’re hoping it’s not wishful thinking.

I went round and round about what to bring re. warm clothing. I even went to an outdoors/sports store to check out thermal underwear, but was shocked at the prices. For one set, top and bottoms, I would have to spend between $70-$100. For something I’ll never wear again?? Forget it! I bought a pair of liner gloves instead, which I’ll wear under the mittens I already have. At least my hands will be warm. Lots of socks. And sweaters to wear under my unlined trench coat. Oh, and a hat, even though it’s going to give me hat hair. I checked the CT forecast for Sunday — sunny with a high of 16 degrees. How the hell can it be 16 degrees and still sunny?? Oh well, at least I don’t have to worry about landing conditions.

I really hate doing this, but I think I’m going to turn on the comment moderation function just before I leave. I don’t know when or how often I’ll get to check in online, and I don’t want to take any chances. Please know it’s just temporary and it will be shut off as soon as I come home!

What else… guess I’m feeling a bit restless and prickly. On FetLife, I began a rather controversial thread in one of the forums, and I knew the Morality Police wouldn’t let me down. I was (or I thought I was) fully prepared to bear up to any comments that were judgmental and narrow-minded — I figured I’d ignore those and comment on the ones that were intelligent and thoughtful. But one woman, who is a well-known malcontent, swooped in and posted not one but two looooooong, preachy, holier-than-thou lectures. After the second one, I lost it and commented: “How does it feel to be so effing perfect that you can lecture other people about their lives?”

Ooops. My bad. I swore I wouldn’t get personal with anyone and that I’d hold my cyber-tongue. Oh well. Guess I need some discipline. Big surprise there. 😀  Of course, she had to have the last word. I let her. She went on and on and on about HER truth, HER life, HER experiences (and yes, she used a lot of CAPS) and how she valued honesty and speaking her mind over being liked. Well, at least she has her priorities. :-Þ

I love you guys. I do. I know such wonderful, smart, sensitive and open-minded people. But you know, sometimes, it really boggles my mind, the level of suckage that some people achieve. Bless them… they help us recognize and appreciate the good folks even more.

And on that pearl of wisdom (rolling eyes), I will shut up. Have a great weekend, y’all. Wish me luck. Catch up with you soon!

Hey, that looks familiar…

Every now and then when I’m wandering around the blogosphere, I’ll get a pleasant jolt when I see one of my own photos. It’s quite flattering and makes me smile. Occasionally, it makes me laugh out loud.

Today, I popped in to visit Craig’s blog. He’d posted a while back about sending a text from his iPhone, clearly meant for a fellow spanko, to his colleague by accident. This time, he relayed another funny story relating to that same colleague and texts.

I read through the post, the comments, giggled, then scrolled back up and did a double-take. Check out the picture in the iPhone.

Don’t go sending that to your colleague, Craig. 😉

Will it last?

Next Monday, I will be in Connecticut. Therefore, I won’t be able to see New Guy. He was very concerned about this; wanted to make sure I would be well-behaved for the next two weeks, especially on my trip. So tonight, he came over at 5:00 instead of 6:30, since he’d had the day off. Had to get an early start on two weeks’ worth of discipline, you see.

First, he was annoyed with me when I said I wouldn’t have room in my suitcases for warm, bulky clothes, what with all the outfits I have to pack. “I’m going to be indoors, for heaven’s sake,” I argued.

“You don’t know that,” he countered. “Maybe there will be outdoor shoots. Maybe he’ll have you out in the snow, making snow angels. Only in your case, they’ll be snow devils.” Oh, har har har. He said he’d been out naked in the snow before, after a sauna. I told him he was insane. Not the best thing to say to him, apparently. I had to apologize. Repeatedly.

“I care about you and I don’t want you to be cold!” (sigh) All right, all right. I’ll bring warm socks, PJs, gloves and a cap, and I’ll wear my heaviest coat on the plane. OK? OK.

That was one spanking.

Since neither of us had eaten, we decided to go to a nearby deli for dinner. But not before he spanked me again to ensure I’d behave myself in the restaurant. I had to repeat several times, to strap strokes: “I will behave myself at Jerry’s Deli.” Well, actually, we compromised. I said that I would TRY to behave.

Of course, I didn’t. He took so freaking long deciding what he was going to order, I stretched out on the booth, put my legs up, leaned against him and said I was taking a nap.

I know he was dying to let me have on the way back to the car, in the parking lot. But there were too many people around, unfortunately, so he settled for quickly bending me over the trunk and giving me three swats over my dress. I drove us back to my place, and I’d barely gotten inside and put my purse down when I was looking at the carpet again. The umbrage — after I treated him to dinner!!

We watched a clip on my computer, the one I did for Spanking Epics a few years ago with Keith Jones and Sierra Salem, where he plays my husband and spanks Sierra and me for gossiping. When it ended…guess what? Yeah, that’s right.

“That was wrong of you to gossip!” he said, putting me back over the ottoman.

“Excuse me??” I howled. “That was shot five years ago. And it was fiction! You’re spanking me for fiction!”

“Maybe, but this spanking isn’t fiction!” Arrrggh. No, it certainly wasn’t.

How many are we up to now?

He just wouldn’t put that @#$%ing paddle away. I asked him how he expected to keep his hand strong if he kept relying on the paddle.

“I don’t need to keep my hand strong if I have the paddle,” he smirked. “I can let the paddle do all the talking.”

“Yeah, it’s probably more articulate than you are,” I muttered.

And that was another one. Yeah, yeah, I know. I asked for it. I still laughed through all my screeching and protesting.

But all Monday evenings must end, and reluctantly, I sent him on his way at 9:00 so he could go home and walk his dog.

Will it tide me over for two weeks? Nahhhhhh. But it certainly was a valiant effort. 🙂

(smooch) See you in two weeks, sweetie.

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