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Greetings in 2011

Happy New Year, everyone. As you know, January 2 is one of my favorite days, because it signifies the end of all this holiday sh…er, nonsense for another year. :-ƞ  Did everyone have a nice Eve? Any resolutions? I do not make them, myself. I used to. Especially when I was in my 20s and still a virgin. I remember writing in my journal every freaking December 31: “Goal for 19XX: Get laid.” Well, it seemed of utmost importance at the time.

I vaguely recall my father, back in the day, sneeringly referring to New Year’s Eve as “amateur night.” I guess I could see where he was coming from; the folks who used a calendar date once a year to get plastered must have looked silly to hard-partying sorts like my dad and his cronies who did that every weekend. Who would have thought his daughter would turn out to be such a lightweight! Well, at least I stayed awake until midnight, which is more than I could say for John.

As I drove up the winding canyon road to his house, I kept seeing signs tacked onto trees, with “NYE Party” and arrows drawn on them. I saw at least a half-dozen of those and thought, “Wow, someone’s having a blowout.” Then I reached John’s… and saw that the blowout was next door. (groan) When John’s neighbor has a party, it’s like being next door to a rave. Oh well. So much for a peaceful evening!

We made the best of it — went out for a nice dinner, came home and lit a fire. I’d brought a movie, but John fell asleep on the couch around 10, so I put the DVD aside and channel-surfed. I don’t really like the NYE specials. I mean, how many more years are they going to resurrect poor old Dick Clark from the dead, prop him up in a chair and have him slur the countdown to midnight? So I surfed around for a while and then Eureka! Twilight Zone marathon!

Yes, folks. You know you’re getting up there when you spend New Year’s Eve watching a marathon of a show that’s as old as you are. And extra geek points for actually being jazzed when you see an episode you’ve never seen before. I mean, that so rarely happens!

So anyway, after watching the kid talk to his dead grandma on a toy telephone and people in a diner accuse each other of being Martians and that poor nervous wreck of a woman running into a creepy hitchhiker everywhere she goes, it was nearly midnight, so I woke John and he went and opened our champagne. That part was quite lovely. šŸ™‚ I was with the man I love more than anyone else in the world, and he was well. A bit lumpy and itchy, and not out of the woods, but very much alive.

We drank our champagne and stayed up watching TV until nearly 2:00 a.m., putting off the inevitable (trying to sleep with the racket next door). They kept it up until 4:30. But Saturday was blissfully, blessedly quiet. Not one peep from the neighbor — even his dogs didn’t bark. šŸ™‚ They probably knew they’d split his head wide open if they did.

So it was a nice weekend. The only part that made me a bit sad was when I called my mother to wish her happy New Year. “Oh, I’m so glad you called,” she said. “I’ve been so worried about the kids. Do you know what’s happening with everyone, have you heard anything from Erica, from Kenneth?” “Mom, I’m Erica.” “Oh, you’re Erica! That’s great… I’m so happy to hear that. What about the others… how is Ken?”

Ken… my brother. The one who’s been dead since 1972. Oh, Mom.

“Mom, Ken’s gone.” “Oh, I’m all mixed up. Who else? Aren’t there other children — isn’t there a baby? Who am I missing?” “No one, Mom. It’s just me.” “Just you? And you’re OK?” “Yeah, Mom, I’m fine.” “Oh well, that’s wonderful then.”


Enough of that. The year ended on a good note. On the 30th, I even got some surprise year-end residual checks from my father’s work, which more than made up for having nearly no work the past couple of months.

Thanks, Dad. Still looking out for me, aren’t you.

New episode of Desperate Housewives tonight, and first spanking of 2011 tomorrow! šŸ˜€  See? Contrary to popular belief, I’m really not all that hard to please.

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16 thoughts on “Greetings in 2011

  1. Bittersweet, melancholy Erica: Happy New Year to you, dear!I hope this year will bring you much happiness, joy and far less worrying than 2010 did!Craig


  2. Craig — Happy New Year to you too, honey. You know I wish so many good things for you.I'm actually not melancholy tonight… just a little reflective. šŸ™‚


  3. Hey Erica! Welcome to 2011!Jan 2 is my Mom's birthday! I think it's kinda neat that her birthday is 1-2-34 (is that wild?!) I certainly can't ever forget it.. too damn easy!I sat home on NYE and watched "The Tourist". (blech).. I think it could have been much better.. but it just seemed so "predictable".Guess what.. My Dad called it "Amateur Night" as well. LOL (same reasons your Dad did) LOLI'm wondering if the first Monday of 2011 is going to find "NG" turning up the volume with you.. just cause! LOL


  4. glad you had a few nice things to bring in the new heart goes out to john and his continuing problems. i had hoped he would be 100% by this time.when is someone going to do the world a favor and drive a stake through dick clarks [cold cold] heart. i'll volunteer! the man is slime.glad you found the tz marathon. if you're stuck that way again go to youtube and find "goodnight sweetheart" episode 1. parts 1, 2, & 3. as a beatles fan you'll have some laughs when gary sparrow [time traveler] enchants his friemds with with mop top songs in 1940 london.john w. campbell would have loved this series.and speaking of the beatles …….the 5yh beatle has a recent bio-dvd ouy…harry nilsson, why is everyone talking about him? well worth a flutter as it streams on netflix.if you're looking for work i have a dear friend that might be able to help. email me for details.hope you have a great new year.ddon


  5. Erica, I like your sense of humor, but even for us 'spanko's one can enjoy New Year's'2011. Here in New York each year they have a concert in Lincoln Center dedicated to Vienna, my hometown. Beautiful relaxing music, by Strauss, and his fellow countrymen, so relaxing and peaceful. Where the baton, of the orchestra leader was used to conduct music, instead of naughty ladies bare bottoms.


  6. Hello and Happy 2011 to you my Dear Erica i hope this is the BEST year EVER for all of us :-)on NYE i fell asleep then woke up before midnight i can't wait to read about your first spanking of the year 2011 with NG hope there are clips of it cause i really enjoy them :-)YOUR THE GREATEST I LOVE YOU BIG HUGS, From your naughty girl Jade XOXO


  7. Erica,I'm glad you were able to find that TZ marathon. It sure beats some of the junk they have on now. It is nice that it FINALLY quieted down so Saturday could at least be quiet a peaceful. I had a very quiet nigh NYE. I expected to be awakened to gunshots, yells, and the like, but once I got to sleep, I didn't hear anything. It was also cold and, 1" of snow in the morning so I don't think anyone wanted to be outside at all. LOLI think today will be a nice one for you. You can look forward to tonight when things will be different and, and, and, well, you can just anticipate the fun. šŸ˜‰


  8. Zelle — LOL… funny you should mention that. New Guy suggested that in honor of it being a new year, I should get 2011 paddle swats and blow a noisemaker after each one. I told him what he could do with his noisemaker.ddon — funny how so many people in music history have been called the 5th Beatle. I think they're up to at least 12 Beatles.six — I love classical music. Probably could have found the Lincoln Center concert on PBS, but I found Twilight Zone instead.Jade — you didn't miss anything! :-)Bobbie Jo — I do believe it will be a fun night, yes. I'm looking forward to it greatly. šŸ™‚


  9. ** "I told him what he could do with his noisemaker." ** hahahaha! Oh I bet you did! Because we all know.. that a swat for each word of Auld Lang Syne would suffice! Especially with that damn paddle of his — that damned implement should meet up with a ritualistic burning… SOON. LOL


  10. First, I am happy your Dad is still providing for you. As a Father, I can think of no greater gift for his child than to continue to provide after he is gone. He should and I think IS a very proud man.New years… worked all weekend and spent my Holiday, "Monday" at the nursing home situating my Moms re-hab so she can have yet another surgery. Each time she comes back more slowly and her dementia is a little worse. not quite at your Moms level yet but it is in the future. Sigh…On a positive note I DID get some paddles cut out. Not sure which one I should send you… er … NG. ;)Maybe I should send an assortment?


  11. Poppa — Aging blows. Sometimes I think The Who had the right idea. Sorry about your mom…As for the paddles — maybe you should save those for people who WANT them. šŸ˜€


  12. Happy New Year Brat! :)I had a great weekend. Passing up the usual bar parties, my best friend and I played XBOX kinect both Fri and Sat night, excellent upper body workout! I was in my TV glory Sat afternoon. I found a "Dallas" marathon on CMT. I, too watched some "Twilight Zone" episodes. Man they cornered the market on ingenious fright inducements. I saw the one with William Shatner and a women in a diner asking a devil-like coin operated fortune telling machine all kinds of questions and he was very spooked at the responses. Those episodes with talking/moving toys, etc, always gave me the chills too.Maybe you can make a hidden audio recording which instructs NG to "kiss you butt!" šŸ™‚


  13. I take it you are NOT a paddle fan?! And, ROFL, I don't blame you for telling NG where he could put that noise maker! Really! The nerve of him. LOLI am waiting patiently for your update about tonight and how it goes. It is soooo good to have something to look forward to. Have fun!


  14. Kelly — "My name is Talky Tina, and I'm going to KILL you!" bwah ha ha haBobbie Jo — wooden paddles are not to my liking, nope. Too thuddy. In fact, the heavy frat-style ones are not allowed, period… one of my hard limits.


  15. Hope 2011 is a good one for you. We ended up watching Criminal Minds and the show didn't end til after midnight so missed the ball drop. LOL I hate those New Year's countdown shows…I'm a fuddy duddy and find them boring as hell (only like the count down part).


  16. Iggy — I don't like those shows either. Just turn them on for the countdown, and after that, they go right back off again!


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