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First spanking of the year!

Actually, he called and said he couldn’t make it; he had to work late.


Sorry, couldn’t resist. My bad. 😀

I was in the mood to be pushed. Not sure why, because I wasn’t stressed out or anything. I didn’t feel the need for an emotional release, for tears. But I wanted intensity. I wanted a challenge. I wanted… strict.

We started out OTK, as we usually do. He seemed to pick up on my need and his hand was fairly heavy from the start. But of course, I had to push. So when he said, “I don’t want any of your smart remarks,” I snapped back, “OK, I’ll take a page from your book and make stupid remarks instead.”

Hair grab. “What did you say?” A little nervous but still nervy, I squeaked, “Was I not speaking English?”

Not quite sure how I went from OTK in the dining room to on my feet and bent over the recliner in the living room; it happened in a split second. I didn’t even have time to move the damn gym bag.

To quote my blogging buddy, I’m barely pink here. Not to worry. Once he got me situated over the ottoman, he hunkered down and really let me have it. But not with the wooden paddle! How about that? Nope, it was an all-leather night. Plenty hard, though.

Midway through, he commented about how Zelle had said he should use lotion on me. Of course, she meant to soothe me during aftercare! But he chose to take something lovely and comforting and create evil from it. “I’ll bet if I used some now and then started again, it would hurt more, huh?” “How the hell should I know?” “Let’s find out. Go get some.”

I was already screwed, so I wisely resisted the urge to say, “Get it yourself.” I fetched the bottle of lotion from my bathroom and gave it to him, and he rubbed in a generous amount. That felt wonderful… for about two minutes. And then it was back to the heavy straps and his belt. And yes, it hurt more. Aggggggghhhhhh.

Oh, he was so proud of himself and his little discovery. He couldn’t stop crowing about it. When he gleefully said, “And my hands are going to be so nice and soft!”, I’d had it. “It’ll match your head,” I muttered.

Everything after that is a blur….

Well, I’d asked for it.

But he did use the lotion for goodness instead of rottenness afterward. 🙂 Aftercare was very soothing and sweet. For a while. Then I shot my mouth off again as soon as I’d come back down a bit.

(sigh)  I never learn.

He pinned me to the carpet with my hands behind my back and his legs trapping my own. I could not move… and he let me know quite persuasively that it’s not a good idea to recover and revert to smart-assed-ism right away. No, not a good idea at all.

But damn, was it ever hot.

Thus begins a sizzling new year. Oww. And yummmmmmmmm. 😉

Big ol’ meanie….

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25 thoughts on “First spanking of the year!

  1. OMG! HE DIDN"T! (uhh he did!)Did I forget to mention to you that I wrote something about lotion needed under one of NG's pics he put up of your bottom?? (oops!) I too had been showing a bit of white-ish dry skin on one booty cheek.. and my adorable, loving Top so graciously applied lotion so I'd not blister. Ahhhhhhh, how precious… all the while I'm thinking.. "Now THAT is a concerned and diligent Top!" .. and then.. AND FRIKKIN' THEN..(!!).. he went right back to using the straps, and ya know what.. THAT DAMN LOTION MAKES IT STING LIKE HELL!! (wtf was I thinking???) I believe in my video I was saying "STOP! PLEASE! I NEED A BREAK!".. and he uttered.. "But why?".. and I think I said something like.. "CAUSE IT'S WET DAMMIT! AND IT HURTS LIKE HELL!".. I believe he said.. "Ahhhh, really??".. LOL (that'll teach my smart mouth)I see you are a quick learner too huh? LOL


  2. Zelle — oh yes he sure as hell DID! I saw that comment you'd made, and I knew you meant it for goodness, but he used it for evil. Tops! Arrgggh! Who knew lotion would make it hurt so much more?


  3. I know I didn't know it would hurt like that until it happened to me!! YIKES! oowwie! I really do feel your pain! Or the pain ya 'did have earlier!'…OH.. meant to say this earlier.. CUTE AS HELL PICS!


  4. nice pics.i didn't see any blisters but for those who do blister easily DMSO is a burn specific that works wonders. it's available on line. it is not a pain inhibitor, it just helps the body deal with….do try that streaming vidoe. loads of beatles footage and ringo was harry's best man [shown]. he and john were as close as brothers.goodnight sweetheart is very obscure tie ins but loads of fun on it's own.the year is off to a nice start for you, wonderfull. my best hopes for john too. ddon


  5. Aacckk! DMSO? LOL .. I used to use that on my horses.. but you better not get it on YOU .. UNLESS you like tasting garlic for a few days! LOL – just let a little get on your hands.. and then watch your taste buds go nuts cause you can't get rid of that gawd awful taste!


  6. oohhh,i love that taste but you will loose friends for awhile. i'd rather taste like garlic than have a blister that might get infected. i never heard of horses needing it. i used to use it when cooking fat spattered on me. you don't want to think about it too much but if you've got some when you need it it gets the job,ddon


  7. As one girl to another- you do have a beautiful bottom. I need to stand next to you sometimes because next to you I am a paragon of goodness. I think if the word "naughty" were to take human form and stand next to you it would ping out of existence as it realised that it is nothing like it needs to be to contend with you.


  8. @ddon… Of course animals used dmso long before people.. they tested the stuff. (*winks!*) DMSO was the first nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory discovered since aspirin. It's is less toxic and has less in the way of side effects than any of the anti-inflamatories. But your horse's breath will stink to high heaven, as will the whole barn. God I couldn't imagine a small apt smelling like the stuff for forever!


  9. excellent way to start the year oh sassy one . it appears that the last pic shows that many tears have fallen over this one . could it be that she is begginng to learn?………..naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOLOL


  10. OMG my Erica i know you must of hurt like HELL after the lotion ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH,I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU 😦 i saw that guy Niko on spankingtube use lotion then the lexen paddle OUCH.your pics are very CUTE :-)I am happy that your first spanking of the new year was fun for you, well except for the DAMN lotion 😦 you and John are the GREATEST you both deserve the BEST. I LOVE YOU BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO


  11. Well, Erica, I guess you got your wish about being "marked" eh? Wow! And, yes, lotion does hurt like hell! Niko uses it on everybody he spanks. I don't know if Dallas does, but he doesn't need to. I think some tops just go waaaay too far. I can tell you I would not be able to handle what you got last night and I know it was fun until the lotion came on the scene. Afterwards, though, the lotion does feel good.As for DMSO, I tried that stuff on my knees once and it burned so bad I had to wash it off in a hurry! There are pain relieving formulas out there now that do add some and I have not tried any of them. It is diluted so you don't get the burning. I guess the key is to not slather it on, but use just a couple of drops. I would NOT use it on your bottom!


  12. @ bobbie jo. you may have encountered another side effectof dmso it carries anything on your skin through your skin. the affected area should be well rinsed [as it would be for a burn] before using it. i never used it for joint,ddon


  13. ddon, Zelle — LOL! All right, enough with the horses and the blisters and the garlic! BLECH! I've never blistered from a spanking (and that sounds brutal), but I use aloe vera for burns.Poppy — why thank you, sweetie. And as for that paragon business, well, hmmmmm… don't forget, I read your blogs. Your capacity for mischief is nothing to sneeze at either. ;-)Alan — no tears this time. My makeup smears because when I want to scream, I mash my face into a pillow instead.Jade — no worries. The lotion was just a little extra challenge. ;-)Bobbie Jo — you know, there isn't one blessed mark on me today? It's all gone! But my bottom IS nice and soft…Playing hard is relative. Some people think I play hard, but then I look at some others and feel like a lightweight!


  14. Happy New Year! It's nice to see you had another nice Monday. If only mine were that interesting! Since I play so infrequently I'll have to live vicariously through you. ;)Isn't it amazing how they always manage to catch mutterings?


  15. Your photos prove brats and straps are a great mix. I think ESPN should broadcast you instead of Monday Night Football. Your Monday evenings are far more exciting. I agree with Poppy you have a beautiful bottom. ThanksJon


  16. If you can get NG to attend a party you two would be one of the main attractions for sure!Unless he's chicken that you'd outwit him in front of a crowd! kidding! 🙂 Mutual mouthing off is a major enhancement to spankings. Every week the color of your bum proves that comedy can accompany discipline spankings.


  17. Beth — believe me, infrequent play was the norm for me for a long time… this is a luxury that I still can't believe I have!Yeah, if you say something snide, they hear it no matter how softly it's murmured, but you could bellow "I'M SORRY PLEASE STOP" 100 times and they still won't catch it!Jon — oh, I think the bazillions of sports fans would beg to differ, but thank you. :-)Kelly — I suggested to him last night that he attend the Shadow Lane party next Labor Day weekend. He said he'd think about it.


  18. Oh Miss Mega Brat:I am in the minority here. After last blog's Talking Tina threat to moi…I say "Ha! Ha!" to the lotion increasing your sore bum! 🙂


  19. Erica,The marks I saw were not that deep. Just on the surface so they would be gone by morning I think. As I said before, if you REALLY want a mark, get one good whack with a cane and that would do it. And I think you would rather get the freakin' paddle over the cane. There is always the proverbial "go out and get a switch from the tree" routine. NOT!!!I hope you enjoyed yourself and had a good time. It sounds like it.


  20. Kelly — oh, be quiet or I'll send you out to the cornfield.Bobbie Jo — I have been caned many times, and gotten some pretty stripes… that fade away almost immediately. @#$%! And yes indeed… I had a wonderful time. 🙂


  21. Hmmm. Well, some of the caning results I have seen were rather sever and down-right purple. Those would last a while, I think, but I don't think you would care for it to be that extreme. I guess it depends on the one who does it, eh? I just know that if it was hard enough, one should do the job, but what do I know? I have not been caned and I don't care to be, either. Not my forte.So how could you get a mark that would last more than a day? What do you think it would take? You must be taking too much vit. C! LOL


  22. BTW, Erica,I was teasing in my last post. 😛


  23. B.Jo — oh, I know. You got me pondering — I think I will post separately about the cane, quite the topic in itself!


  24. It's terrible when your lovely body is on display and all I can think of is that the chair you are bending over is similar to one my grandparents used to own. LOL Love you and wanted to say hi! HI!!


  25. Juju — LMAO! Yes, it's a very old-style chair, to be sure! I bought it when I was about 19. Apparently they made those to last forever. Hi and love you back!


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