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Will it last?

Next Monday, I will be in Connecticut. Therefore, I won’t be able to see New Guy. He was very concerned about this; wanted to make sure I would be well-behaved for the next two weeks, especially on my trip. So tonight, he came over at 5:00 instead of 6:30, since he’d had the day off. Had to get an early start on two weeks’ worth of discipline, you see.

First, he was annoyed with me when I said I wouldn’t have room in my suitcases for warm, bulky clothes, what with all the outfits I have to pack. “I’m going to be indoors, for heaven’s sake,” I argued.

“You don’t know that,” he countered. “Maybe there will be outdoor shoots. Maybe he’ll have you out in the snow, making snow angels. Only in your case, they’ll be snow devils.” Oh, har har har. He said he’d been out naked in the snow before, after a sauna. I told him he was insane. Not the best thing to say to him, apparently. I had to apologize. Repeatedly.

“I care about you and I don’t want you to be cold!” (sigh) All right, all right. I’ll bring warm socks, PJs, gloves and a cap, and I’ll wear my heaviest coat on the plane. OK? OK.

That was one spanking.

Since neither of us had eaten, we decided to go to a nearby deli for dinner. But not before he spanked me again to ensure I’d behave myself in the restaurant. I had to repeat several times, to strap strokes: “I will behave myself at Jerry’s Deli.” Well, actually, we compromised. I said that I would TRY to behave.

Of course, I didn’t. He took so freaking long deciding what he was going to order, I stretched out on the booth, put my legs up, leaned against him and said I was taking a nap.

I know he was dying to let me have on the way back to the car, in the parking lot. But there were too many people around, unfortunately, so he settled for quickly bending me over the trunk and giving me three swats over my dress. I drove us back to my place, and I’d barely gotten inside and put my purse down when I was looking at the carpet again. The umbrage — after I treated him to dinner!!

We watched a clip on my computer, the one I did for Spanking Epics a few years ago with Keith Jones and Sierra Salem, where he plays my husband and spanks Sierra and me for gossiping. When it ended…guess what? Yeah, that’s right.

“That was wrong of you to gossip!” he said, putting me back over the ottoman.

“Excuse me??” I howled. “That was shot five years ago. And it was fiction! You’re spanking me for fiction!”

“Maybe, but this spanking isn’t fiction!” Arrrggh. No, it certainly wasn’t.

How many are we up to now?

He just wouldn’t put that @#$%ing paddle away. I asked him how he expected to keep his hand strong if he kept relying on the paddle.

“I don’t need to keep my hand strong if I have the paddle,” he smirked. “I can let the paddle do all the talking.”

“Yeah, it’s probably more articulate than you are,” I muttered.

And that was another one. Yeah, yeah, I know. I asked for it. I still laughed through all my screeching and protesting.

But all Monday evenings must end, and reluctantly, I sent him on his way at 9:00 so he could go home and walk his dog.

Will it tide me over for two weeks? Nahhhhhh. But it certainly was a valiant effort. πŸ™‚

(smooch) See you in two weeks, sweetie.

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26 thoughts on “Will it last?

  1. I'm so glad you are incorrigible! Because it makes for the best blog stories!Have a great time in Connecticut! (OMG! PACK WARM CLOTHES!) … and at least one itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikini for at least a semi nekkid snow angel – to cool off your bottom after all that shooting of course! "If I can do it.. so can you!" — Right NG?? LOLOLOL


  2. Oh I just so love your backchat! It lets them know who is really (?) in charge. That's the problem with trips, getting our quota of chastisement. Holidays are great until that urge insinuates itself into our thoughts. Sounds though you're not expecting that problem. Does NG ever go away? How does he manage!And snow, great for shoots, especially 'au naturelle'. Spanking in the snow, how about that? We only get a few days of snow so I really go for it.


  3. Erica, I do love your witty, intelligent repartee …er…I mean New Guy certainly must be a saint dealing with your cheekiness, young lady. *G*Have a wonderful time and a successful shoot in Connecticut, but just know they had two feet of snow about a week ago, and here during the night in New Jersey, New York City and parts of Connecticut there was snow followed by ice which is making for treacherous conditions this morning. Hopefully a warm bottom will warm the rest of you just as it does for my Season.


  4. Of course you deserve to be spanked for fiction. Or fact. Or, and I could be wrong on this, just because I suspect you like it.Speaking of the good old days, has anyone heard from Sierra? I hope she is well.


  5. just because your going to e gone does not mean u cant post a sneak peek pic from your time in conneticut "that place" here for your faithfull adoring fans ! lolI heard that if this goes well you might be up for a " golden globes " award next year , or even your bottom prints in your own star on the walk !:-D well either we we can say , " we knew her way back when she was just a smart mouth brat who neede a good blistering " ROFLMAO


  6. Hello my Erica hehehe you are so frickin funny your so cheeky like me πŸ™‚ your pics are ADORABLE the one where your blowing NG a smooch is so frickin CUTE LOL i think it would be so much fun to get spanked otk in the snow then after getting spanked i could cool my bum in the snow while making snow angels. the weather is TERRIBLE we had an ice storm this morning and the roads are dangerous and slippery there was a fender bender up the road from my house i can't wait for spring, flowers will be blooming and more horseback riding with my beautiful horse Sylvia, keep right on being cheeky and sassy my Erica it makes everyone wonder what your up to hehehe. I LOVE YOU BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO


  7. Zelle — there is NO WAY I'm following your lead on that snow angel thing! I don't know how you did it, but if I tried that, they'd find a little frozen Scottsicle in a snow drift.NC — Well, I'll be getting plenty of spanking while I'm in CT… but I'll still miss my special Monday night. :-)Michael — oh yeah, he's a saint. (snort) I am hoping we'll be indoors most of the time and won't have to deal with that crazy weather. And it's just four days… what can go wrong? Right?Paul — as far as I know, she is well. I miss that girl.Alan — wouldn't that be Scarlet Globes? :-)Jade — LOL… forgive me if I don't share the enthusiasm for the idea of being spanked in the snow! I would DIE. πŸ™‚


  8. Please be warm – warm is happy. You have perfect legs- is that from running rings around Tops? Have a wonderful time.


  9. Poppy — I just heard from Paul; the temp in CT is 0, with a high of 12. I am going to die. Say goodbye, everyone.Kidding! He also told me that Sarah has lots of winter stuff and I may borrow from her. I'm saved. πŸ™‚ And re. my legs — thank you! Ah, would it be that it were that easy. More like 20 million squats, lunges and leg presses.


  10. Oh Yes, it WAS cold her on the east Coast, -5 here in NY on Sunday. But no worries my Lil' California Cutie, its a balmy 27 today! ;)You are coming so very close, I can't stand it….


  11. Had a good giggle, really enjoyed this. Have a safe journey.HugsRaven


  12. I'm so excited for you about the shoot, but personally I, too, hate cold weather. Last January I visited with my brother in Estonia, and it was like a winter wonderland of snow. His neighbors still remember me walking along the coast wearing shorts, a jacket and snow boots! California girl.As for your session with New Guy, it must be really fun to have such an engaging verbal repartee with him. You have such wonderful bratisms. I can just picture it, thanks to your reports.


  13. You and NG would be terrific role players from your favorite movies. Hepburn and Tracy's "Adam's Rib" come to mind. I could picture you as a lawyer pulling out ALL of the bratty stops to outwit "his highness." πŸ™‚ Enjoy your trip and make sure to keep that bum extra toasty!


  14. Poppa — yeah, I guess I'm going to be near a lot of my East coast pals, huh?Raven — thank you!Dana — he's pretty clever himself. I forgot to mention his best line last night: "Did you think you were going to get away with that, Erica Scott-free?" Oy….Kelly — the bum will be toasty. It's the rest of me I'm a little concerned about. πŸ˜€


  15. Ah, Erica, again you have me chuckling, with other warm feelings, all the way down the page, and that last smooch-blowing picture is priceless!Have a safe and wonderful trip, a glorious time at the shoot, and say "HI!" to Tubaman for me!


  16. Dave — thanks! I hesitated a lot before I posted that last shot; I thought it looked goofy. πŸ™‚


  17. Loved your post. Have a wonderful fun week Erica.Love,Ronnie-Joxx


  18. Well, it is getting close to flight time and I hope you are settled on what you are going to take. JUST DON'T FREEZE ON US!! I will be on pins and needles to have to wait and see what you will be writing next about your adventure. I think it is just fantastic.Have a great time and just be as yappy as you are with NG. I figure you will be. ;-D Love it!


  19. Ronnie(Jo) — thank you! :-)Bobbie Jo — well, no matter what I bring, New Guy will say it wasn't enough, I'm sure. πŸ˜‰


  20. You got that right, Erica. ;-D


  21. Erica, congratulations on your wonderful post being Chrossed. Excellent!


  22. Michael — thank you, m'dear! πŸ™‚


  23. Also blowing a kiss for kudos, you L'il Chross regular, you!


  24. Dave — back atcha, sweetie.


  25. Like your post – loved the picture, a great shade of pink, and you look so happy smiling..!


  26. Paul — thanks. I was very happy indeed. πŸ™‚


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