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Hey, that looks familiar…

Every now and then when I’m wandering around the blogosphere, I’ll get a pleasant jolt when I see one of my own photos. It’s quite flattering and makes me smile. Occasionally, it makes me laugh out loud.

Today, I popped in to visit Craig’s blog. He’d posted a while back about sending a text from his iPhone, clearly meant for a fellow spanko, to his colleague by accident. This time, he relayed another funny story relating to that same colleague and texts.

I read through the post, the comments, giggled, then scrolled back up and did a double-take. Check out the picture in the iPhone.

Don’t go sending that to your colleague, Craig. 😉

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15 thoughts on “Hey, that looks familiar…

  1. Hello my Erica OMG i saw that pic on Craig's iphone and i knew it was you i know almost all of your video's 🙂 i said that's Erica's butt hehehe, that's from the Schoolmaster's Revenge, Keith Jone's is caning you in that pic, DAMN girl your popular if only i were so lucky hehehe,you are so AMAZING LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO


  2. Jade — that's absolutely right; you're good! 🙂


  3. Yup. Those are some mad Photoshop skillz, eh? I am channelling Zelle…


  4. Craig — I was impressed, and laughing like hell!


  5. The comment you left on his blog is fantastic. "…the least you could do is buy me dinner first."


  6. Lorraine — (laughing) Of course, he actually HAS bought me dinner before, several times, but I couldn't resist using that line anyway.


  7. Hey Erica,You've been Chrossed again! He posted early and I wanted to let you know in case you haven't found out yet. Congradulations! That is pretty cool to be Crossed three weeks in a row. Way to go girl. You rock!


  8. Bobbie Jo — thanks! You know, it never gets old. It's just as exciting each time. 🙂


  9. Erica, the photo would suggest, that you are 'on call', 24 hours a day. Or putting it in another way. You are in a 'Phoney' business. Don't mind me Erica, It's just my funny way my 'Yiddishe Koph', thinks. So 'cell'abrate, the publicity you certainly deserve.


  10. I have an iPhone….I sent a classmate a text asking to see her classnotes….my poor spelling and thick fingers caused the text to read, "can I see youre clitoris." It was funny later but utterly humiliating.Rob


  11. Im not sure , somehow it looks a lil "plumper" in that pic ……….Laughs and ducks….. well , the camera does add 10 lbs I hear !JUSK KIDDING !!!! KOTC !!rofl


  12. Well, I thought that picture was from a scene Erica got some other place and not her because she doesn't do the bloomer thing. Still, it is funny.Erica,I imagine the butterflies are fluttering more and more as flight time comes closer and closer. 🙂 Have a great flight and much fun. I keep saying that "fun" part because I want you to have all the fun you can back there. I have a feeling you will have a great time.


  13. six — it's all fairly ironic, considering I don't even like the phone. ;-)Rob — oh, you didn't. Oh my God. Texting is dangerous, I tell you.Alan — (sigh) Really? You had to go there?Bobbie Jo — yes, the nerves are definitely active!


  14. OMG! I wondered who's pic Craig used.. and I had an inkling it was you from the outfit on the bared bottom in the pic.. having seen that flick! I was just not gonna pry.. LOLHEY! CHROSSED AGAIN! WooHoo! LOVE IT!And Craig.. you done good Darlin'! Props to you!


  15. Zelle — yup, that was my plump butt! 😀 Damn, I SO miss Spanking Epics.


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