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Weekend + a couple of pictures

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I was so jet-lagged and loopy on Friday, I stayed home that evening, but went to John’s yesterday morning instead. It was fun to catch him up on all the adventures and stories. He was enjoying it all and kept asking for more. Poor baby had dental work done, so he was in a fair amount of discomfort; I’m glad I could distract him. Still has the rash, but says the itching is lessening slowly. I so want him to feel good again…

Sheesh! I take a few days off from blogging and my stats plunge. Ah well, I guess if you don’t write, people don’t come, ’cause there’s nothing new to read. OK, I’ll do my best to get the interest back up again. How about a couple more pictures from last week?

These are from the snotty waitress scenario — Paul the annoyed customer taking me to task:

Facial reaction angle:

And here’s a rarity — me, exhibiting contrition (isn’t Sarah’s dress cute?):

This one is from the “hooker” shoot — can you believe those handprints??

Paul had a case of dry skin happening on his right palm on Wednesday; I offered him some lotion, and he scoffed, “Nah, I don’t want to smell like a girl.” Men! So he kept on going, and when we wrapped, his skin had broken in about six places, tiny little splits.

Ouch! See the little cuts at the base of his fingers? So there were K and Sarah, fussing over him, asking if he was OK, offering him skin balm, ice, etc. Hello?? Sore butt over here! πŸ˜€

I have several photos of Sarah and me, and of the three of us, but I want to run them by Sarah first to make sure she’s OK with my posting them.

Meanwhile, New Guy is coming over tomorrow; it’s been two weeks and he says his hand is itching for some action. I seem to be fully recovered, except I have a bit of “sandpaper butt.” So I’m loading up with Gold Bond Mega-Ultra-Healing cream. I missed him!

Back to the gym tomorrow too, after not going for a week. Can’t say I missed that. Some day they’ll invent a pill we can take that will tone our muscles while we sprawl on the couch watching trash TV and eating peanut-butter Oreos.

Well, it’s a nice dream, anyway. Right up there with finding an anti-wrinkle cream that does everything its ads promise. You know it doesn’t really exist, but you still keep hoping!

Back tomorrow to report on the Monday evening festivities. πŸ˜€

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21 thoughts on “Weekend + a couple of pictures

  1. Oh, Em, Gee! You broke Paul's HAND!! Why you oughta be– Oh, yeah, HUH!Thank you, Erica, I assure you that your stories always do as much for us as for John, to say nothing of the exceptionally fine photos!!


  2. Dave — (snicker) It wasn't just me; he was spanking Sarah too! And if he'd just put some freaking lotion on… Glad you enjoyed. πŸ™‚


  3. Hello my Erica i LOVE the pic's they are ADORABLE,Sarah's dress is cute, you look so pretty and it looks VERY nice on you πŸ™‚ your facial expression's are PRICELESS, WOW HOLY CRAP you can see two big hand print's on your bum OUCH hehehe i bet that hurt NOT, the cut's on Paul's hand's look TERRIBLE, i hope John feels better soon. I am looking forward to reading about your spanking adventure's with NG tomorrow night. BUSTED my dad just came into my room and asked me why i am still awake it's almost 2:30 in the morning he said i need my sleep, i guess this naughty girl better get her butt to bed, i Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  4. Hi Erica,You still manage to look beautiful even while getting spanked. I'm jealous because I definitely do not look that cute. What I'm even more jealous over are your stockings. Holy smokes, the tops of yours are hot! (I've recently discovered thigh highs and have fallen in love with them.)When they invent that pill, please let me know. I would love nothing more than to be plopped on the couch while eating Haribo gummi bears.Good luck with New Guy tomorrow!


  5. I really feel sorry for his hand…Great to see pix from your shoot. Looks like it went well (from the red butt shots, anyway!).Hope you're awake and rarin' to go for New Guy tonight!Cheers!


  6. great snaps.john and his rash. try witch hazel, nothinh…then cider vinegar. these got amerricans through from 1620 to couldn't he smells like a tosssed salad for awhile. ddon


  7. me, exhibiting contritionNow there is shot to preserve.


  8. Thank you Erica, for the beautiful photo's of some of your recent waitress spanking scenes. Thank you also for wearing stockings, because they enhance your 'knickers' down as the British say, bare bottom most deliciously.


  9. Erica?? Contrite?? Stop the presses! NEWS FLASH!Read all about it!"Errant bottom sees error of her ways!!"(Great pics! Now where's the TOP LOGIC in Paul not putting lotion on his hand?? Good lord.. is he a masochist or what?? LOL)


  10. A wise Top knows better than to use his hand when an implement would do the job better.Great pics! Hugs,Hermione


  11. Jade — yes, you do need your sleep. Even I go to bed by 2:00! :-)Beth — Frederick's of Hollywood! That's where I buy my thigh-highs. And I'll bet you look plenty cute.Craig — oh, you would feel sorry for his hand. :-Þddon — yeah… John will let me put witch hazel and vinegar on him. Right after he lets me dress him up like Alice in Wonderland. (grinning)OBB — wellllll… it's called "acting." ;-)Six — with some outfits, stockings are a must.Zelle — well, apparently a cracked-open hand is preferable to smelling like a girl… (rolling eyes) Errant, shmerrant. Acting, I tell ya, ACTING! :-DHermione — very true! Sadly, the last two scenarios didn't have anything in the scene that could be used as implements. In the waitress scene, he would have had to use the silverware. πŸ™‚


  12. I'm so happy that you had a good time with the video shoots in the land of snow and ice! Thanks for posting pix.


  13. Cute handprints on your bum. That's a shot to frame for keeps. Sorry but that's funny Paul's hand looked as spanked as you bratty girls' bottoms! πŸ™‚ He DID have an offered remedy. And they say women are stubborn! πŸ™‚


  14. Dana — my pleasure! It's fun to relive the memories. :-)Kelly — I know, right? He said his hand may never be the same again… and whose fault is THAT, hmmm?


  15. So… is it better to smell like a girl or a salad?Erica, you must always remember that spankers are delicate little flowers who need to be carefully babied when they are feeling poorly. They are not as tough as us at *all*. Clearly his sore hand trumps your sore bottom πŸ˜‰


  16. Erica,Thanks for the pics. As for Paul's hand, there is lotion that has no scent to it and doesn't smell like flowers or something like that. Yeah, I know. He probably wouldn't have used that, either. One way to get a guy to use lotion is to have them apply it to you after. Hehehe. That is if you want it.I didn't post much over the weekend to anybody because I wasn't up to it and I figured you weren't either. And to make matters worse, when I was posting, the electricity went off! Not once, but twice!! Right in the middle of typing. ARG!Anyway, it looks like you had a lot of fun and I am so happy for you. And right now, you are probably having a bratty good time with NG. ;-D I know you will let us know about it.


  17. They have peanut butter Oreos?Sorry, all other thoughts escaped me after I read that. :)Can't wait to hear about your much-needed reunion with Craig. Have a fantastic time!Hugs,Pink


  18. Erica, I would like to assume that you respectfully apologized for the damage to his hand, but I know you too well. If it's not bratting, it's dryness and cracked skin, or more likely, both. For shame, woman!


  19. Em — yes, clearly, considering how much more fuss was made over his hand! (snort)Bobbie Jo — John uses unscented lotion; he doesn't like girly smells either. What can I tell you… men are silly. ;-)Pink — they do! And they're gooooooood.Danny — oh, puh-leeeze. I tried to give the man lotion. What more do you want? :-Þ


  20. Boy, I've seen hands like that before…


  21. Craig — you HAVE? (wide-eyed)


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