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The remaining clips

Second half of my punishment clips. There is only one thing I would change in any of them, and that’s the final clip where our aftercare, his comforting me, went out of the frame. But you can still hear everything, and it’s… well, you’ll see.

The final paddling… and some very lovely words from NG that really broke the dam.

The end…

The real me, for my readers and my top/special friend, with love.

Let the clips begin

New Guy started sending me our scene in clips this evening. He asked me if I was OK, how I was doing today and how I felt watching the clips. I told him I was better than OK, and the clips make me very proud of both of us.

I thought about waiting until I had all the clips and then posting them all at once so I wouldn’t leave people hanging, but guess what — I can’t wait. So I’m posting the first three tonight.

It doesn’t get any more real than this, folks. This is a side of myself I normally don’t show, and now I’m baring it for the masses. It’s not my usual fun and sassy stuff. So if you choose not to watch, it’s all right. But if you do, I hope it pushes the right buttons for you. You’re not going to see anything gross or extreme, I promise. Just strict.

The first scene is the pre-spanking lecture:

And the spanking begins…
Spanking and scolding continue…
More soon — stay tuned.


He left a little earlier than usual tonight, but he’d arrived earlier as well. I guess some of you are waiting, huh?

No sass tonight. Sassy Erica has left the building (well, temporarily). Don’t worry; she’ll be back. Tonight, I’m in a quieter place. A very, very good, quieter place. I feel like curling up into a ball in my bed, letting the dark and quiet envelop me. But first, I need to write.

New Guy usually sends me email on Monday mornings, in a teasing “oh are you gonna get it” mode. So imagine how I felt this morning when I received this:

I expect you to meet me at your door wearing a short skirt or dress, no stockings and no panties, you won’t be needing them. After letting me in you will turn and march directly into the bedroom. You will have the heart shaped paddle, and I believe you have a cane, lying on the bed.

You know what you did was wrong and you deserve to be punished. You can expect to be severely disciplined.

I’d already eaten breakfast, and felt my cereal lurching around in my stomach. Ohhhh my.

He’d forgotten that my cane had gotten broken the last time he used it. I wrote back and reminded him of this, suggesting he may want to bring one. I offered no argument or plea otherwise.

When he arrived and I opened the door, I was so taken aback, I started giggling from sheer nerves. First of all, his usual attire is jeans and a t-shirt — tonight, he was all GQed out in dress slacks, collared shirt and a jacket, plus he had very attractive new frames on his glasses. And second, he was pointing a videocamera at me. Holy crap… my discipline was going to be filmed.

So… I will not give away what happened. Because you will all see it, as soon as he edits and sends it to me. I will tell you that it was the most intense scene he and I have ever had. Certainly not the longest or the hardest, but definitely the strictest. No warmup. And I cried. On camera. I have never shed tears on camera before. And they were quite real.

Not from the spanking. From the things he said. He scolded me so thoroughly and effectively, I would have cried without any spanking at all. He wasn’t mean, he didn’t berate me. But he let me know how he felt. 

I do not feel diminished or broken. I didn’t have to be beaten into a grotesque pulp for it to be effective. What I feel is deeply cared for.

After it was over, he was gentle and kind, as he always is. All was normal once again, after just a few minutes.

He took a couple of pictures after the fact; I’d faded some by then, but you can see that I’m marked. What a difference a warmup makes.

He’d used only his belt and the paddle. But just before he left and was packing everything up, he picked up his strap and said, “I never got to this one!” Uh oh. Yes, of course, he had to give me five licks with it, for the road.

Big meanie.

OK, not really. 🙂  He is wonderful, and I am a very lucky woman.

I need to eat something. Here’s hoping in my semi-stunned and soporific state, I don’t burn the building down.

Video to come soon — stay tuned.

Thank you, my dear, sweet not-so-New-Guy.

EDIT: You can watch the video clips here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Comfortable for now

Well, it seems that it’s up to New Guy to address my “risky” behavior from last Thursday. Poor John was wiped out this weekend. He still struggles a lot with tiredness… both Friday and Saturday nights, he fell asleep on the couch while we were watching TV. And he napped all Saturday afternoon too. Oh, we had flurries of swats here and there, but nothing substantial. Mind you, John knows me. He knows I’m normally a very cautious person and I don’t take unnecessary chances; he also knows I have very good instincts about people and I’m generally on the money about them. But of course, he couldn’t resist giving me a bit of a hard time about the situation anyway.

“You’d never met him before, not even for coffee, and you gave him your address? You’re nuts, sweetie.”

“Oh come on, honey, he’s known. He’s a public figure.”

“So was Jeffrey Dahmer.”

Har har. But regardless of that, he was quite fine with my play activity and even asked if I was going to play with The Villain again. Ah, bless my open-minded boyfriend.

However, there’s still tomorrow. (gulp) Oh well, I’ll think about that then.

I heard from Spanking Court again this weekend. The woman seems very nice and quite flexible about crimes/cases. Apparently, they shoot the first weekend of every month and April is already booked, but there’s room for another case in the May shoot. She said I could shoot more than one scene if I like, and if New Guy wanted to be involved, he could be as well. The possibilities are endless. It’s not definite yet, but it’s looking good. So stay tuned for more on that.

Looks like my nose-thumbing at a youth-obsessed industry continues. 😀  I’m going to enjoy the ride as long as possible, with much gratitude.

Anyway… hope everyone had a good weekend.

I am well and truly screwed :-)

Several things happened after yesterday’s adventure. It seems that I am in big trouble, with both John and New Guy. :-O

First, when I spoke with John last night and told him of my scene after the fact, his reaction was, “You did not have my permission, young lady.” Mind you, John hasn’t been toppy in months, due to his illness. Plus, he knows I am in very capable hands with NG. So I was quite taken aback when he refused to listen to my wheedling and said we needed to “brush up” on the rules. Oh my. OK, it could be just talk.

And then I received this message from New Guy:

Well, well, well……. Allowing strangers into your apartment. Strangers with names like “The Villain.” Strangers you have not properly vetted. This sort of reckless behavior could get you into some serious trouble. I will see you Monday at 5pm.

My heart, which had finally settled down from the afternoon, resumed its banging and leapfrogging. I noticed the earlier hour and asked him if he had the day off. He said yes, because even Cesar Chavez thinks I need a good spanking. Damn… I didn’t even know he had his own holiday.

I might as well just kiss my butt goodbye right now.

Oh, but wait. I’m going to need it. Because this morning I heard from Alpine Sierra Studios, the Spanking Court company. They’d seen yesterday’s blog, and they are interested. 🙂 

Villain posted on my FetLife wall that he was getting emails from my blog, that his hand stings and his girlfriend was giggling at him. I decided to write her a little note to thank her; I don’t take it lightly when another woman is OK with her man playing with me, having been seriously burned by jealousy in the past. She wrote me back a lovely reply, saying he was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he came home, that I could count on his coming back, and they’d probably see me in Spanking Court soon (she works for them, too).

My head is exploding.

Stay tuned, folks. I think I’m going to have stories. You know, this week, my blog hits and comments were wayyyy down. Perhaps now they will kick back into gear a bit. 🙂

I didn’t go to the gym yesterday, so I’m going to work out this afternoon and then head for John’s. Last weekend of cloudy weather before we switch things up and head back in the high 70s and low 80s next week. Damn…

Oh, and congratulations to all my fellow Chrosslings today! Have a great weekend, y’all.

Be careful what you wish for

Some of you may recall a blog I wrote early February; you can refresh your memory here. Scroll down past the initial text and look at the pictures. Remember him?

He was in my apartment spanking me this afternoon.

After I wrote that blog, I got the occasional teasing message from him on FetLife, hinting around about playing, but never coming right out and suggesting we do so. As you know, I don’t have an abundance of patience. So I messaged him back, saying, “So, are you going to tease me indefinitely? Yes, I know I’m a pushy vixen.”

Pushy, yes. But it worked.

Not right away. He’s a busy man, he was traveling, he was shooting. For a while, I thought perhaps I’d been blown off, but I waited. I was rewarded by his writing and saying he appreciated my patience. (Patience? what patience??) And suggested a date and time.

OK, here’s where I know I’m going to get scolded by some of you. And I suppose I deserve it. But I observed absolutely NO protocols this time. I did not meet him for coffee beforehand. I got a first name only, no phone, no email (we kept our messaging to FetLife). I gave him my home address. Why? Because on a gut level, I felt safe. My instincts told me that, despite his menacing image (he does call himself The Villain on Fet, after all), he was safe and sane. He is in the public eye, he does videos, he has a beautiful girlfriend. He’s certainly not going to mess with that.

Today, I found a message from him in my Fet inbox when I got up and logged on. My first thought was, “Oh noooo, he’s cancelling.” I opened the message and read:

“I will have my hands on you in roughly five hours.”

I thought I was having a heart attack. I swear, if you’d looked at my chest just then, you probably could have seen my heart banging away, like in the cartoons.

He showed up right on time; always a good thing. I brought him inside from the lobby, and once the door was closed behind us, he took off his jacket. But instead of throwing it over a chair, he handed it to me. “Would you mind?”

I walked to my hall closet and reached for a hanger. Mr. Villain came up behind me and gently but firmly grabbed the back of my neck. “I do believe this is a case of ‘be careful what you wish for,'” he whispered.

Hmmm… where had I heard that before? Oh yeah. Here.

“I get the feeling you’re not going to run away,” he said. I shook my head. My two hands were frozen in mid-air, holding his jacket and the hanger.

“Go on… hang it up.” I did. He turned me around, headed me toward my bedroom. “You’re not going to scream, are you?”


“Good girl. Come here.” He sat on my bed and laid me across his lap.

“So, I’ve been reading all about you.”


“Well, there’s just so much to see. You’re everywhere.”

I grinned into my bedspread. “So what have you learned?”

“For one thing, you’re a very good writer. And for another, you’re quite the impertinent little brat.”

OK, so he’s observant.

His hands were strong, wonderfully smacky and non-thuddy. There was no initial awkwardness; it was like he knew exactly what to do, just like in the stories. Then again, if he’d been reading what I write, I suppose he had some idea of what goes on inside my head.

He was verbal. He did not scold; rather, he crooned. That’s the best word I can think of. He switched up his spanking techniques a great deal, did some things I found unique, like vigorously slapping with both hands, alternating. Now, you guys know I HATE the wrong-hand crossover thing. But this wasn’t it — it was like he was playing bongos on my butt, very rapidly. He’d start softly and build and build and build steadily in intensity. And just I was reaching a point where my brain screamed and my body thrashed, he’d stop. Soothe a bit. Start again.

I had to get him a paddle. I chose a plain hairbrush-style one I have; I did not give him the paddle New Guy made for me. That is his and his alone. I was a little apprehensive — putting wood in the hands of a stranger can be a disaster. But I somehow knew it wouldn’t be.

He didn’t use it super hard. Just hard enough to make me squirm, to make me feel tender. And then he tossed it on the carpet and went back to his hand.

Oh good, I thought. So much for that. But a few minutes later…

“Hand me the paddle.”

Mischievously, I looked at him over my shoulder. “You didn’t say please.”

As I thought he might, he smiled. “Please.”

I picked it up and handed it to him, and then he gave me a staccato flurry of swats with it, chanting, “Please, please, please, please, please…” with each one.

Freaking overachiever. Once would have been fine!

“I think the pushy vixen should get exactly what she wants and needs.” Damn. He remembered I’d said that. I really need to watch what I say. (Yeah, that’ll happen.)

Our scene lasted about an hour and ten minutes. When we’d begun, my apartment was on the chilly side, as I hadn’t run any heat and it’s a cold rainy day. By the time we were done, both my A/C and bedroom fan were on and he was shirtless.

But a perfect gentleman. He didn’t even take down my panties.

I mentioned how I’d love to do a Spanking Court video, since he’s done those. He said he thought I’d be perfect for one and that he’d put in a good word for me with the woman who runs the production.

“But,” he added, “you’ll have to take one heck of a spanking.”

“As opposed to what I just took now??”

“That,” he murmured, leaning down to me, “was an introduction.”

Holy crap.

I’ve mentioned before how spacy I am post-scene. Never has that been more evident than today. When I went to retrieve his jacket, I stood at the closet door and stared stupidly at the line of coats. I could not find his. Seriously. It was black, and I have several black jackets myself. All I saw was a sea of black. I had to call him over and tell him to find it himself. He found that very amusing.

Sorry, I have no pictures of today’s activities. But here’s another photo of The Villain, at his dangerous best:

(Not sure why it’s blurry, but you get the idea.)

I really am insatiable, it seems. It took me two full days to recover from NG’s spanking this time, and now I’m all tenderized anew. Oh, gawd… I am going to get such a hard time from John over this… 🙂

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