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I am well and truly screwed :-)

Several things happened after yesterday’s adventure. It seems that I am in big trouble, with both John and New Guy. :-O

First, when I spoke with John last night and told him of my scene after the fact, his reaction was, “You did not have my permission, young lady.” Mind you, John hasn’t been toppy in months, due to his illness. Plus, he knows I am in very capable hands with NG. So I was quite taken aback when he refused to listen to my wheedling and said we needed to “brush up” on the rules. Oh my. OK, it could be just talk.

And then I received this message from New Guy:

Well, well, well……. Allowing strangers into your apartment. Strangers with names like “The Villain.” Strangers you have not properly vetted. This sort of reckless behavior could get you into some serious trouble. I will see you Monday at 5pm.

My heart, which had finally settled down from the afternoon, resumed its banging and leapfrogging. I noticed the earlier hour and asked him if he had the day off. He said yes, because even Cesar Chavez thinks I need a good spanking. Damn… I didn’t even know he had his own holiday.

I might as well just kiss my butt goodbye right now.

Oh, but wait. I’m going to need it. Because this morning I heard from Alpine Sierra Studios, the Spanking Court company. They’d seen yesterday’s blog, and they are interested. 🙂 

Villain posted on my FetLife wall that he was getting emails from my blog, that his hand stings and his girlfriend was giggling at him. I decided to write her a little note to thank her; I don’t take it lightly when another woman is OK with her man playing with me, having been seriously burned by jealousy in the past. She wrote me back a lovely reply, saying he was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he came home, that I could count on his coming back, and they’d probably see me in Spanking Court soon (she works for them, too).

My head is exploding.

Stay tuned, folks. I think I’m going to have stories. You know, this week, my blog hits and comments were wayyyy down. Perhaps now they will kick back into gear a bit. 🙂

I didn’t go to the gym yesterday, so I’m going to work out this afternoon and then head for John’s. Last weekend of cloudy weather before we switch things up and head back in the high 70s and low 80s next week. Damn…

Oh, and congratulations to all my fellow Chrosslings today! Have a great weekend, y’all.

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20 thoughts on “I am well and truly screwed :-)

  1. OMG! The wonderful, wacky, exciting, and definitely ouchy world of Erica Scott just keeps spinning and spinning. I was happy to see John roused as that is a good sign he is getting some of his old pep back. Seems like dear Erica will be kneeling before the spanking gods for a session or two, and the lovely lady would have it no other way. 🙂


  2. Sounds like your guys are very serious. That may give you some sense of how much they care about you. Certainly John does and it sounds like he is feeling better and better every day. That is a good thing.Congrats on being Chrossed again. Keep thinking how great it is no matter how many times it happens. You the woman, lady!I guess we will find out just how "bionic" your back 40 is. I think you are going to have a lot of fun, though you will be sitting kind of off center for a while…if you can sit at all. ;-D


  3. Michael — you know, there was a time in the not-too-distant past that I thought I was done with all this. And yet, it continues. Trust me, my head is spinning as much as my world. :-)Bobbie Jo — sitting comfortably may be a rare commodity for a while, yes. But I'm up for it. I am feeling like the luckiest spankee on earth today. 🙂


  4. Ah, the adventures of Erica! Did you know there is a television show called "Being Erica?" I've never seen it, but whenever I see the listing, I think of you….It's a good thing that you can post your pictures on blogspot so we can enjoy vicariously. Oh, those flaming cheeks! That's definitely an improvement over MySpace. 🙂


  5. Dana — I've heard of that show! Ah yes, good old censorious MySpace — how utterly cautious I had to be about photos there. Good riddance.


  6. Well now… if I'm buying a horse.. even I DO a "vet check"!!!(heehee).. However! If the "horse" has gotten plenty of blue ribbons in the limelight for past efforts .. you can pretty much figure there isn't a whole lot wrong with him!! So I have no earthly idea why these Tops of yours are so concerned…Perhaps I should put in a good word for you?? Or… perhaps I should go stand in the corner awhile?? LMAO!


  7. Zelle — and perhaps I should write to The Villain and tell him you're likening him to a horse. :-ÞYeah, I don't know why John and NG are so bent. I'm a big girl! I'm smart! I know what I'm doing! (see if that bravado gets me anywhere…)


  8. If you do write to the Villian Erica.. tell him at least I thought he was a Thoroughbred worthy of taking on the Kentucky Derby.. Hmmm? I've been needing a new hat.. ….. LOL


  9. Uh Oh. You're in trouble!!! 🙂 Quick! Hide all of the implements the instant you get to John's place. Nah! What's the fun in that. You Could borrow the cheap trick I used earlier this week and wear skin tight jeans with studded back pockets. 🙂 🙂 I was down on blogging recently everywhere because I was studiously watching a website membership I purchased last month. It is fantastic that you're in another phase both personally and professionally in spanking projects. Women of ALL ages are hot and appealing to the eye. So Thank you! Thank you! Erica THE brat. That other Erica show is aired on Soap Net supposedly chronicling the life and times of a younger "All My Children's" Erica Kane.


  10. Kelly — I am old enough to remember when All My Children first came on the air. Before the show came on, I knew no one else with my name. Then after the show became popular, all of sudden there were a million Ericas.I am really enjoying thumbing my nose at the "30-or-younger bottoms only" trend. I hope to continue doing so as long as people will have me. 🙂


  11. Erica,What would this world come to if there wasn't a YOU?I know you are going to have fun and I can tell you I will really be waiting to hear all about it. Maybe the guys aren't that mad, just trying to make you think they are. (Erica in hope hope hope mode) Of course, were would the fun be in that? May you enjoy every minute! Glad you are up to it and ready. Go for it.


  12. WAY TO GO MY ERICA :-)You are in big trouble WOW, your VERY lucky i wish it was me, i would take both your spanking's for you, but i know you wouldn't let me cause you would be missing out on all the fun hehehe 🙂 i can't wait to hear about your weekend i am so EXCITED. i hope you have lot's of ice and ice pack's cause your going to need it hehehe, i bet you can hardly wait LMAO, Well have a blazing hot bum spanking fun weekend 🙂 Love and Hug's and lot's of ice from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  13. Jade — for someone who doesn't smoke, drink, overspend, text while driving, break laws or do drugs, I manage to be in a lot of trouble anyway, don't I… 🙂


  14. Yes you seem to be in a lot of trouble like me hehehe LOL 🙂 I answered the email i got from you this morning on your gmail. i just wrote you tonight's email from me on your gmail as well. myspace is way to screwed up you don't deserve to go through all that hassle all the time. have a spanking good time bionic butt hehehe. Love you from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  15. Your lovely bottom is in BIG trouble, girl. Maybe this is what John needed to get back in the groove, paddling-wise.I like the sound of Spanking Court. But I know you wouldn't go for being put over Judge Judy's knee. Maybe Judge Wap-ner'sHugs,Hermione


  16. Oh, and my stats haven't been this low since Christmas day. Maybe the nicer weather has all us Northerners outdoors instead of sitting at our computers.


  17. OT: Well, it was supposed to rain all weekend and I woke up to another 2" of snow on the deck. ARG! May not sound like much, but if it gets warm next week like they are saying, well, the valley will be in touble. They had to open weirs and water is sloshing up on the Yolo Causeway. If you don't know what that is, it is part of I80 west of Sacramento. The weirs let water out of the Sac River.Anyway, I am waiting with bated breath until Tuesday to hear what has happened over the weekend and Monday. I bet some good fun and a mighty sore hinder lands. ;-D


  18. Good luck! And regarding your comment about being smart and a big girl, you're right, it won't help you. 😦 In the Top-to-English dictionary, excuses and explanations are one and the same. *Sigh* Tops…


  19. Hermione — John is wiped out from last week's work and fell asleep on the couch last night in front of the TV. I'm thinking maybe not. But as he put it, my a$$ is grass come Monday. Interesting about the stats! Others have told me similar. Glad to hear it's an all-around occurrence and not that I'm boring people to death. :-)Lea — how right you are. Sigh, indeed.


  20. Erica,Sounds like your bum is spared for the moment. Maybe he will feel like doing something tomorrow? Anyway, NG will take care of it I am sure. I smell leather, leather, leather. And then some. 😛


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