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Comfortable for now

Well, it seems that it’s up to New Guy to address my “risky” behavior from last Thursday. Poor John was wiped out this weekend. He still struggles a lot with tiredness… both Friday and Saturday nights, he fell asleep on the couch while we were watching TV. And he napped all Saturday afternoon too. Oh, we had flurries of swats here and there, but nothing substantial. Mind you, John knows me. He knows I’m normally a very cautious person and I don’t take unnecessary chances; he also knows I have very good instincts about people and I’m generally on the money about them. But of course, he couldn’t resist giving me a bit of a hard time about the situation anyway.

“You’d never met him before, not even for coffee, and you gave him your address? You’re nuts, sweetie.”

“Oh come on, honey, he’s known. He’s a public figure.”

“So was Jeffrey Dahmer.”

Har har. But regardless of that, he was quite fine with my play activity and even asked if I was going to play with The Villain again. Ah, bless my open-minded boyfriend.

However, there’s still tomorrow. (gulp) Oh well, I’ll think about that then.

I heard from Spanking Court again this weekend. The woman seems very nice and quite flexible about crimes/cases. Apparently, they shoot the first weekend of every month and April is already booked, but there’s room for another case in the May shoot. She said I could shoot more than one scene if I like, and if New Guy wanted to be involved, he could be as well. The possibilities are endless. It’s not definite yet, but it’s looking good. So stay tuned for more on that.

Looks like my nose-thumbing at a youth-obsessed industry continues. πŸ˜€  I’m going to enjoy the ride as long as possible, with much gratitude.

Anyway… hope everyone had a good weekend.

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17 thoughts on “Comfortable for now

  1. I think the industry is beauty obsessed and that is why they want you. :)I hope John is rested and continues to recover. I understand your theory about the public figure being safe. I think the first time I went to meet Dev he spanked me for taking such a risk to travel so far to meet a man I did not know. Oh well, birds gotta fly and all that.It is Monday now, by the way, in my world. Just so you know it is on it's way. πŸ˜‰


  2. Poppy — ah, you're too good to me. πŸ™‚ See, you flew halfway around the world to meet a stranger. Best thing you ever did, no?


  3. Erica,It's funny that John mentioned Jeffrey Dahmer because right after your last post, I was thinking that most of those girls killed by Ted Bundy didn't realize he was a nutjob. They all thought he was this sauve, handsome dude. Just some food for thought… :PCongrats on the spanking court! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and New Guy.β™₯ Beth


  4. I sure hope you sat as much as you pleased over the weekend. That will certainly be a luxury for you after this evening's festivities. Do you think you should act like an angel or fire off your sassy retorts at NG's expected scolding? Oh the humorous possibilities are endless. :)I'm not familiar with Spanking Court-seems like a whole new round of excitement. Are the sessions humorous or strictly no-nonsense?


  5. We recently had a huge criminal case involving the commander of a military base, who broke into women's homes and stole their panties over a period of years. He had a HUGE collection of them. It gradually escalated, and he ended up raping three and murdering two. Nobody would ever have thought he was dangerous; he was a public figure, well-like, trusted and respected.You can't be too careful.Hugs,Hermione


  6. >> However, there's still tomorrow. (gulp) Oh well, I'll think about that then.Well frankly "Scarlet"… I think you better be thinkin' how your bottom is gonna be livin' up to your name! (chuckles)..ooohhh I'm gonna be SO ONLINE late night EST tonight! I just hope you can sit to type! LOL


  7. It's Monday already:)I'm not at all familiar with Spanking Court but I wish you well with it and look forward to reading all about it.Love,Ronniexx


  8. Im on neddles and pins, needles and pins, needles and pins…..I guess you did get a bit of a repreive over the weekend, though a few good swats was at least accomplished. Tonight? Well, I have a feeling it will be another story. I am familiar with Spanking Court and it is mostly serious, but there are some humorous moments, especially after the judge pronounces the sentence. "What?!! How many with what did you say?!! You've got to be kidding!!" No, the judge ain't kiddin'! There are some pretty hard deliveries there with different impliments. I suppose the impliments are to fit the "crime"?May you have a good experience with Spanking Court. I wonder who will show up at the door tonight?! Could be interesting. Oh, and have fun tonight, if that is possible. πŸ˜›


  9. Hello my Erica i think spanking court is so COOL I CAN'T WAIT, to see you and NG on it, i am so EXCITED about tonight's episode with you and NG, I would be sassy with NG who care's if you make him more angry no matter what you say or do he is going to blister your butt anyway LOL :-)I agree with Zelle i just hope you can sit to type. i think you can if you sit on some ice pack's. well try to have fun i am staying up late tonight so i can read about it hehehe. I Love you big hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo ❀


  10. Beth — yeahhhhh, I know. But those girls didn't have my keen instincts. :-DKelly — Spanking Court is fairly new, and taking off like crazy. You can check it out here: As for how I'll behave tonight… I'm not sure yet. ;-)Hermione — you're right, of course. And I usually am very careful, honest. This time, I just KNEW I was all right. :-)Zelle — my dear, I can always sit. Just not comfortably. (snicker)Ronnie — yes, it IS Monday now, isn't it… (gulp)Bobbie Jo — yes, the punishments are different levels, and the swats given range from 100-300, I believe.Jade — don't get too excited; it's not confirmed yet. πŸ™‚ I probably shouldn't have written about it until it's definite, but I couldn't help myself.


  11. Monday is here.Can anyone else hear a bell?Is it tolling at all?Who do you think it is tolling for, Erica?(I like to help. xxx)


  12. Poppy — I don't have to wonder for whom it is tolling; I know it's for me. In my next blog, I will share the email I received this morning. I think I may need a defibrillator.


  13. Bilbo Baggins explained how Hobbits liked their comfort:"We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!"Perhaps later you will feel like a dragon has been at your tail, too. Tolkien lives!!


  14. Dave — silly man; he does not. He died in 1973. πŸ™‚


  15. Look out, Erica, here comes Smaug! Or is it Smag? Never read The Hobbit. You need a knight in shining armor. :-)As I indicated, I sense leather and wood. I guess I will know later. Defib? You ARE going to have fun tonight. Hehehe!


  16. I just saw some pics from your Northern Spankings shoot on The Spanking Spot…and all I can say is, you go right on thumbing your nose at the industry, Erica!


  17. Pink — (blushing) Thank you, sweetie.


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