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Thou shalt not laugh at thy top

Or else thine ass is grass.

On FetLife, one of New Guy’s friends was teasing him on his wall, scolding him for not saying “thank you” to a compliment, calling him “young man,” etc. And he was all “Yes ma’am, sorry ma’am.” So of course, I had to give him a bunch of noise about that, didn’t I?

Seems he took umbrage at that, saying I was spying on his page and making fun of him. I protested that he follows MY activity, and he said, “It’s OK when I do it.” Top logic at its finest, folks. Anyway, he deemed that I was lacking in manners, laughing at him. But I couldn’t seem to help myself. Even after a very long OTK session.

He did take a break in the middle of it — but only to send me to the kitchen to fetch the wooden spoon. After I got up, he said, “Those panties stay down and that dress stays up.” I yanked the dress back down anyway. “Pull that dress back up or it comes off,” he threatened. I pulled it back up.

I’d forgotten how much that @#$%ing spoon hurts. Makes those lovely ovals, too. But that was just the beginning.

Down on all fours on the carpet I went, for his belt and the strap. Had to switch things up, he said. Couldn’t have my readers getting bored, could we? Nahhhhh…

I still couldn’t stop giggling though. So he moved me to the ottoman, where he could really lay into me. I thought for a brief moment I was finally settling down… then “We Are The Champions” came on. When Freddie Mercury sang, “No time for losers…” I started cracking up again. But I didn’t want to tell NG what I was laughing at.

He managed to coax it out of me, however. So I told him that when I heard that “no time for losers” line, I’d wanted to say, “Yeah! So go home!”

“Oh, I’m a loser now, huh?” The strap suddenly got much faster and much heavier. OK, I asked for that.

“I think you need 15 more good ones with this — you’re going to count them and say after each one: ‘You are a winner!’ ” (groan)

We managed to get up to eight when he started critiquing the enthusiasm of my delivery. Wanted more sincerity, he said. Arrggh. He liked my tone after the count of nine, but after ten, he started up with that “Nope, I’m not hearing the enthusiasm” sh*t again.

So after stroke eleven, I hollered with all the energy I could muster: “Eleven — you are a wiener!!”

He started over at number one. OK, I guess I asked for that too.

But finally, he prevailed, I stopped my giggling and mouthing off. “It really isn’t wise to say stuff like that when someone is spanking you,” he reminded me.

Guess I’m not all that wise. A wise-ass, maybe.

Hey! Aren’t my VS Cheekies cute?

Of course, they didn’t stay up long.

Geeeez… why do I bother wearing nice panties for this guy…

Think I was done laughing? Think again. Just before he left, he accidentally knocked a glass of water over, and I went to get some paper towels. I mopped up until a wad of them was saturated… and as he bent over his toy bag putting things away, I stuffed the wet towels down the back of his shirt. 😀

It was cute to watch him dance. He made me dance after that, but it was so worth it.

He won’t be able to make it next Monday, unfortunately. Already I feel a little melancholy, thinking how I’ll miss him next week. Damn, am I spoiled, or what?

Thanks for another great night, sweetie… and for being such a good sport. You know I think you’re the bestest. ♥

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24 thoughts on “Thou shalt not laugh at thy top

  1. I LOVE "We Are The Champions." When my Steelers won their last few Superbowls, they played that song in the stadiums…and I bawled with joy! :)No losers in the Scott household last night-just a very happily sore winner from the sounds and sights shown. Lol! LOVE the paper towel prank-shame NG did NOT. Ha! Ha!


  2. If (in an alternate universe) we ever all went to school together I would so want to sit next to you. I would spend the entire time laughing and look perfectly angelic in comparison. I put ice down Dev's back once and you would not believe how tense he got about it. I do not understand Tops sometimes. We are all about keeping them cool and fresh and they just don't understand. Bless them.


  3. Beautiful panties. Bratting to a Top during a spanking takes courage, but it is so much fun. I look forward to reading your post on Tuesday mornings.


  4. Well, the knickers ARE called Cheekies – so do they come with some kind of cheekiness pill, or is it simply the cachet of the brand name that brings it out? Probably neither, but just so you know, surprising a Top with anything down his back is going to land a girl's bottom in hot water. That's for Poppy and Erica, and any other "helpful" brats who might be reading this.


  5. Yep, those are pretty panties. Isn't it funny how the nicer something looks the faster it comes off?


  6. Hi Erica i laughed the entire time i was reading this hehehe 🙂 when you said weiner instead of winner i laughed even louder and the wet towel's were even funnier hehehe, You are so COOL,I would of put the wet wad's of towel's down his shirt as well 🙂 We think alot alike, too bad NG doesn't appreciate our humor hehehe, I like to tease my top and play funny prank's, i agree that it's well worth another spanking, I like your pantie's they are so CUTE 🙂 Love you and big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  7. Very cute panties. Of course it is the product, not the packaging. You have a beautiful bottom.No, don't laugh at Tops! They can take bratting, I know, but still… They try so damned hard to be cool and respectable and decent… I say more power to them. But then I am very submissive, except with other girls.Anyway, you rock.I am very interested in reading your story, by the way. Best of luck with publishing your book.


  8. Kelly — I'm not normally into pranks, but it was irresistible, and it's only water. :-)Poppy — yeah, I don't understand why they get so bent out of shape. They get all overheated working us over; you'd think they'd appreciate the coolness.Joeyred — thanks! Yes, courage… or just plain stupidity. :-)Devlin — no pill. I don't think I need a Cheekie pill. ;-)Anonymous — exactly! Lorraine — thank you! I do end up being respectful… it just takes a little work. I can't help myself. This is why I always stress that I require a top with a sense of humor. (grinning)Jade — glad this made you feel better!


  9. I can see why it was not difficult to come up with a proper title for THIS post.


  10. MrJ — so true!


  11. EricaOne day, when I can gather the courage again to sit on a plane for nearly twenty two hours, I will be sending you a mail. Have to meet! You brighten up my day everytime I visit.HugsRaven


  12. Raven — and that comment brightened mine! Thank you. (hugs)


  13. Erica,I laughed so hard at this post, especially when you said "weiner" and when you put the wet towels down his shirt. I can tell you had a lot of fun last night! I always look forward to what ever your post says and whether or not you have some catchy title. ;-D


  14. Bobbie Jo — NG has a wonderful sense of humor, which I so appreciate. Sometimes after I've given him an especially hard time, I'll check in to see if even a little part of him was offended, because I'd never want to do that But he says no. 🙂


  15. Your sense of humor is so sharp, it's real wit, and I'm sure all your bratting is taken in the right spirit. And we don't want them to get complacent, of course. 🙂


  16. WHAT??!!!! Who told NG he could have a week off??? Hmmmm??? I can see the whole lot of us falling apart with nowhere to go with our frustrations! Doesn't he know that we'll all go into withdrawal around here and it won't be pretty when the sassin' starts! Why if I was a bettin' woman.. I'd bet that plenty bottoms will be gettin' spanked cause he was not here to diffuse the situations across land and sea, since we'll be needing our FIX!Yup ..It's all NG's fault…. *just saying*… before the bratting and smart mouthing even has a chance to commence!


  17. Zelle — LOL! You know, I was so busy thinking of MY frustrations, I didn't even consider the impact of a Monday off on the entire spankosphere. What a responsibility! So next week, not only am I NG-less, but I have to listen to y'all yammering about the Boardwalk Badness party, too! (stamping foot)


  18. Well… BBW is the Thursday after your missed Monday.. and with the party not starting officially until Friday and with 175 checking in on Thursday (self included).. thank god we'll only have Tues and Wed to deal with spanko withdrawal! (heehee)


  19. Erica,I am sure you will come up with something for us to be interested in. Well, won't you? Maybe you can write some short ditty that will be amusing. Yeah, I know it won't be the same, but….You just have to come up with something!!!


  20. Bobbie Jo — don't worry, I'll come up with something or another, I'm sure.


  21. It's only fair that he have the paper towels down his shirt. He DID spill the water, after all.One time I put ice down D's shirt while in the company of vanilla friends. The look he gave me told me I'd pay later for it. And I did. Paying is so much fun, no?


  22. Pink — oh, yes indeed, yes it is. 😀


  23. In honor of next week's royal wedding of William and Kate. I would give a King's Ransom, Erica to spank your voluptous bare bottom. Wow? it sure turns me on. Love you.


  24. six — LOL… it's not worth quite that much, but thank you.


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