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A Tale (Tail?) of Two Birthdays

First, I have an announcement. I am officially retiring the name “New Guy.” So no more New Guy, no more NG. Since he goes by the name SpankoTango on FetLife, I’m going to refer to him as ST. As one friend said, that could also stand for SuperTop. Which he most certainly is.

Tonight, the 19th, fell right between his birthday (the 15th) and mine (the 22nd), so I figured we were celebrating both this evening. I bought a giant chocolate cupcake and put two candles in it.

He came bearing gifts: A collector’s set of four Yellow Submarine glasses, plus a bag of reusable “ice cubes” (you freeze them and put them in your drinks) — in the shape of yellow submarines! How cool is that?

I thought for sure he’d combine his new age and mine and give me that amount for the birthday spanking. But no, he stuck with 54. Nice of him, right?

Yeah, right. Fifty-four with his hand… and every single fucking implement he had, plus three of mine. Twelve in all, plus his hand. One right after the other after the other.

Don’t bother checking the calculator. That’s 702. Oh, wait — he gave me one to grow on with his hand. So, 703. And that’s not even counting the warm-up.

Happy effing birthday to me!!

Here’s the arsenal:

And me, under the arsenal:

I started out laughing, being a wise-ass, even had the nerve to count one stroke as a half (never again! Ouch). By the last couple of implements? Notsomuch.

“I love your birthday spankings,” he teased. “I wish every week was your birthday.”

AAAGGGGGHH! Please! I’m ageing quickly enough as it is, thank you. 🙂

Oh, and he saved the heart-shaped paddle for last, ’cause he loves me so much. Yup. I was feeling the love, all right.

Afterward, we had our cake. Here’s ST, enjoying his. Isn’t he cute? But wait… what’s that on his face?

(giggling) Silly man. Fork must have slipped.

What a lovely way to start Birthday Week! (Hey, any self-respecting attention whore stretches birthdays out to last a week, I’m thinking.)

Thank you, ST. My Sweet Top.

Thank you and questions

Thanks to everyone who posted birthday greetings to New Guy. As you can see, they motivated him to come out of the woodwork and post a comment! 🙂 And he let the cat out of the bag… yes, my own birthday is next week. Gawd, am I screwed. This Monday, I’m in for both his birthday spanking and my own!

(OK, so it sounds like I’m complaining. But you know I’m really not.)

Some thoughts for you to ponder. First, since we’ve been playing for a year now, calling him New Guy is kind of ridiculous. But I can’t seem to get past that name. I don’t want to use his first-name initial; that’s too mundane. Suggestions, anyone? (And don’t suggest “Old Guy.” I’m older than he is.)

Second, I’ve had a request for a book signature via snail mail. Should I get a P.O. Box? I’ve never had one before. Are they good things to have, or not worth the cost in today’s electronic world?

Third, John has asked me to research laptop computers. Neither of us has one, and we are thinking about either getting one for him that I can borrow when we go on party trips, or splurging and getting one for each of us.

So I started researching online last week, and my head exploded.

I know nothing about wireless technology — I still have a desktop with the old-fashioned snarl of wires and cords. I have no idea how wireless computers work and what one needs. There are about six different subgroups in laptops; OK, I know I don’t need a fancy gaming one, but I don’t want the super cheapo budget ones either. I know you get what you pay for. For John, it should be portable; for me, it would be more of a desktop replacement. The array of features is damn near impossible to navigate. And every time I think I’ve narrowed down my search to a brand, a model, etc., because I’ve read good reviews on it, then I find bad ones.

Please, PLEASE do not suggest a Macbook. Yes, I know how Mac users feel about their computers. Yes, I know the Macbook is superior. But it’s too expensive and I’ve never used a Mac before. I am sticking with a PC.

So, with that caveat in place, does anyone have thoughts about what’s good, what gives the most bang for the buck, blah blah blah? I’d say the budget is between $500-1000, although John and I disagree on that. He wants to go cheap, I want to go a little higher and get better quality.

Currently, I have a Dell. But I’ve read that Dell laptops aren’t as good as some of the other brands out there. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews for a brand called Asus, and I’ve never heard of them.

And how does one become laptop/wireless savvy? Is there a site where one can go with some good, current basics that’s understandable to computer dummies like me?

Yup, there’s a good representation of me trying to navigate all this techno information. I might as well be trying to learn a new language. Do they have Rosetta Stone software for people who don’t speak computer?
That’s enough questions for now, I suppose. I’m going to collect the pieces of my brain strewn all over the room and get ready to head for John’s.
Have a great weekend, y’all.

In 45 minutes…

… it will be September 15. I suppose I could be a perfectionist and wait until midnight, but I’m fading rapidly this evening. If I don’t do it now, it will have to wait until (late) tomorrow morning.

So just pretend it’s already the 15th, will ya?


We met last year right after your birthday, so I didn’t get to wish you a happy one then. I am definitely making up for that now.

Thank you for being my top, my friend, and the special person you are. I hope it’s a wonderful day — and year — for you!

Everyone wish NG a good one! 😀

Mystery solved

Several of you told me that you saw no issues with the Kindle version of my book, so I was perplexed about the one reviewer who mentioned formatting problems. I Googled her, found her blog and email and wrote to her, thanking her for the great review and asking if she would please specify what the issues were, so I could try to fix them.

Here’s what she wrote back:

“After I got your email I went and downloaded the copy again…I have found that sometimes that is all it takes and the glitches went away. Before I did so, there were several blank pages and the margins were off in places. But the new download looks great!!

I went back and fixed the review because of it. I really enjoyed your book. I know how exciting it is to have all your hard work finally being read by people. I wish you the best of luck!!! I know this might sound odd…but after reading your book, I feel I know you. 🙂 You have a really strong voice.” 

How lovely!

I now have six reviews on Amazon. Please, please, if you like the book, keep ’em coming! 🙂

And thank you to Our Bottoms Burn for their kind shout-out.

In other news, I’ll be shooting for Spanking Court again on October 1. I’m really looking forward to this. Not just for the shoot itself (we left things on quite the cliffhanger last time), but I can’t wait to see everyone again.

And in reality news, I have an appointment with John’s oral surgeon next week to get a second opinion about my oral surgery. Ugh… it’s scheduled for October 14 and I am so dreading it. John is insisting on the second opinion and I think he’s right — I want an objective party to tell me if this surgery is really as necessary as my dentist is making it sound.

Happy Hump Day…

I never learn

And aren’t y’all glad for that? 😀  Of course, New Guy keeps trying to teach me. Week after week after week. One might think he actually enjoys the frustration of attempting the impossible.

Despite the fact that I was partying away in Vegas last weekend and was drop-dead exhausted on Monday, I still missed him come Monday night. It didn’t feel the same. So I really looked forward to seeing him this evening. Right on time, he showed up, bearing his toy bag… and something else. A surprise.


What’s even better than flowers? Flowers for no reason! I asked what the occasion was, and he just shrugged and smiled. Perhaps it was because we met just about a year ago. Or maybe it’s ’cause he missed me as much as I missed him. 🙂 Such a sweetie he is.

Of course, then the flower-bearing Dr. Jekyll morphed into the implement-wielding Dr. Hyde in a New York heartbeat…

He thought it was inappropriate for me to blog all about my Shadow Lane adventures in Las Vegas. “I thought what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“But nothing — you broke the Vegas rule!”

I tried to protest that I have a responsibility to my readers to give them details of these events. “And I have a responsibility to keep you in line,” he answered.

Oh, brother. Can you tell what I thought of that by the look on my face?

When he got into the full swings with the big black strap, he commented about his femdom friend and how she puts her full arm into it with follow-through, just like this. “This is her technique?” I asked. “Yup,” he said.

“So,” I said, “does that mean you spank like a girl?”

Probably not the best thing to say. I don’t know what possesses me sometimes. (could it be…. Satan????)

Later when I was back OTK and all those damned implements were lying close by, he said something about how he hates having to do this. (Yeah, tell me another one.) I said, “Really? Well, if you hate it so much, then you won’t be needing these.” And I reached over and shoved all the implements off the bed onto the floor.

That probably wasn’t a good idea either.

Guess what my grand finale was? Twenty strikes with each implement. All six of them. Ow. I suppose I asked for that, huh…

You know, I believe I’m going to have more soreness tomorrow from one session with NG, than I did last week after 12 scenes.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.

My head is exploding!

In a good way. I came home from John’s this evening to some lovely surprises.

First, the video that Richard Windsor and I shot is finally up on Spanking Tube. For whatever reason, he had to upload the thing three times before ST put it up! It was worth the wait; he did a great editing job and I’m so pleased with the results. Check it out:

In case you’re wondering about that Ultra-Popular Top business, it’s kind of an inside joke. The Ultra-Popular Top, or the UPT, is an affectionate nickname that several of us have for Rich on FetLife, so we had a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun with it in the video. Considering how many women have been over his lap, I’d say the appellation is fitting, no?

Oh, and that snit he’s referring to, and my comment about “stupid people on FetLife”? I was in a pissy mood one day, about a week before the party, because two men (I don’t know either one of them) had posted two separate comments on Fet that irked me. On one thread, several of us were talking about how much fun it is to be “double-teamed” by two spankers, and one man chimed in with, “It’s not supposed to be fun.” Then, on another thread, someone else posted that pre-spanking negotiations were unnecessary because “a spankee has no real right to say anything about what their punishment should be.” Excuse me??

So, those “stupid people” were two strangers. Not anyone I know (or want to).

Next, I discovered that Lea had posted a wonderful review of my book, and that Cranky Spanker had written not one, but two blog posts about me. And finally, the reviews on are now up to five — thank you, friends! You guys are all so dear and I appreciate you more than I can say.

One question for the Kindle viewers. I know I had issues with the formatting when I converted the Word file to the Kindle file. One friend told me she didn’t see anything weird or glitchy when she read her copy, but someone on Amazon said there were formatting issues. So… did any of you who have ordered the Kindle version see anything off? If so, could you let me know where it is? I know I can edit it, but it’s a matter of figuring out how. Thanks. (Personally, I wish everyone would order a paperback version because of that most excellent cover, but I know I’m behind the times.)

It was a quiet weekend, which was just fine after all the excitement last weekend. We watched a lot of 9/11 remembrance programming, which was sad. Dateline had an hour dedicated to the Flight 93 heroes who stormed the cockpit and prevented the terrorists from crashing the Capitol building. Hearing the wives of some of those men speak made me cry. I don’t like endless morbid rehashing of horrible events as a rule (John watches WWII footage over and over on the History channel, which annoys me to no end), but I do agree that life changed on 9/11, ten years ago. 😦

Anyway… enough of that. Tomorrow, I get to see NG again. Life is good.

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