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Correspondence Hall of Shame, 10/21 / Twitter

Happy Friday! Today’s CHoS is brief, so I thought I’d combine it with some of my observations about Twitter, so far.

i would like to seeyou
i am very healthy not bad looking love oral sex and well off financially

Apparently, he doesn’t love punctuation.

This was from a man wearing a Day-Glo purple wig:

how about foot TICKLING???
or role playing ???
I am nearby in SFV
like translesbians in thigh boots like me ???
call me

Umm… if I liked foot TICKLING, I would have said so in my profile. And really, are the triple question marks necessary???

And this, from a man with a nice close-up shot of his erect member:

surrender your mind and body then fuck luke rabbits. Let’s talk and make it happened.

I don’t know who Luke is, but I don’t want to fuck him or his rabbits.

When I didn’t reply, he wrote to me three more times. Some people really don’t get it.

Some of you saw me ranting on FetLife earlier this week about how I started a new topic in a group and the moderator deleted it. I sent him a message, no hostility, just a simple question, and I quote:

Why was the topic I just posted a few minutes ago removed?

He wrote back, very snarky and combative, saying my topic was redundant (please! Topics are repeated on FL every damn day), and he didn’t appreciate my complaining and questioning him. He ended his missive with this:

Shrugs ..yeah that is right, were all control freaks asshole meanie mods .

No, not all. Just you, stupid.

So I’ve been on Twitter a couple of months now, long enough to notice some generalities.

1. It has its fun moments. I like to see what my friends are up to, and sometimes people post some really funny comments and pictures.

2. The occasional intelligent conversation between several tweeters does pop up on occasion, but is severely limited due to the character limits.

3. About three-quarters of the time, posting on Twitter is the cyber-equivalent of talking to yourself, because you get no response.

4. People tweet about food, a lot.

5. Some people tweet deeply personal and heartbreaking things. I have been known to blog some pretty heavy stuff, but I think one’s personal agony, if it’s going to be made public, deserves more than 140 characters.

6. People tweet WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too damn much information sometimes, and I think they forget they’re talking to thousands of people, not just IMing with their friends. For example, there has been an ongoing conversation since last night about butt plugs. Please, make it stop! I like these people. I just don’t want to read about what’s going up their butts.

7. I have 170 followers at this time. Many are scene people, but then I get the occasional Christian fundamentalist or right-wing conservative. And they’re following me because….?

8. Twitter is a good place to quickly pass on some information to a whole lot of people. It’s also a place where you can waste a great deal of time if you’re not careful.

Guess what got Chrossed today? My off-topic Jerry Lewis post! Now that makes me smile.

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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27 thoughts on “Correspondence Hall of Shame, 10/21 / Twitter

  1. OMG Erica,I can't STOP laughing hehehe LOL the thing's you come out with are so funny that i almost fell off my bed hehehe :-)Thank's for making me laugh and smile, You are the GREATEST,the man wearing the purple wig is a FREAK hehehe and The man that deleted your topic on Fetlife sound's like an IDIOT 😦 CONGRATS on being Chrossed WAY TO GO GIRL YAY :-)Wishing you and John a peaceful and relaxing weekend :-)Sending much Love and Hug's to you both from your naughty girl Jade XOXO


  2. Jade — don't fall. Don't want you hurting yourself on my account. πŸ™‚


  3. I have to admit I have limited patience for Twitter. Most of what I have to say can't be said in less than 140 characters, and in that case, I post on FB. When I do post on Twitter, I usually pick up a few followers but rarely get any messages. I've been on FL a lot recently, at least it feels like a lot to me. One gentleman from Canada just messaged me a short time ago. Not sure why he picked me, as I'm thousands of miles away from him–or maybe that was the point?That was cute–what you said about Luke and his bunnies. I can't imagine why that other guy deleted your topic because it was redundant. I don't get that at all. What an A$$hole.Have a great weekend!


  4. Dana — FetLife is my hangout of choice, most of the time. As you know, Facebook is way too vanilla for me and whenever I go there, I have this urge to break their rules. πŸ˜€


  5. I know what you mean! Naughty girls like to break the rules πŸ˜€


  6. Makes me glad that I have never succumbed to Twitter. FB and FL are time consuming enough!!!sarah


  7. Sarah — it has its moments, certainly. But sometimes I wish it had a gag function, like FL does, so I could temporarily block discussions without "unfollowing" people. No one likes to be unfollowed or unfriended, y'know?


  8. Glad you got Chrossed again! And, why. Way to go.I have not been on Fetlife lately and I don't tweet (not a bird, you see). I will have to check out Chross. The guy on Fetlife? Probably took your post off because he is jealous of you. He was acting like a jerk so I chalk it up to jealousy. That and being a control freak as he admitted to.The topics need to be addressed periodically because of new people coming on and also the regulars need reminding and who knows but what they come up with different stuff. Too bad he was not in tune with that.


  9. Poor Luke having his sexual rabbits, er…habits discussed in public! :)I love FetLife for the opportunity to express my candid thoughts without too many negative encounters. I get the random oddball private messages but no harm. I'm glad you took action re: the Group jerk who deleted your post. NO kidding there are redundant group topics on FL.Nay to a Twitter account for moi. I want to know about my friends' activities-not 250 strangers habits.


  10. Bobbie Jo — well, you saw the way he writes. I don't think he's in tune with much of anything. :-DKelly — for the most part, I do like FetLife best. But sometimes, it can really tick me off. Fortunately, the good outweighs the bad.


  11. My problem with Twitter is that I am, as my children call me, such a grammar queen! I can't stand to use 'ur' for 'your', or any of the thousand other texting shortcuts, so 140 characters is sometimes hard for me to deal with.


  12. Karyn — that's true, too. I refuse to use those shortcuts; I'll just shorten my message another way.


  13. I am the only one here concerned about the poor rabbits??


  14. Kat — evidently, dear. But they probably do prefer fucking to getting shot and stewed. πŸ™‚


  15. I don't know… If I was "luke rabbit" and this asshat tried to fuck me, I might chose the bullet instead. πŸ˜€


  16. Dammit! *choose


  17. Y'all have it wrong- it wasn't about his rabbits…I think his name was Luke Rabbits, and he was trying to get Erica in the sack, using his Jedi mind tricks. "Surrender your mind and body… we can make this happened" Whoops, the grammar kinda breaks the spell, and he's not Luke Skywalker, he's Luke Rabbit.What I'm more concerned about is the "translesbian" trying to engage in foot TICLKING whilst wearing thigh boots. How does that work?P.S. as I told Erica before, if I were to become a pornstar, I might choose Luke Rabbits as my screen name. Might not sound masculine enough at first, but can't you imagine appearing in "Cocktoberfest" and a busty German barmaid says "Ja, let's go und foock Luke Rabbits!"


  18. I think that guy Luke might have been a co-star in that porn movie "Shaving Ryan's Privates."It was set in WWII…


  19. Congrats on getting Chrossed! I've never entered the Twitter world but wouldn't like the character limit. I was thrilled with the one recent nice Facebook change of being able to post longer statuses.


  20. Wondering if there is a market for a book on CHoS? You have already written volumes 1 & 2.


  21. Dude, that Fetlifer has paranoia issues and if he can be so easily threatened by an innocuous email, would make a LOUSY top. Congrats on getting Chrossed! Enjoy your weekend, Erica.XX,Pink


  22. Kat — death before dickery, huh?Dusty — you do have quite the imagination; I'm sure you've been told that before. :-)Danny — part of your collection?Lea — yes, one has to be concise, for sure.OBB — I certainly could put a book together, I guess. I have 40 pages collected in a Word document, filled with these entries.Pink — you got Chrossed too, yayyy!


  23. Oh, I only WISH I did, Erica. No Chross love for me this week. And that's ok, I've been feeling off and my posts reflect it. :)XX


  24. "What's it all about —Alfieeeee??"…Getting Chrossed of course!!!(mercy.. what rock houses some of these pervs? lol)


  25. Pink — oh DAMN! I thought it had! 😦 Well, next week, then. Amazing how that can make or break our Fridays, isn't it?Zelle — I don't know, but I hope to never stumble over it!


  26. Ah yes, Erica. Twitter. The great time suck of the Internet. The CB of a new generation. "Just got a call from my mom today. I hate her!" Who cares???


  27. Craig — LOL! Well, I have gotten some book love there. For that alone, it's worth the price of admission (which is nothing).


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