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Spanking Court weekend

Yesterday, I went once again to Spanking Court, this time to wrap up the story line of my seeking spanking therapy as an aid to depression. As y’all know if you’ve been following along, my initial goal sort of morphed into a battle of wills with the Court Disciplinarian, which culminated in a showdown with the Judge last time.

I figured since the scenes I did last month were a turning point, this last time would bring it all back around and I would come clean, explain why I got so far off the rails and apologize to the Court. Then I would request of the Judge that he let me have one final session with the Disciplinarian, so I could apologize to him as well.

So, that’s what I presented to the Judge, and he granted me the final session, saying it would be good for both of us to have some closure. Once the court scene was shot, it was time for me to get into the scrubs and face my nemesis, who was waiting for me in the sentencing room, his eyes shooting darts at me.

My apology was sincere. I told him I’d specifically requested one more session not just so that I could tell him in person that I was sorry, but so he could have his moment of payback, as it were. He could choose the implement(s), the positioning, say and do whatever he wanted, as much as he wanted, and I would take it gracefully and without any of my former defiance or rudeness. “I’m all yours,” I said.

So what did the Court Disciplinarian decide to do to me, for my final punishment and to settle the score between us? I’m not telling. 🙂

Come on. Did you really think I was going to give away all the details? I will tell you that we shot a great scene, fun and real and deliciously intense. You’ll just have to wait and see!

This story line ended up being six separate scenes. So far, two of them are up on the site, and I believe Cali said the third one will be up this week or next. Plus, I asked her if she would please send me pictures, so I can share some of them.

Oh, and she and Heinz are putting a limited amount of my books on sale at their “Paddles and Panties” site! I autographed them all and they’ll promote them. These people are so good to me. 🙂

After we wrapped my scene, I got dressed, but didn’t leave for a while, opting instead to hang out with them in the conference room while they waited for their next “defendant” to show up. I didn’t want to go! Once she arrived and had her makeup on, though, it was time for me to head out. They all hugged me in turn: Heinz, Cali, Dana and V. “We love you!” Dana said as she hugged me, and I damn near lost it. But I managed to keep myself together until I’d left the building and got to my car, where I started to bawl.

I will see them again. Can’t go into the details of this either, but they will be shooting additional types of content next year and they’ll hopefully work me into that. But it’s going to be a while. And certainly won’t be a regular monthly gig again. I’ll miss that; it’s been a great joy.

John was so sweet. He insisted on taking me to one of our favorite restaurants, lavished attention on me. Made me laugh with all his silliness. And you’ll be happy to know that today, our brunch was completely undisrupted and everyone surrounding us was adult. Hallelujah.

I’m not seeing ST tomorrow, but I will see him Tuesday. It’s for the best, I think. I’m sore. 😉

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Stay tuned; I’ll put up some SC pictures when I get them.

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16 thoughts on “Spanking Court weekend

  1. You're sore??? I'm shocked!


  2. Hi Erica,I am VERY happy for you :-)glad your shoot was fun and went well. I think it is so COOL that you get to work with them again in the future :-)that is always good to hear.John is such a sweetie he is so good to you :-)I Love you both your the 2 BESTEST people in the world, I got to scram i have a tooth appointment then off to the hospital to see my grandmother talk to you tonight 🙂 Hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  3. Dana — yup, it happens!Jade — hope your grandma will be OK!


  4. "It's for the best. I'm sore." Waaah! Gimme a break! You know as well as I do if you could of had another spanking today you would have taken it with a pouty "thank you." Sheesh! 😉


  5. Craig — oh, hush. 🙂 Yes, I could HAVE, but I'll enjoy it much more tomorrow!


  6. Erica,I am so happy you had a good time at SC. I know you will have fun tomorrow with ST because he probably has something in mind for you. LOLOh, and sometimes, being sore is a good thing, no? ;-D


  7. Bobbie Jo — yes, sore is good. 🙂


  8. You closed this chapter but sounds like they have more delicious spanking activity in store for you. Pamper your sore rear! 🙂


  9. Kelly — very strange thing. I ache, deep in the muscle. Not sure why, but it's not unpleasant. 🙂


  10. A VERY nice tease! And I bet they don't use THIS INTRODUCTION!!


  11. Dave — HAH! Now that takes me back! 😀


  12. Sure does! LOL


  13. Glad you had a great time at Spanking Court and avoided children at the restaurant. 😉


  14. Lea — it was such a treat! 🙂 We got a more secluded table this time.


  15. Hi Erica, Wow! Thast sounds like quite a weekend! I'm jealous of whoever was disciplining you :-)I'd loved to interview you sometime if you're up for that for


  16. Mark — I just checked out your interview site; wow! Lots of women I know and admire. I'd be honored!


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