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Weekend update and the VBA

John went home today; his neighbor called and told him the power had been restored. He had gone there on Friday afternoon to check out his house; said things were OK there and with his surrounding neighbors, but the town was completely dark and you could barely drive through there for all the trees and branches and other detritus in the streets. Several cities are in the same condition. It’s been a very strange and surreal time. So we hung out here at my place, he brought his laundry, etc. I have to admit, it was fun having him here for a change. He almost never comes here. Not that I blame him, really. For one thing, the parking is impossible here, and at his place, there’s a two-car garage.

Now they’re talking about more winds coming. Not as strong as last week’s, but with so many weakened trees and structures, there may be more damage. Have you ever seen a power pole snapped in half? Or trees that uprooted and tore the lawn right off the ground, like a grass blanket? Back east in hurricane country, I guess that’s pretty standard stuff. Here in So. CA, it’s unheard of.

They’re calling this an “event” that only happens in these parts every 10-20 years. I’ve been here all my life and I’ve never seen it. Mother Nature appears to be losing her mind.

Enough of that. This weekend, I discovered that I’d been bestowed a Versatile Blogger Award from both Kaelah and Pandora. Thank you, ladies! This meme has been going around for a while now; part of me feels like I can’t really add anything new to it, but another part wants to play. I am to list 15 bloggers I read, passing the VBA onto them, and then list 7 bits of trivia about myself. Probably most of these bloggers have already been awarded, but one can’t receive too many accolades, can they? To help cut down on a little of the redundancy, I’m keeping my list to 12, in no particular order.

1. My Bottom Smarts — who in the spanko blogosphere doesn’t know and love Bonnie? She was the first blogger to link to me, way back when. And she’s where to go to keep up with all the blog news, with her “Good and Hot” list.

2. Chross — the only blogger I know whose name has become a verb (“I got Chrossed last week”). If a photo, video or clip is in existence, he has it or knows of it.

3. Hermione’s Heart — Hermione gives us something fun to read every day and finds some of the most amusing and outrageous photos and products out there. Fun features include photo captions, Wednesday Win and Friday Fail.

4. No Domme Blonde — my buddy Zelle’s blog. Richly entertaining, humorous and chock full of pictures. My one complaint? She needs to blog more often! (hint hint, Zelle!) 🙂

5. The Pink Report — intelligent and sexy as hell! And a real sweetie, too.

6. Spanking Pixie — even if I didn’t know and love this woman, I’d enjoy her creative and interactive posts.

7. Dana Kane Spanks — the only F/M blog I read. Even this die-hard M/F girl loves reading Dana’s adventures; not just because she’s someone I like a whole lot, but she’s fun and sassy and could be my femdom (and much younger) sister.

8. Lea’s Corner — this woman makes me laugh. A lot. Wait’ll you read her song parodies. Or her post about “Why I Won’t Be Playing With You.” Priceless.

9. Dark Musing — my friend Craig and his witty, irreverent views on this thing we do.

10. XOXO, Beth — a little on the quiet side, but when she posts, it’s an engaging and thoughtful read. And she definitely has a mischievous side.

11. Poppy’s Submissions — playful, vulnerable, creative, and very, very real.

12. WolfieToons — our resident cartoonist, punster and comedy trivia buff, Dave Wolfe is simply a joy.

And now, I’m supposed to tell y’all seven things you don’t know about me. Sheesh, what’s left? I’ve been blogging for years and I’ve written an autobiography; is there anything I haven’t told?? I’m left with the uber-obscure, I’m afraid.

1. I can snap my fingers with my left hand, but for the life of me, cannot do so with my right.

2. I love tomatoes. I love them in salads, sandwiches, in sauces, as snacks. But I hate tomato soup.

3. If I’d used that formula of “first pet, first street you lived on,” my scene name would be Lucy LaPeer.

4. I have never seen any of the Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movies. Nor do I intend to.

5. I once won two tickets for “house seats” (the best) to the musical Cats, by playing a call-in game on the radio called “Sing the Next Line” (yes, I sang on the radio).

6. I have never learned to cook a turkey, change a tire, ride a bicycle, or many of life’s other little basics. All part of that late bloomer business.

7. I still miss Johnny Carson. (and don’t say who?? or I’ll cry.)

Tomorrow night, ST returns. I’ve had a week off and I’m more than ready to play again. Now, I think I’ve blathered on long enough. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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18 thoughts on “Weekend update and the VBA

  1. Hi Erica,Thank you so much for including me in your list of notable bloggers. And right after Bonnie and Chross! (I know, no particular order, but still…)I agree about the Harry Potter movies, but you should try the books. I discovered their appeal by listening to an audiobook; it was magical.We have had that kind of destruction – uprooted trees, downed power lines, streets littered with branches and blocked by trees, during an ice storm storm 14 years ago. Not pleasant to be without power for days in the winter, although we were lucky and didn't lose ours. Many did. It sure was beautiful, though. Everything coated with ice.Hugs,Hermione


  2. Lucy LePeer??? Fantastic!!! Mine would be Happy Myrtus, definitely an odd name. As for the movies you haven't seen? We can't be friends any longer. I'm sorry. Oh, and thanks for the mention on the blog list. You're such a sweetheart!


  3. Congratulations on the award Erica.Funny, I can snap my fingers with my right hand but not my left.Like tomato soup and eat them in sauces but can't eat raw ones or have them in salads.Love,Ronniexx


  4. Erica,I still miss Johnny Carson, too…


  5. Hi Erica, CONGRATS on the award that is so COOL 🙂 Pandora is so nice i like her new website Dreams of Spanking.Now i learned some new thing's i didn't know about you hehehe.I am happy that you and John are safe and had a nice weekend :-)I really hope there is no more damage in SO.CA UGH beside's mother nature losing her mind i also think she went totally insane 😦 I am happy that ST is coming over tonight to see you,cause i always enjoy reading about it :-)Have a GREAT day,much love and hugs to you from your naughty girl Jade XOXO


  6. Hermione — oh, I felt so bad for the people without power. It wasn't freezing, but it was damn cold. And while I enjoy darkness, I also like the option of turning the light on.Craig — I KNEW I'd heard from you about the movies! 🙂 Happy Myrtus??Ronnie — I'd say I snack on tomatoes like they're fruit, but they ARE fruit.Dana — other kids looked forward to summer vacation from school so they could go camping and on trips and so forth. Me? "Oh boy, now I can stay up and watch Johnny!"Jade — as I write this, I can hear the wind howling outside. Apparently, Mom is still in a bad mood.


  7. Thank you so much for the VBA!Very soon ST will be knocking on your door- how lovely / scary/ painful/ delicious Pxx


  8. HEY CONGRATS ERICA! I think YOU are so warranted of these awards!I'm so happy John's place is out of harms way.. and I HOPE IT STAYS THAT WAY!And omg! Thank you bestowing a Versatile Blogger Award on me! And yes.. yes.. I know.. I need to blog more (sighs). YOU SEE! If I had a regular Monday night spanker comin' round.. I might have loads of incentive! 🙂


  9. Poppy — my pleasure! And yes, he will be. Mmmmmmmm. ;-)Zelle — you have plenty to say, regular play or not, my dear. 🙂


  10. (sometimes TOO MUCH in the verbiage dept) LOL


  11. Aw, thanks, Erica!I'm so flattered! Especially when I'm included in the company of some pretty amazing blogs. I was reading your post, and then was like, "Hey! That's me!" I did not expect that at all, so thank you!I didn't think I would like LOTR but I loved it. I am also Harry Potter obsessed, but I have never seen a complete Star Wars movie either.Once again, thank you for the very lovely compliment.XOXO,Buggy Cropley


  12. Beth — OK, who the hell is Buggy Cropley? :-)You're most welcome. I really do enjoy your writing!


  13. Thank you so much for mentioning me! You are deserving of your award, always something varied to read about here. I love your blog. Omg, I never learned to ride a bicycle either! Our list of things in common just goes on and on. Lol!


  14. Lea — are you serious?? Oh my god! I've lost track of the commonalities now. LOL


  15. Hi Erica,I'm late on this (as often), but I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that you weren't angry about being tagged with a meme. I know that some people really hate that. But I liked the idea of sharing seven random things about me and I liked to have an opportunity to point out some of my favourite blogs to our readers. You definitely deserve this award! 🙂


  16. Kaelah — thank you! No, I don't mind memes. I know I have the prerogative to not participate if I don't want to, but it's nice to be included. 🙂


  17. Oh man…how did I miss this?Thank you so much, Erica! 🙂


  18. Pink — it was most definitely my pleasure. 🙂 Actually, I was supposed to send email to every one I chose, but I forgot that step!


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