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Happy Merry Joyous etc.

Or not. Whatever you’re celebrating this weekend, enjoy it. And if it’s like every other weekend for you, then that’s OK too.

I am so jazzed that ST got our video, “It’s a Wonderful Spanking,” done and I was finally able to get it posted last night after several failed attempts. Just in time to be Chrossed! And I am in wonderful company this week with lots of fun holiday-themed blogs. The video has gotten a ton of hits; now, can we have a few more comments, please please please? 😀

Yes, I’m an attention whore. This can’t be news to you. Well, if not for me, then definitely for ST. He worked hard and did a fabulous job cutting it all together.

A couple of shout-outs today. First, if you’d like to hear Richard Windsor’s annual Christmas program (cool music and recorded greetings from several spanko people, including Pixie and Dana Specht), go here. Rich puts a lot of work into these shows and they are clearly a labor of love. I was very pleased to be included, as I was last year.

Also, Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking production site has officially launched! I know she’s thrilled to pieces over it and I wish her all the best. Go take a look around.

And finally, for the F/M spanking aficionados among us, check out Dana Kane’s latest hilarious Product Testing video. This woman has way too damn much fun. Cute apron, too!

So, what’s everyone’s weekend looking like? John’s sister pulled one of her famous last-possible-minute “Oh, by the way, we’re having dinner” invitations for tomorrow, Xmas Eve, so we’re headed to her place for the festivities. John will bring champagne, for which I am grateful. Of course, we’re stuck with we look forward to picking up his mother and taking her there. The good news is, she’ll want to go home early, which is fine by us! More good news — John’s brother and sister-in-law are having Xmas Day dinner, but we weren’t invited to that. Also fine. One dinner is enough, thank you.

Family or no family, I look forward to being with my beloved.

Whatever you’re doing, whomever you’re with… have a great, stress-free, fun holiday weekend, y’all.

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12 thoughts on “Happy Merry Joyous etc.

  1. Hi Erica, I am happy for Pandora her new website is so COOL :-)I saw Dana Kane's clip and her apron is so ADOREABLE. My dad is cooking prime rib and cornish hens for Christmas and we are having jumbo shrimp cockail and other stuff YUM :-)My aunts and uncle will come over too.I LOVE your clip you and ST did an EXCELLENT job, Wishing you and John a VERY Merry Christmas I Love you both your both WONDERFUL people 🙂 big hugs xoxo from your naughty girl Jade


  2. Jade — Cornish hens AND shrimp? Two of my favorites! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


  3. I wish you and all readers a peaceful weekend, whether you are celebrating Christmas or not.I can absolutely recommand Pandora's site to every fellow spanko. Extremely tasteful and elegant.


  4. Erica, have a happy, merry, joyous, er… just keep telling yourself "This too shall pass."At least Christmas is a wonderful excuse to buy a big turkey and feast on frozen leftovers for months.Hugs,Hermione


  5. I also saw Danas video the apron was cute, but I thought the quilt was awesome also. Loved the video of you and ST. Have a wonderful day. Isabela The Wife


  6. Wishing you and John a whatever you want it to be Christmas:)Love,Ronniexx


  7. Erica,Thanks for the video shout out – and yes, I do have WAY too much damn fun. (Also, Isabela loves the quilt so much because she made it for me. Isn't it beautiful?!)Oh – and happy hoho, or whatever..Big love,Dana


  8. Thankyou so much for the link! I'm still on cloud 9, stepping away from the computer somewhat today though to make a whole pile of cakes and fudge to take to the family. We're with D's family tomorrow and then mine on Boxing Day – should be drunken and giggly and good.Hope you enjoy your champagne, your beloved and your early escape. xx


  9. Fenris — thank you! It certainly doesn't feel like Xmas around here — it's in the 70s. We put the A/C on in the car on the way home from lunch.Hermione — I love turkey. As long as I don't have to be the one cooking it. ;-)Isabela — YOU made that quilt? Wow! It's too pretty to beat on. Guess that's why Dana came up with Plan B. ;-)Ronnie — I had to laugh. In the car today, we had the jazz station on and they were playing some jazzy version of a Christmas song, and John blurted, "What IS this shit??" We're two peas in a pod! :-DDana — yes, happy fucking fa-la-la to you too. (snicker)Pandora — cakes, fudge and alcohol. How can it NOT be good? Have a wonderful time!


  10. I loved the video of you and ST! I have the link to Richard's Christmas show that I still need to listen to. I hope you and John make it through the day and enjoy each other's company at least. 😉


  11. Erica, happy being around on the earth. I think you might like this know you are untroubled by a Christian background but this atheist view is most helpful and thought provoking.


  12. Lea — we actually had a lovely Xmas Eve, a surprisingly low-key and fun dinner at his sister's house with incredible food and drink. I am happy it's over, but also happy that it went so well. :-)Poppy — I have bookmarked this article for later, but the title alone cracked me up. "O Come All Ye Faithless" — ROFL!! Thank you.


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