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"They all @#$%ing hurt"

That title is the short version of tonight’s blog. 🙂

OK, so I’m not going with the short version. There’s a surprise.

I had decided to be brave and try something new, toy-wise. I’d read on Cane-iac about their Delrin canes, made of a “thermoplastic polymer” that is flexible and virtually unbreakable. I figured since I’m constantly breaking rattan canes, perhaps one of these would be a better investment.

So I chose a basic short Delrin cane, 18″ long. After I ordered it, I heard from the Cane Master, informing me that they were including a few extra treats for my testing/playing pleasure, to thank me for all the kind words in my blog. How nice!

The package arrived and I unwrapped my new Delrin cane, plus: 1) another Delrin they call the Tearjerker; a red rubber paddle; and a spiral acrylic cane. All of these were atypical for me and I knew I was in for a challenge. Especially when ST came over tonight and I told him about them; he was practically falling over himself dragging me into the bedroom to experiment. “There’s work to be done!” he crowed. Oh, brother.

Unfortunately, someone was so eager to try the new stuff, he completely forgot the warmup, so I was feeling these new items cold. Aggghh! I complained so vociferously, he said I was ungrateful about my presents. I then had to take five from each toy, repeating after each, “Thank you, Cane-iac, for my wonderful gifts.” And that was just the beginning.

A little after the fact, he then gave me a bit of warmup with the leather spanking buddy, which I’d given him for Christmas. We both love that one! Then it was time to put the Delrin and acrylic up against good old rattan, so we could compare the different sensations. (We?? What’s this “WE” sh*t?) For a while, I could tell which was which, accurately describe the varied feelings. But as I became tenderized, they all blended and no matter how I tried, I couldn’t compare them any more. “You sure?” he teased, alternating between them, trying to make me guess, but I just grumbled, “I don’t know! They all fucking hurt!”

He didn’t appreciate my language. Big surprise there, too.

Anyway, here is each implement individually:

This is the 18″ Delrin cane, the one I ordered. As promised, it is flexible but very sturdy, and the length is perfect for OTK. I tend to like these shorter canes, since they don’t wrap. This one is about as thick as the Senior rattan cane, so it’s more on the thuddy side.

The other Delrin cane, the Tearjerker, is 30″ and thinner, only 1/4″. You can bend it into a circle and it won’t break. This one is whippier and stings more.

Below is the spiral acrylic cane. It’s a very pretty piece, and the spiral cut of the cane is perfectly smooth, no sharp edges. It’s light, but it’s very thick and packs a wallop.

And finally, the red rubber paddle:

Looks like it would be stiff, doesn’t it? It isn’t; it’s actually very flexible and floppy, like a slapper. There are two textures; one side is smooth, and one side is rough and nubbly. I preferred the smooth side, so of course ST took great glee in using the rough side. (snort) 

So, what’s the verdict? My favorite of the four is the Tearjerker, believe it or not. “Favorite,” however, is debatable, since it still hurts like hell! The regular Delrin and the acrylic were more on the thuddy side; not as much my cup of tea as I prefer snappy/stinging, but they are beautifully made and bottoms who enjoy thud will definitely go for these. The paddle was slappy and fun, although that rougher side made me cuss. 

Here I am, having survived my product testing session:

But wait — you think that’s it?? Think again.

We went into the living room to watch my latest Spanking Court clip. Yup, it finally went up; the version that had gone up two weeks ago was corrupted and there were still a few issues with that clip that couldn’t quite be fixed. However, it was up in its entirety and it had sound, and it was still a hell of a lot of fun. 🙂 By now, all pretenses of niceties between the Court Disciplinarian and me were off the table and it had become an open battle of wills. The zingers and sarcasm flew, and his facial expressions alone were worth the wait.

ST watched intently, and after it ended, he said, “You really need a good spanking for that. You have no respect for the Court’s authority.”

Say what? “Don’t you think HE took care of that?” I snapped. “No, because you were being a smarty-pants all the way to the end!” ST replied.

“What about him? What was all that crap about ‘oh, what a pleasure this is’ and everything else he said?” I cried. But by then, ST had snatched me by the hand and dragged me BACK into the bedroom. Over the bed I went again.

He picked up his heavy leather strap, similar to the one used in the clip. “I think 50 with this might help remind you to be more respectful.”

Good God, y’all. Usually, I take that strap very well. But now, after being Delrined and acrylic’d and rubbered and caned and what-all, I was already one hot mess of soreness. Those 50 strokes nearly sent me through the ceiling! At one point, I even rolled over onto my back, away from him. But then I rolled back and repositioned myself. He didn’t have to say a word; just waited.


Big meanie was snickering at me because I was wincing when I sat, wincing when I walked, rubbing my butt without even realizing I was doing it. (sulk) Oh, he was proud of himself. I could tell. Freaking tops and their sadistic glee.

Yeah, yeah. Poor me. I hate it so much, I subject myself to it every single week. 😀

Thank you, Cane-iac. You guys are a class act. And thank you, ST. You are too, always. ♥

Oh! Almost forgot. You might remember this photo from last week. Here it is again, after my buddy Dave Wolfe got a hold of it. I have to admit, I looked and looked at it before I finally saw what he’d done to it. Did you guys see it right away? 🙂

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16 thoughts on “"They all @#$%ing hurt"

  1. I have that rubber paddle (only in blue) and got spanked with it twice in one day on Saturday. I agree- the rough side is much more painful. I can't tell the difference between canes without looking for the life of me! When things are slow and spread out, it's easier, but as it wears on, I have no idea.


  2. OH my god Dave Wolf! LOL (someone has their 'eye' on you!)I love how ST has just the BEST TOP LOGIC! He seems to know just what to do at all the apropos moments!Those canes look wicked! I think if I had to endure any of them.. then I'd probably go with that longer, thinner, stingier one myself! Let me just say.. I'm glad it's YOU doing cane-iac testing and not moi! (heehee)The Blog title works for me! I figured we were in for a seriously interesting recap when I read that!LOVED THE SPANKING COURT VIDEO! I'm sure there's a "gotta have the last word" zinger waiting to come out of your mouth though… guess that'll be in the next clip they put up!


  3. Ouch.The Tearjerker looks a bit like a riding crop. Is it similar? I think the laughter from the wit you two swap must be as enticing and fulfilling as the actual Spank-Play. It always makes me smile.The acrylic candy cane one looks lethal.*Shudder* lolUh-huh you hate it 😉 Does "Stop it some more" sound familiar?


  4. Alex — I can tell the thickness variation, definitely, as I'm very sensitive to sting vs. thud. But materials? Nope.Zelle — wasn't that a hoot? 😀 Him: Guess I'm not too popular with the ladies today. Me: You ought to be used to that. (snicker) The next clip takes a different turn… that's the one where I got 200 with wood and finally broke down. But not before I got in a few more shots. :-)Newt — no, not really like a riding crop. Much more flexible and rubbery. And you're right; without the humor and banter, it wouldn't be the same at all."Stop! Don't! Stop! Don't stop!"


  5. G. and I have been checking out that site for new toys ever since you posted about the Leather Spanking Buddy. His hand blows up like a balloon, and it would be great if he had one of those. The Delrin sounds perfect for me. I love heavy canes, and the size is great for G. to put in his suitcase. Might have to look into getting one of those too.


  6. Jen — definitely check out the Delrin, then. It's very solid and sturdy, and the price is excellent. I think it's on sale now, as a matter of fact.


  7. ST is a demon! 🙂 Kidding! It's very considerate of him to make sure you're properly caned,um, I mean cared for every week. How's your sit status today?


  8. Kelly — yes, he is! 🙂 Status is squirmy. I feel like I'm sitting on sandpaper.


  9. Those are some serious toys! I have not had good experiences with rubber and plastic like things. Ugh. How good of ST to make sure everything got broken in. Lol.


  10. Erica, I probably should of warned you about the Delrin canes, they freaking hurt a lot. I have learned the best way to deal with Delrin canes is to hide them from my wife. As I truly dislike all canes, I hate the Derlin canes the most. The only exception is that blasted thin whippy cane that Dana has, I hate that one more than any other cane I have had the misfortune to experience. I have enjoyed your Spanking Court videos very much, you are truly the master when it comes to zingers and sarcasm. The videos will be very educational and useful in the near future as it is always wise to study the master before embarking on ones own journey. The VBB


  11. Lea — oh yeah, he's a peach. Especially when he says we have to keep practicing with the Tearjerker until it lives up to its name. (rolling eyes)VBB — oh dear. Well, you know, I brought this on myself. I break too many of the rattan canes. (sigh)So glad you're enjoying the SC clips! I take it you saw the latest one. Of course, you'll be facing the bailiff, I believe, not the C.D. I hear she is rather formidable as well. 🙂


  12. Ogled by John Lennon – wow! I think I have some shopping to do at Can-iac. I like the look of the spiral one, and the rubber paddle might be fun, although Ron doesn't like floppy implements. The tearjerker looks like a dressage whip to me, and they wrap something awful.Hugs,Hermione


  13. The spiral cane looks nice. Is it small enough to be used for OTK spankings? Cane-iac are one of the best so helpful. Lovely people.I didn't spot what Dave had done to the picture until I read Hermione's comment:)Love,Ronniexx


  14. Hermione — whaddaya mean, RON doesn't like? Are said implements being used on him, or you? Harrrummmmpppph! And you can tell him I said so. :-)Ronnie — the one I have is the OTK version, 18", so yes. LOL — that alteration to the photo is subtle, isn't it. But once you see it, you wonder how you missed it.


  15. HiI can only dream that I might have met someone like you many years ago. You are a delightful spanko and I will keep your images stored in the fantasy dream segment of my brain if that is OK with you.Have a good weekend.Michael M


  16. Michael — yes, it's OK with me, and thank you. 🙂


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