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Spanking Court preview up on SpankingTube

First things first. Thank you, everyone, for the comments and the private messages yesterday. I’m sorry I didn’t do my usual replying to each individual comment, but I appreciated them all very much. Time for a bit of balance now and onto something a little more fun.

There is now a 4-minute+ preview clip on SpankingTube of my latest visit at Spanking Court. For those who haven’t joined the site, I hope you’ll check out this clip and it might get your curiosity going. At any rate, it’s a fun clip, clearly showcasing the battle between the Court Disciplinarian and me. 😀 Check out his gloating face when the Judge says I’m getting 150 strokes.

So far, the comments on the clip have been positive, but a couple of naysayers have complained that it’s too much “blah blah blah” and not enough spanking action. It’s a preview, kiddies. Of course they’re not going to show a lot of action. If they showed all the spanking, you wouldn’t bother looking up the entire video, now would you? Now go watch some of those delightful long clips of screaming, crying women being beaten into hamburger, jack off, and shut your yaps. 🙂

Oh, and there’s a fun little write-up of the preview on the Spanking Court blog, too.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. And if you’re lacking in laughs, may I suggest checking out Lea’s uproarious treatise on cursing?

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15 thoughts on “Spanking Court preview up on SpankingTube

  1. Oh my! That Spanking Court blog was good! I loved those pics! They're awesome! You and the C.D. sure have a wicked rapport when you two start pushing each others buttons! That was one intense paddling you took from him that I saw on the Spanking Court site! That one clip was worth the membership I got last year!!


  2. Zelle — thanks, sweetie! Wait til you see the next clip (up next month sometime). Talk about intense.


  3. Erica,Lea's blog was so funny. I know of at least one top who counted the number of times she dropped the F bomb. Ouch.I will check out the Spanking Court blog.joey


  4. joey — that blog is a keeper, for sure! I love her humor.


  5. Hi Erica, I VERY Much enjoyed your Spanking Court clip :-)The expression's that V kept giving you was PRICELESS hehehe LMAO :-)His look's was AWSOME as if to say wait till i get my hands on you,your butt is mine and it's going to hurt hehehe LOL :-)YOU ROCK ERICA.Much Love and hug's to you from your naughty girl Jade XOXO


  6. Jade — yup, and it did hurt! But it was worth it. 😉


  7. Great clip from Spanking Court. The way you two interact cracks me up! And thanks for the link! I get the feeling that many of us love to curse because it's the most comments I've EVER had on a post. Lol! @joeyred51, uh what top was counting? Sounds like I need to email you for more info!


  8. Lea — you're very welcome. I LOVED that post; you are hilarious! I'm not crazy about excessive or gratuitous cussing, but a well-place f-bomb never fails to make me laugh. 😀


  9. Is it bad that I never look at the comments on videos of me on spankingtube? I'm scared that everyone is going to say that I cry weird or my ass is huge or something. :S


  10. Alex — no, sweetie, it's not bad. Unfortunately, there are some really mean people on there. The good news is, if someone says something nasty, your friends will charge in and protest. Someone made an unbelievably cruel comment to one of Sarah Gregory's videos a few months ago, and you should've seen how everyone tore him a new one (myself included).


  11. Love it!So was it a subtle message, those black and white panties, a reference to your checkered ca-rear?


  12. Dave — ROFLMAO! You're killin' me here!


  13. I joined Spanking Court to see this, and when I eventually found it I enjoyed it very much.But do Spanking Court have no way of searching by your name to find your clips? I could only find it by systematically going through them all till i found you – which I would rather not have done. Am I missing something?When is the next one due up?Ernest


  14. Ernest — I'm so glad you liked the clip, and I'm sorry for the hassle in finding it. Unfortunately, they don't have any sort of search in place on the SC site. They just got a new webmaster and I hope that will be something they implement in the future. Meanwhile, my next clip should be up sometime in February. They update with new clips every Thursday. I'll certainly blog about it when it goes up; I think people will be very surprised with it.


  15. Thanks for this, Erica!It was a very exciting film anyway!You obviously had a very painful time! I really prefer the canes to straps or paddles, but of course you couldn't go on that long and have that many strokes with a cane!I'll look forward to the next!Ernest


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