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Well, what do you know

Tops can be fair every now and then!

When ST showed up tonight, he said, “So, I read your blog.” Uh oh. But then he continued with, “I’m not going to spank you for defending yourself, or your friends. You’re perfectly within your right to do that.”

Hot damn!

And then he added, “I’ll just have to spank you for something else, or make something up.”

So much for that brief moment of fairness. Humph.

I told him that John had groused about the efficacy of his spankings. I quote, “Tell ST that whatever he’s doing, it’s not working! He’s been there every week for well over a year and you’re as big a brat as you ever were.”

“There’s no pleasing him,” I grumbled during the warmup. “And there’s no pleasing you either!”

“Oh, I don’t know,” he mused, running his hand over my bottom, still with leggings on. “This is a very pleasing backside.”

“Thank you.”

“It will be even more pleasing after your pants come down. Yes, this pleases me very much.”

“Well, if you’re so pleased, then why the @#$% are you spanking me?”

I never know when I’m ahead.

Here’s an interesting discovery from this evening — do you know that even a leather spanking buddy, when used with a very powerful hand, can feel like a club? I had no idea. But I’d swear that thing was a meat mallet, not a strip of leather, by the time he went full force with it. I was actually grateful when he switched to canes!

Still not all that red, is it? There was a lot more ahead.

No tears tonight; I was in a better frame of mind. But I had so much pent-up tension after dealing with the various asshats, I could feel it coming off me in waves. I struggled very hard not to scream, but a couple of yelps slipped out before I finally mashed my mouth into the bedspread.

Will you look at all these freaking implements?

But at last, it was the final ten with the wooden paddle. And then I curled up into a ball on the bed, bunching up the bedspread in my fists. He went to get the lotion; it stung, but felt cool as well. After a while, he got onto the bed and spooned with me from behind. We didn’t speak for a long time.

I love aftercare. I love that connection, that time to transition back, slowly. I so adore how gentle he can be, after being so harsh.

Now, ready for something scary?

Here I am, still kind of in subspace, sprawled out on the bed among the toys. Check out my bottom. This is about 20-25 minutes after we stopped.

Looks like he hasn’t even started yet, right? WTF?

Well, I can guaran-damn-tee you that it sure feels like he started, and finished too. But of course, to look at me, no one would believe it.


I can honestly say that at the moment, I couldn’t give a rat’s aspirator about whatever nonsense is happening on FetLife. 🙂 That should last me, oh, until tomorrow.

Oh! One more thing. Spanking Court put up another promo clip of that preview, and this one is much longer than the one on SpankingTube last week. You see more of the spanking, and get to hear more of my smart-ass lines. Also, watch for the moment in court when I temporarily crack up the Disciplinarian; I say something snotty and he abruptly turns his face to the wall. 😀  Check it out here.

(Note: For whatever reason, the link above to the SC promo works in Google Chrome, but not IE. Don’t know if it works in Firefox or not, since I don’t have that browser loaded.)

Blissfully sleepy. Sweet dreams, ST.

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21 thoughts on “Well, what do you know

  1. Nice. You got what you needed. Even if it only lasted until this morning. 😛


  2. Hi Erica,I am VERY happy that ST was fair to you :-)he is definately a KEEPER :-)I like top's that are fair.WOW your bum is so white your so lucky that you don't mark :-)I know i would of been very well marked hehehe LOL.I am going to check out Spanking Court on their site i need a laugh you alway's make me giggle :-)I Love your BRATITUDE :-)Have a GREAT day much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade XOXO


  3. Oh, I know how THAT is!!! Still feeling it fully, while the bottom looks oh so fine, like it hadn't just been through what it had.What irks me is that hubby thinks this means I need more. >:(sarah


  4. Bobbie Jo — still feeling a bit more mellow than usual this morning! ;-)Jade — but I want to mark! I miss it. Sarah — right? If they don't see the evidence of pain, they assume it's not there. Sucks!


  5. Erica,I usually lurk, someone said your books are lame, they either need their eyes or more likely their head examined. ;)I've just read Late Bloomer, I loved it.Your telling of your childhood almost brought tears, I thought that I had the childhood from hell.Due to the war, WW11, I was fostered from 1937 'til 1949 when dad finally made it home, during that time CP was endemic.There is always someone worse off, it's bad when those who should love and care, don't.I'm very glad that you were finally able to get together with your father.Devlin recommended your book, for which I thank him.I have seen many of your videos, you really are a spunky kid. :DRemember I'm nearly eighty. ;)Warm hugs,Paul.


  6. The link works in Firefox, just checked!


  7. Paul — thank you very much. When I look back, reconciling with my dad was one of the best things that ever happened to me.Jen — oh good! 🙂


  8. Yes Sir.. when the man is right, he is really right! It is a pretty pleasing back side, along with everything else….;)To quote Forrest Gump.. sort of, Erica is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!Poppa Mark


  9. Poppa — more than likely, something nutty. 😉


  10. Oh! I happen to LIKE nuts!Poppa


  11. HiRats Aspirator??? It sure looks like your behind has been buffed to a nice shine in that last picture. I admire ST's handwork a lot.hugsEmanuele


  12. You really are a bionic bottom! I can't believe the unspanked look in that last pic. And that is a LOT of implements on the bed!


  13. Emanuele — shine, yes. Color, no! :-)Lea — I know! And I felt every damn one of them, repeatedly. Today, I feel like someone pummeled my butt with both fists. But you wouldn't know to look at me! Argggh.


  14. Normally I would have some small comedy bit about the power and might of the bionic booty to take a hurricane strength smack-down etc…..Today, I have this. I am so happy for you. That you have this in a Top. A compassionate friend so attuned to your rhythm, that he didn't falter. He gave you just what you needed and no more or less. That's pretty freaking righteous. ST, if your reading this. Your a good man Charlie Brown.


  15. Newt — thank you, dear. He IS a good man. 🙂


  16. Not only is he great for your well being, he's a very bright man to avoid the FetLife dysfunction of late. Never have I seen such a string of nasty commentary directed at people as of this last week. :(The bum looks great through all stages of "torment"! 🙂


  17. Kelly — that was pretty wretched, wasn't it? (sigh) Well, it does seem to be calmer and more civil this week.


  18. Just saw the preview at Spanking Court.I sometimes wonder why you're not in mainstream pictures and television shows. I, for one, would watch you give out with the wise cracks every week!Oh, and around swat #54 – #56 you snarled "Up yours!" to the "Court Disciplinarian". Up yours… our generations motto. It should be on a Crest with two Cannabis crossed above and a image of you sprawled over a '76 Chevelle SS. Keep on truckin', babe!


  19. Chev — LOL! Well, he was being SO condescending. "You're such a good counter!" What the heck was that about?


  20. I may be unique or even peculiar in saying this, but I am not into nudity. Therefore, I am not looking for nudity or abuse; I come back to your blog from time to time because you are an interesting, even intriguing person. You cannot allow yourself to be deemed no more than an object to be abused for a viewer's pleasure. Your entire personality comes through your writing: your charm, wit, naughtiness, sensitivity, and respect for yourself and even for those who may not respect you (no matter how much you may dislike them–are you familiar with Kant's Categorical Imperative?. Your profile is ipso facto evidence of your understanding of who you are and of the fact that you love that person. Although I truly hope that being who you are is profitable to you, being that person is more important than any betrayal of that person just for a buck.


  21. Anonymous — thank you! Words like yours are keepers.While my beloved is a philosophy whiz, I confess it makes me glaze over. My brain tries to read and comprehend those concepts and it short-circuits.


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