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New E-book: The Spanking Hand Book

A few months ago, several of us writers/bloggers were approached by a publishing company called Instructing Eve, based in Australia. They were requesting contributions to an e-book about spanking and listed several topics we could cover. I believe they ended up with 16 of us, and the result of our collaboration is now available for purchase!

If I try to list some of the other contributors, I will certainly omit someone and that would be inappropriate. So I’ll just say I’m in good company, and the book is packed with fun stuff — short stories, tips and tricks, and very cute illustrations. My contribution? A list of tongue-in-cheek tips entitled “What NOT to Say to Your Spanker.” Rather than go for the smart-ass remarks and comebacks we all know and love, I endeavored to come up with some originals, all of which I’ve used myself, of course. 🙂

The Instructing Eve folks sent all kinds of goodies, including pictures and banners. I posted one of the banners on the right-hand side, directly underneath my two books. If you click on it, it takes you directly to the ordering page.

Or, you can just click here. Just $5.95, y’all. Cheap!

In other news: John and I were finally able to pull off our Valentine’s Day weekend. His knee is still swelling every time he’s on his feet for any length of time, but he’s been icing it and taking anti-inflammatories, so I guess we just have to wait it out. Regardless, he said he was fine with going out for our special dinner.

I surprised him by getting completely dressed up — form-fitting LBD, stockings and heels, and even a cute new pair of boy-short panties with a pattern of red and pink hearts on a black background. He stood in the doorway of the bathroom as I put on makeup, gawking at me. “Um, sweetie? Let me make sure I’m clear on this,” he quipped. “Does this mean I have to wear long pants?”

“Correct,” I smiled. The man lives in shorts on the weekends, no matter how cold it is. And Teva sandals. “Does that mean shoes and socks, too?” “Correct,” I repeated. As if he didn’t know. And may I say that when he was dressed, he looked damned handsome. 🙂

I’d given him a card, a heart-shaped balloon and a case of these, his absolute favorite chocolate bar (hard to find, so he’s always excited when he gets some). John had already sent me roses and hidden a one-pound box of See’s in my car, so I figured that was plenty, along with our lovely dinner. However, he had other plans.

We ordered, and he left to go use the restroom. After he returned, we chatted until our server brought our plates. I looked very happily at my fettuccini with grilled vegetables and tomato-herb sauce and picked up my fork, then jumped as the server appeared again at my elbow. “And something special for the lady,” he said, placing a wrapped package by my plate. John burst out laughing when he saw my shocked reaction. Turns out he hadn’t gone to the restroom after all; he just snuck over to the server and asked him to help with the surprise.

I love that man.

I was a big grown-up girl, though. I didn’t open my present until we were both finished with our meals. Another beautiful vintage watch to add to my collection, and one I recognized. When we’d gone to have his watch serviced a few months ago, I’d admired it in the jewelry case.

Did I mention that I love that man?

Dinner was perfection, and then we drove to a nearby coffee house, also a favorite. I’ve mentioned it before — the one with the fabulous cakes, including our obsession, German chocolate cake. Luck was with us that night and they had some left, so we shared a gigantic slab of it.

John and I couldn’t take our eyes off each other. I felt like I did when we first started dating. To watch us last night, you’d never know we’ve been together 15 1/2 years.

But of course, we’re not kids anymore. When we got home, John put his foot up on an ottoman piled high with pillows, wrapped an ice-pack and Ace bandage around his knee, and promptly fell asleep. I snuggled against him, watched Saturday Night Live and ate three pieces of See’s chocolate.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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16 thoughts on “New E-book: The Spanking Hand Book

  1. I'll definitely check that book out. Sounds like you had the PERFECT chapter for yourself. 😉 I'm glad to hear you and John had a great belated Valentine's Day celebration! Hope his knee gets feeling better soon!


  2. Love means never having to stay awake once you hit the couch:)Sounds like you had a wonderful evening.Hugs,Hermione


  3. We had the same type of date night this past weekend… and they are just as wonderful as the hot and sweaty… just a different kind of wonderful!!


  4. Sorry to hear John's knee is still bad Erica. Sounds like you had a really special evening. German chocolate cake sounds interesting.Thanks for the info on the book.Love,Ronniexx


  5. God love that John! He's the sweetest man west of (AND EAST) of the Mississippi! Glad ya'll had a wonderful evening! Here's hoping his knee starts showing big-time improvement!So.. does that Spanking "Hand" Book/E-Book, also have the complete guide for giving and getting a sound FUNishment as well?? (LOL)xoxoZelle


  6. WAIT!!!!!! .. omg.. Rum Caramel Filled Dark Chocolate Bar!!!!I think I LOVE everything about that! Thanks for the link!!


  7. WOW Erica your weekend sounded so WONDERFUL :-)I am VERY happy that you and John had a GREAT time,I hope his knee feel's better soon,John is a WONDERFUL and caring man your both so SWEET :-)Thank's for telling us about the spanking handbook,it sound's very interesting.Have fun with ST tonight :-)much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo


  8. Lea — yes, it was pretty much tailor-made for me. :-DHermione — I damn near fell asleep myself! All those carbs…Mikki — I agree!Ronnie — German chocolate cake isn't German. It's named for the special sweet chocolate developed by Sam German. It's filled and topped with coconut-pecan frosting — very rich and sooooo good.Zelle — here's part of the book's blurb; sounds FUN to me! :-)Over 40 colour pages of tips and tricks, short stories and erotic spanking illustrations.The book is everything you want to know about erotic spanking –The art of dishing out a sound punishmentNew and classic spanking positionsSpanking tools from around the home, custom or DIYHow to take a punishmentThe history of erotic adult disciplineWomen dominating menWhat NOT to say to your spanker / spankeeIt also includes:• Erotic short stories• Spanking trivia and facts• Beautifully illustrated spanking images• Spanking cartoons and humourBuy it now for only $5.95! INSTANT DOWNLOADPay via PayPal or credit card, discreet purchase and privacy guaranteed!The eBook is in a PDF format which means it can be read on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle or you can print out a colour or black and white.The authors:The Spanking Hand Book is written by the world’s best spanking bloggers, film stars, models and authors. Read their exclusive insider tips on giving and getting a sound spanking.Jade — I hope it gets better soon, too. I hate seeing him in pain!


  9. Awww, what a wonderful evening. I envy you so much (mostly for the German chocolate cake, of course).Hope John's knee gets better soon!The Spanking HAND Book sounds like a lot of fun. Although, I really can't imagine what could possibly be so wrong to say to your spanker. 😛


  10. Christy — oh, you'd be surprised. 😉


  11. What every you do, DON'T say it wasn't enough! That can get you in real trouble.Right Erica?


  12. Bobbie Jo — probably not a good idea, nope!


  13. Hi EricaSounds like a wonderful time for you both, unfortunately I seem to be tearing up for some inane reason or another.Emanuele


  14. Emanuele — Awwww. That's sweet. 🙂


  15. What a charming and heartwarming story. Glad you had a great Valentine's Day! And congrats on the contribution to the book!


  16. Craig — thank you! Happy belated heart day to you.


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