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Not my usual Monday post

A few friends have commented/written to me that my Monday night session with ST will do me a great deal of good this week, help me release some stress. I agree. However, poor ST has his own stress; his car is in the shop and he can’t get here. So no session for us tonight.

I did, however, have a catharsis of sorts on Saturday afternoon. The FetLife BS on Friday, coupled with what happened on this blog on Saturday while I was offline (the latter has been deleted and will not be discussed any further), sent me into spectacular Erica-esque meltdown mode.

John, bless his heart, did all the right things. Asked very few questions. Took me into the bedroom, closed the blinds and lay on the bed with me, pulling the comforter over us both. Reached across me to snatch several tissues from the box on the nightstand, grabbing more as I saturated the ones I had.

I felt ridiculous, telling him what was going on. I said he must think I’m an idiot, overreacting like this to online stuff; that I probably needed to get more of a life. He replied that my distress was real and it didn’t matter what the reason was. I love him for that. Sometimes, when you’re upset, you do NOT need to hear how others really have it bad and you need to get a grip. It doesn’t help.

Finally, I settled down and slept. Order was restored. But, as with an alcohol bender, emotional excess ravages the body. Today, I find myself pale, puffy-eyed and sluggish, with a mildly queasy stomach. Perhaps it’s just as well that I won’t be playing. As much as I will miss ST, I don’t think I’d be a fun playmate this evening.

However, since it’s Monday, I feel somewhat beholden to post something entertaining. So I will call your attention to a few new sampler clips on Spanking Tube.

I mentioned a while back that “Tubaman” Paul had opened his clips4sale “Spanking 101” store. Last week, he put up two 5 1/2-minute samplers of some of the clips. You can get a nice idea of the variety of material he has from these samplers and I am hoping they will pique people’s curiosity.

Here is Sampler #1:

And here is Sampler #2:

In #1, I turn up twice, and in #2, three times. Can you spot me? 🙂

Also, in the Spanking Court clip collection, there’s a new sampler, nearly 3 minutes long, of various spanking snippets. I’m in this one as well, for about 3-4 seconds, at 1:19.

And finally, because it’s not really a Monday without a “happy Erica” photo, here’s an oldie:

Some of you may remember this one: it’s from my first session ever with ST (who was New Guy back then), nearly a year-and-a-half ago, right after my birthday.

I intend to feel like that again soon. Next Monday will return to regularly scheduled perversity, I promise.

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18 thoughts on “Not my usual Monday post

  1. Feel Better, Erica!Cindy


  2. Cindy — I will. Just need some extra sleep. 🙂


  3. Hi Erica.I am VERY sorry you don't feel well i hope your stomach feel's better 😦 I am also sorry that ST is not coming tonight 😦 I spotted you in all the clip's 🙂 EXCELLENT job getting spanked my very dear friend.I remember that pic i even spotted the kitty cat i gave you it's in the background near your printer :-)Next Monday will come soon enough then you can have your fun session with ST :-)I am sending you much Love and hug's.John is AWESOME he is so caring and kind.From your naughty girl Jade XOXO


  4. Oh nice! Thanks. He has quite a…range, doesn't he?XX


  5. Jade — good eye. 🙂 Yes, John is awesome, and so is ST. I'm grateful for them.Pink — he does, and he has a mighty hand! Sarah and I trashed it when I was there, however. (giggles)


  6. I'm glad you're doing better. That's what really matters. Hope you get spanked soon!


  7. So sorry for everything that happened. Do feel better soon, Erica.At least you had John to help you with tissues (trust me, it's very frustrating when you can't find enough to use).On a different note, it seems to me that Paul goes either extra hard or rapid-fire on you. This goes in favour of my theory about your strategy to wear them out before they realize it. 😀


  8. Craig — me too.Christy — LOL! Well, he wore ME out, truth be told. We shot several scenes and I had to bail on the last one; I just couldn't do it!


  9. Aww, bless John for being there. Some men are REALLY bad at just listening and empathizing, they want to always offer a solution. If I tell you I had a terrible fucking day at work, I just want you to nod and say I'm sorry, that sucks. Not tell me to get a different job. *rolls eyes* Hope you get feeling better soon.


  10. Agree with Lea, John was very supportive.Hope you feel better soon.


  11. I will raise a glass to next Monday and every Monday after that and to good men.x


  12. joey — me too.Poppy — now that is worth raising a glass for. I don't know what i would do without John and ST.


  13. We are both very fortunate in having such supportive partners. I do my best everyday not to take mine for granted. Sorry you didn't get your Monday spanking, but I'm glad to hear that you are doing better despite the fact. 🙂


  14. Dana — it's OK. I feel bad for ST and his car woes, though. I hope they won't be too bad!


  15. I am sure you weren't the one in spanking court with a growth between its legs!John


  16. John — ROFL! Nooooo, that was a man, dear.


  17. No kidding? I hate ring-ins.John


  18. There is a young lady who lives in the suburbs of Newcastle, Australia who could do with a visit to the spanking court. The silly cow was caught "drag racing" on a public street at 166km/hour in a 90km/hour zone. When stopped it was found that she had a seven months old baby asleep in the back seat. She has already pleaded guilty to street racing, which should see her on public transport for quite a while, but a good bare arsed walloping would do her no harm.John


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