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Correspondence Hall of Shame, 2/17

Happy Chross Day! Congratulations to all fellow Chrosslings. Amazing how this can make our day, right?

Anyway, today’s offerings aren’t plentiful, but I felt like posting them anyway.

Master would like to be friends

Sorry. Erica would not.

r u willing to meet,obey,serve……lets get together

r u willing to bother reading my profile, u stupid ass?

I’am a very nice looking, 5’10”, 175 lb man with a great physique, seeking a submissive female that wants adventure in the realm of submission. Looking for that girl that needs to be trained in the ways of submission…… or are you the woman that knows her roll. The adventure waits for that special girl/women…..are you the one? That special female that wants enjoy the adventure of submissiveness while receiving the attention deserved

Redundant, much? Hmmm. Do I know my roll? Perhaps it’s crescent, or could it be Kaiser? Oh, wait! Parker House! Parker House rolls kinda look like little bottoms, don’t they?

And finally — remember my buddy? The one who sent me a photo of his dick and said he’d enjoy brutalizing my ass? Who was looking at my profile nearly every day and wrote once again, a couple of weeks ago, saying “You know you want it”?
Yesterday, I changed my profile photo on Alt to one that shows both my bottom and my face. And last night, I received this:
good to c u show your face.. I have to say that I think u r still missing the real penetrating spanking that has energy that will electrify you.. come for a spank spank
I’ve seen your penetrator, pal. And while your persistence is perversely flattering, I don’t think I’m missing anything, thank you.
Just for fun, I’m going to toss in a few of my bizarre Keyword search phrases. People actually type these?
spanking arms bound by belt
Uhhh… if you bind a spanker’s arms, doesn’t that sorta defeat the purpose?
carol’s first spanking
Who the hell is Carol??
mal dom paddle
(blinking) I know mal means “bad.” So is this a bad dom’s paddle, or a dom’s bad paddle?
And finally — if anyone can explain this one to me, have at it:
bbw without bottoms eats
I suppose the Boardwalk Badness Weekend without bottoms would certainly bite, but not eat. Or is it that Big Beautiful Women have lost their bottoms somehow, and they’re eating to grow them back?
And just how did this convoluted phrase bring someone to my blog??
My head hurts.
Anyway. Fingers crossed that John and I get to have our belated Valentine celebration tomorrow. Have a great weekend, y’all. 🙂

Welcome a new Clips4Sale store…

“Tubaman” Paul! 🙂 Go see!

When I shot with Paul and Sarah Gregory last year, some of the clips were for Sarah’s site, and others were for Paul’s new site, Spanking 101. He has been shooting a lot of content over the past year-and-a-half or so, with several women, and he just launched this clip store. For now, there are 10 clips up, with lots more to come.

I’m thrilled to pieces to have one of mine among the first 10! It’s a short but very hard spanking; Paul and I play husband and wife, and we have a fight after coming home from a business dinner. He tells me I behaved like a “horse’s ass” and I throw a hairbrush at him. Aaaaand you can pretty much figure out what he does with it.

I had no idea this clip was up until a friend wrote to tell me he’d downloaded it. His first word, and I quote — “Yikes!” 🙂

Please do check out this clips store and support Paul — he and Sarah have done great work!

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day ♥

So why does a cynical curmudgeon like me love Valentine’s Day, you ask? Simple. It’s that Late Bloomer thing again. Many, many Valentine’s Days spent alone when I was young, gorging myself on See’s Candy and crying. Hating all the damned ads and commercials, all the pretty displays in the malls. Feeling like Charlie Brown. (“I know nobody loves me; why do we have to have Valentine’s Day to emphasize it?”)

Then I met John… and I’ve loved Valentine’s Day ever since. 🙂 Yeah, I know it’s commercial. I don’t care.

My sweetie is still sick and injured, but he sent me roses — a whole week early! He figured I’d be more surprised that way, and I was. I’m hoping we can celebrate this coming weekend, if he feels better.

But in the meantime, I had a lovely time tonight with my toppy Valentine, ST. He had quite the nice surprise for me as well.

After he arrived and sat down, he pulled over his toy bag and started unzipping it. Hmmm; guess we’re going to skip the small talk, huh? But then he said, “Well, what have we here?” and he pulled out a bright red Frederick’s of Hollywood shopping bag. !!!!

I love Frederick’s. VS is nice, but I like Frederick’s so much more. Looking inside the bag, I first noticed a package of black thigh-high stockings, fishnet, with a seam up the back and lace tops. Gorgeous! There was also something bundled in black tissue paper, which I eagerly opened. Ohhhh, my. It was a red-and-black lace corset, with black spaghetti straps and garters attached.

I’ve never had a corset, so this was another first for the late bloomer. I’ve tried them on, but I never would let John buy me one, protesting that they’re too expensive. I’d make jokes, saying I enjoyed breathing. But this was exquisite. Came with a little matching g-string, too. The kind of thing I’d ooh and aah at dreamily in a store window, but would never buy for myself.

We did have a little comedy of errors getting me into my new outfit, however. Too bad we didn’t film it; it was pretty hilarious. This corset has the usual lacing up the back, but unlike some others, it doesn’t open in the front. So the only way to get it on was over my head. Unfortunately, it was a size small. I’m flattered, but it was too small. I may be thin, but I’m tall and I have wide shoulders. So, the wrestling began. I was determined to wear it tonight anyway.

ST loosened the lacing as much as possible, and then I pulled it over my head. I stood with my arms straight up while ST yanked and pulled, but it wouldn’t budge. He managed to get it loosened just a bit more, then tugged down on it, tugging and tugging (and cracking me up with his grunting noises) until finally it went down past my shoulders and over my torso. Then he tightened the lacing. There was a several-inch gap when it was pulled as tight as he could get it, but it still looked spectacular.

And then the fishnet stockings! Those fit perfectly, and I recruited ST to snap the garters in place for me (those were rather uncooperative and took several attempts). But at last, I slipped on some heels, and voila:

Isn’t it lovely? That was worth the work to get it on me! I feared I wouldn’t be able to get it back off, but we put that aside for the time being. After all, we had other things to do.

We kept it simple tonight, implement-wise. Of course, we had to use the heart-shaped paddle that he made for me last Valentine’s Day. He also wanted to draw hearts on my bottom with eyeliner or a Sharpie and then fill them in with reddened flesh, but I nixed that idea. (insert eye-roll here) Along with the paddle, just a couple of his straps plus the leather spanking buddy. No canes tonight. And mostly OTK, although I took a fair amount of strapping while bending over/kneeling on the bed.

You know why he was spanking me? Because I was wearing naughty clothes. “You bought me those naughty clothes!” I protested. “Yes, but you didn’t have to wear them! I was just testing you!” Oh, brother.

Not much banter tonight, once I settled down and stopped giggling. I felt sexy and sensual and my body relished every stroke deeply. I went so far into subspace, he didn’t even ask me to count the final flurry. He knew I wouldn’t be able to.

Bliss. ♥

Of course, once we wound down and had uploaded the photos from his camera, it was time for Operation Remove Corset. It was actually a little easier than it had been getting it on; he loosened the ties, had me raise my arms over my head and then he yanked upward. Yank-yank-yank, and then it gave way and popped off. He’s going to take it back and exchange it for a medium. (OK, so I wore it a couple of hours. Sue me. :-Þ I was freshly showered!)

I had a little heart-shaped box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates for him, which I gave him as he was leaving. Sweets for a very sweet man.

To everyone who celebrates it, happy Valentine’s Day. For those who would just as soon bypass it, happy Tuesday. I’m going to spend my afternoon squirming in the dentist’s chair, and making him wonder why I’m smiling. 🙂

Our first blogs

Because I can’t come up with anything original today, I am shamelessly ripping off my friend Secret Spanko, who just wrote a fun entry about first blog posts. He did some thorough research, looking back at several people’s first blog entries and commenting on the various types. I found it fascinating and thought I’d pick up the ball and continue with it here.

Among others, he mentioned my first entry here on Blogger, in which I was — what else? — bitching about something! This time, it was about how effed up MySpace was and why I moved my blog from there. However, he hadn’t seen my very first blog post from MySpace. Just for grins, I dug it up. It’s rather boring, but here it is in all its glory, from December 28, 2005:


Current mood: bored

I guess I have to start somewhere with this thing, huh? OK, what do you want to know? How about some random stuff.

I work from my home as a freelance proofreader. So I’m a nut for grammar and spelling. Right now, because of the freaking holidays, my business is dead… hence the bored mood.

I pride myself on my sense of humor and my quick wit. My father was a comedy writer and won five Emmys, so I like to think I inherited his funny genes.

Guilty pleasures: Hostess Sno-Balls (you know, those revolting things with the bright pink coconut and the marshmallow), old surf instrumentals, watching Dark Shadows DVDs (the original show, not that crappy remake).

Things I love: my boyfriend, animals, milk chocolate, good books and movies, intelligence and humor, rainy days, the Beatles, and a lot of other stuff I’ll think of later.

Things I hate: hot days, mornings, cottage cheese, tailgaters, tardiness, cell phone overuse, big noisy crowds, rap and hip-hop, the Capital One commercials with David Spade and that dorky fat guy, reality TV, and a lot of other stuff I’ll think of later.

What else… oh yeah. I’m a big OTK enthusiast, very much in the national spanking scene, and I’ve been in eight spanking videos. Ooooh, am I allowed to say that here?

I guess that’s enough for now. Happy hump day, everyone.

Don’t you love how I downplayed the spanking bit? It was MySpace, after all. I wasn’t sure how much I could talk about it. 😀 The one thing I miss from the MySpace blog format is the nifty little “current mood” indicator. Oh, and their built-in emoticons.

How about some others digging up their first blogs? We could make a meme out of it!

In other news, we had some more misadventures on FetLife this week, another flame war centered around our favorite malcontent, droning on and on once again about her thinly veiled contempt for the “pros.” It got ugly. It got snarky. And today, she finally erupted, bypassing her usual passive-aggressive approach and blasting us, calling us “pissy, petty, narrow-minded bitches” and “pathetic attention whores,” and saying that no one in the spanking video industry would ever be welcome at one of her parties. Oh, dear. Pardon me while I hang myself over that one. 🙂

John and I were planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend, but that is now on hold. Besides his relentlessly swelling knee, he caught a cold when he went to the HMO last week and hung around several sick people in the waiting room. (sigh) I will never hear the end of that! Anyway, we decided there’s no point in doing anything special when he is feeling so wretched, so we’ll do it the following weekend instead. It’s OK. It’s just a calendar date. As he pointed out, we’re each other’s Valentines year-round. ♥

Have a great weekend, y’all.

Wednesday musings

My mind is off in a dozen directions today, so this blog may be a bit disjointed. I will attempt to weed out the blather and put down some coherent thoughts.

First, I read something just this morning (a quote from a book) that kind of irked me. I am not going to name the book or the author, because I don’t wish to appear that I’m going on a personal attack here. It’s the idea behind what I read that bothers me, not the book itself or its author.

The book is for women, and the subject is how to deal with a husband or boyfriend who has a sexual fetish. I haven’t read it; I just saw some excerpts, but even in those, the message I got was clear: it’s our responsibility to embrace these fetishes and fulfill the desires, if we love our men.

Here is a paragraph that particularly bothered me:

You have a choice: your husband or boyfriend can either be alone with his sexual fetish or you can learn to be the one who fulfills his every sexual need. Choose to reject and you will have a husband or boyfriend who will be secretive and stray. Choose to join in and you’ll have a husband or boyfriend who will be loyal and appreciative.

Is it just me, or is this overly black-and-white? A one-size-fits-all statement? I know from personal experience that this isn’t necessarily true for all. But what about the hundreds of women out there who will read this and feel like they have to do something that they don’t understand/mildly dislike/hate/etc. in order to please their man?

There are a gazillion fetishes out there, and some are more easily fulfilled than others. The author, with this statement, is completely bypassing the third alternative: let your man get his fetish needs met elsewhere, with your blessing.

Of course, the ideal is to learn to fulfill the fetish desires yourself, so your man can stay home and be happy. But life and relationships seldom run along the ideal continuum. I don’t think it’s healthy to send a message that mates (male or female) have to adapt to a partner’s fetish and fulfill it, if it goes against their grain. OK, you can experiment with ropes and blindfolds, with a bit of light spanking, etc. But what about the more hard-core fetishes?

I love John with all my heart. But he likes having things done to him that I couldn’t do in my dreams. Am I a bad girlfriend because I haven’t forced myself to do these things? Is he secretive and miserable? Yeah, yeah, I hear you guys out there. “Not all of us find playing with others outside the relationship acceptable.” OK. But if it’s such a selfish thing to be unable to fulfill your partner’s fetish, isn’t it also selfish to not consider allowing them to fulfill it elsewhere? If someone won’t do either, then that makes things a bit non-negotiable. But there is that third choice, and I don’t think it shouldn’t be ignored in an instructional manual for couples.

Maybe I’m taking this a bit too personally, because it hits close to home. What do you guys think?

EDIT: I do realize this is one lone paragraph, taken out of context. However, some of the surrounding copy seemed similar. And while I take issue with this particular concept, I’m not taking issue with the author. This person is well known and experienced. This is just my gut reaction to the concept that a mate should be expected to embrace and participate in his/her partner’s fetish.

In other news, I spent 5 1/2 hours with my former stepmother S yesterday. We talked and talked and talked, about everything imaginable. My parents. Her parents. Her marriage to my father. Her first husband, who just recently passed away. Show business (more Six Degrees of Hollywood: her ex-husband’s son is one of the directors of The Big Bang Theory, my favorite sitcom). Politics. Euthanasia (we are both staunch believers in it). She had two adorable little dogs (terrier mixes), both rescues, who scrambled all over me, brought me their toys and covered me with kisses.

A random memory I have from when my dad and S were married: They had a set of four sterling silver wine goblets, which they used every night. The glasses had some initials engraved at the bottom. When they split up, S took two of the glasses and left Dad the other two. I asked him what the initials stood for, but he refused to tell me. Soon after that, he got rid of his pair, because Vampira didn’t want him keeping anything that had to do with S. (rolling eyes)

Anyway, I mentioned these glasses to S last night, and she said she still had them! After all these years… I was surprised. She found them in the wet bar area — they were tarnished, but still beautiful. Finally found out what the initials stood for — I thought it was God knows what, the way my dad acted about it, but it turned out to be rather sweet. Then she said, “Would you like to have them?”

Oh. Would I. Kind of silly, I suppose. I don’t drink wine, and the initials on the glasses are from another time, another love. But I cherish them anyway.

As we said goodbye, she hugged and kissed me and said, “I love you.” I blurted, “I just adore you, and I’m so grateful you’re in my life.” I am, truly.

Once home, I found a silver-polishing cloth and spent several minutes buffing the tarnish off the glasses. They are gorgeous; elegant and classy.

Much like S. My beautiful stepmother, still lovely at nearly 81.

Takin’ it for Cane-iac!

Recently, the good folks at Cane-iac wrote and asked if they could send me a few new things, so I could test and review them. Naturally, I said yes, without even asking what was coming my way.

Their package arrived late last week, and I opened it to find the Pink Stripe Rubber Loop Set (two sizes: 12″ and 18″) and the Lexan Paddle OTK, a 12″ paddle sized perfectly for over-the-knee.

(gulp) Rubber? Lexan? I hadn’t experienced Lexan before, and I’d heard it described in many colorful ways, from mild (it’s not very forgiving) to strong (it sucks). But I was determined to be a brave spokesperson and put myself in ST’s capable hands with these beasts beauties. After all, I do believe in this company and their product.

So tonight when ST arrived, I showed him the new toys (and watched his eyes light up, the sadist), and we talked about how we’d handle the testing. I remembered the last time I’d done a demo with their implements, ST had given me a nice long warmup, and as a result, I didn’t get lasting color or any marks. Bravely I suggested that perhaps we should forego the warmup and go straight to the new implements. His eyes lit up even more and his grin was positively diabolical. Of course HE thought that was a good idea.

Off to the bedroom we went. I tried taking a “before” picture, holding all three implements, but as it turned out, they didn’t show up well against my sweater:

So we did this type of before picture instead:

We decided to do 20 strokes of each toy per round, taking pictures in between.

He began with the Jr. (12″) rubber loop, which is a great OTK toy. Without a warmup, the first round with the implements hurt like crazy, but I could still get a clear sense of how each one felt. The rubber loops were very snappy, more of a sting than a thud (which I like), and the loud CRACK they made was impressive. After 20 each of both the Jr. and the Sr. (18″), ST picked up the Lexan paddle.

Perhaps it’s a good thing we weren’t filming. Upon my first taste of Lexan, I used some language that would have been inappropriate for Cane-iac’s site. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Once I acclimated a bit, I realized it had a feel that’s unlike leather or wood. It’s not as thuddy as wood, even though it’s more solid and firm than leather. It has a very crisp sting and a bite upon impact (this particular one is 1/4″ thick). Cane-iac’s Lexan paddle is well made, with smooth, rounded edges and a non-slip vinyl handle. ST wanted me to mention that it felt very good to him (rolling eyes) and it was easy to use.

Here I am after two rounds of 20 with all three (120 strokes total):

We’re just getting started!

Time for another position — instead of on the bed, now it was bent over a chair. By now, I was quite warm and that sweater had to go.

Third set of 20 with all three — bit more color now. And I was stamping and fussing a lot more.

(Big thanks to Zelle for Photoshopping the damn tag out of my bra! ♥)

But wait, there’s more! All three of these toys could be used OTK, even the 18″ loop. So over his lap I went.

We stopped counted the sets of 20; he just whaled away at this point. ST takes his product testing duties very seriously.

After three positions and countless strokes, I’d say we’d done a good test, and all three implements passed, even the Lexan. Once I was warmed up, I sorta kinda didn’t completely hate it. OK, I loved to hate it. Or I hated to love it. Something like that.

So now I have three new additions to my collection, and I would recommend these to anyone who wants something different from the usual. The prices are excellent, and you cannot beat Cane-iac’s customer service or quality of craftsmanship.

My one caveat about the rubber loops? I would say exercise caution about using them anywhere you’re concerned about noise, because they do make a distinctive and loud snap. But as I always say, if your neighbors don’t hear an accompanying shriek, they can’t say for sure what you’re doing. So make sure you stifle your reactions with a pillow or bedspread and you should be fine.

Oh… did you think we were done?

Hell, no. I had to retrieve the rest of my Cane-iac arsenal.

I was so sore after all those, he even let me rub:

However, despite it all, I couldn’t stop giggling. I tried to tell him it was hysteria, but he didn’t buy it. I pushed him a bit too far with this pose — you can’t see it very clearly, but I have my middle finger stuck through the loop:

OK, OK! I’m sorry! Sheeesh… Some people have no sense of humor.

By the way, I broke my Junior rattan cane. I would have taken a picture of it, but we couldn’t find the piece that flew off. Honest to god, we searched all over the bed, on the carpet, under the bed — that damn thing just disappeared. Knowing me, I’ll find it with my bare foot eventually.

Even without a warmup, I didn’t mark. Scary. But ye gods, I’m sore. Happily so, though. I needed this tonight.

(Right, Erica. When do you not need it??)

Thank you, Cane-iac. And thank you, ST, Testing Partner Extraordinaire. 🙂

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