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Father’s Day

Oftentimes on Father’s Day, I have some sort of anecdote about my dad. Today, nothing is coming to mind, but I’m thinking about him just the same. Doubly, because tomorrow would have been his birthday.

So I’ll keep this short and uncharacteristically sweet. To all my friends out there who are fathers (Craig, Wolfie, SecretSpanko, just to name a few), I hope you’ve gotten the proper attention and appreciation today. For those who have fathers and are lucky enough to have good relationships with them, tell them you love them.

Miss you today, Dad. Love you always.

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12 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I hope you have some nice memories to reflect on. *hugs*


  2. Lea — I do, sweetie. Thank you.


  3. I miss my Dad too. Ditto.


  4. Like your mother, you, and your dad, made a handsome family portrait. As for my parents, all of us being holocaust survivor's. they saved my brother, and my life. They were two good good people, and I miss them both.


  5. I miss my folks, too. Dad ended up being a sweet old man. He was 92.In that picture, you do look like your dad, though you had features of your mom, too. And your smile! I recognized that right away. It is a very nice picture and you do have some good memories. Those are the ones to hold on to. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Hi Erica — I am sending much Love and big hug's to you 😦 this pic brought tear's to my eye's 😥 life is so unfair.I Love this pic of you and your dad it's BEAUTIFUL,You were a pretty little girl and you are still very pretty now.Just hold on to the memorie's,that's what i do with the people i have lost.I agree you do look like your dad :-)He look's so proud of you,Who wouldn't be,you are the GREATEST :-)I am honored to call you my best friend.


  7. Thanks, Erica!I was surrounded by three of my four kids, enjoying dim sum, and they actually treated me! A first! I made dinner for Father's Day–something I truly wanted to do. I enjoy cooking–I find it relaxing–and Sunday dinners with the family is a tradition I haven't had time to keep up on much lately. So all in all, some nice moments. Thanks for thinking of me!


  8. Emen — I'm sorry. :-(Six — you all truly lived through hell on earth. I'm glad you had them.Bobbie Jo — I have the same way of raising my left eyebrow as he had. And I have his coloring. Gotta say, I'm glad I didn't get his nose! LOLJade — thank you, sweetie.Craig — so glad you got to spend a nice time with your kids. You deserve it!


  9. If my father was still alive he would be 100 next year. A rather hard man because of his background (his father died in December 1929, meaning he and his brother had to leave high school and go timber cutting so their mother could get "sustenance" payments for herself and their young sister) he still cared a lot about us and made sure we ate well and got educated. A massive heart attack took him at 77.John


  10. John — I'm sorry for your loss. Our parents went through rough times, didn't they. My dad would have been 93 yesterday.


  11. This is a touching tribute, Erica; and thank you for your warm wishes, too. It was a good day! I have fine sons, and granddaughters, and an exceptional dad, and take none of my blessings for granted.


  12. Dave — I'm thinking you're a pretty exceptional dad and granddad yourself. 🙂


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