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Yayy! Finally! :-)

I’m sorry, y’all! But better late than never, right? Mr. D and I are on a learning curve here. He’s been struggling with the file-share thing, plus being super busy with work and his own life (dammit, I hate it when other people’s lives don’t conform to my schedule), and what I should have done was tell him to send the photos first, and not to worry about the clip.

So, we’ll get it all worked out. The poor dear… it seems he has file sharing confused with rocket science. 🙂  (Yes, I know I’m going to pay for that.)


Before we started, he somewhat sheepishly said, “So, I was doing some yardwork…” and held out his hands. Several Band-Aids. Tsk. “So, no hand spanking then, I’m thinking,” I teased. He insisted he could do some, and proceeded to prove it with an OTK warmup.

He’d read my ABCs of spanking. Over and over, apparently. He’d even thought one or two of them were written just for him. (Why do tops always think everything is about them?) For example, my “D = Don’t hurt yourself, darlin’ ” was referring to his very sore arm two weeks ago after we played. Heavens, no. That’s just one of my standard lines! Ask anyone.

No hard acrylic stuff this time. He had a new toy — I guess one would call it a mini-flogger? It could be soft and sensual, but it also packed a wallop. Here’s what it looks like:

Damn stupid underwear tags! I really need to get into the habit of cutting those things off.

We started out with a lot of banter (and giggling on my part). He was quoting a lot of my ABCs: “So, feeling like taking a nap yet?” “Have I learned how to use this implement, do you think?” “Am I even?” He commented that I wasn’t getting red yet, and I said, “Well, maybe if you didn’t stop every five seconds!” (He likes to take mini-breaks; let me think he’s stopping and then start up again. I’m learning his Modus Operandi.)

He also is fond of the phrase, “Excuse me??” Said that many times, in an incredulous tone, at my various smart-ass cracks. I’d loudly reply, “I said…” and repeat the comment. Finally, after he’d said “Excuse me?” for the umpteenth time, I remarked, “You know, you say ‘excuse me’ a lot. Do you have gas?”

You can figure out for yourselves how that went over. 🙂

After a while, he announced that we were taking a brief break. What? No! Don’t stop! “What for?” I blurted. “Because you’re bleeding a little,” he answered.

Huh? How did that happen? Just a tiny spot on my right cheek, but I was really surprised. He went to the kitchen and got some ice from my freezer. When he came back, I was rubbing my right cheek a bit.

“I didn’t say you could do that,” he calmly said. I shrugged, went on rubbing and said, “You didn’t tell me I couldn’t, either.” He sighed. “Don’t move,” and left the room again, returning with lengths of black rope, and tied my hands together in front of me. “I guess you won’t be reaching back there now, huh?”

Gee, ya think?

Not to worry, though. I started getting into the zone, and soon thereafter, my mouth stopped running. Snarkastic words were replaced with moans and sighs. He said he could tell my body language was changing; it was like I’d started melting into the bedspread. And my feet were moving differently. Funny; I’ve never had anyone notice what my feet are doing. But yeah, I guess they are active. I don’t kick, but I curl and uncurl my feet, twist them together, curl up my left heel (never the right; not sure why).

After a long flurry, I was nearly toast. But when he leaned down and whispered, “You want a little more, don’t you,” I nodded my head. “Finish me,” I murmured. He did.

Lovely. The aftercare was lovely too. So gentle.

He keeps saying to me, “I’m not going anywhere.” This time, he added, “And I’m going to keep telling you that until you believe it.” Part of me hates that I’m so transparent, coming off as vulnerable and needy. But it is what it is. Too damn many losses in the past year or so, and I’m finding it hard to believe in much of anything lately. But I’m working on it.

Looking forward to next Monday already. Yesterday and today, I had that delicious soreness. Felt it with every single squat and lunge today at the gym. Cursed and smiled at the same time. 🙂

A couple of quick notes: Remember my post about Tumblr photo sites, and how the pictures are almost never credited? I figure on the rare occasion that I run into one of mine, I’ll simply credit it right here. So, if any of you happened to read Plector’s Tumblr yesterday, and saw this and these? Yup. Yours truly.

And finally… RIP to our blogging friend Tim, who lost his battle with cancer.

Off to the showers with me. I was so eager to post this thing, I ran right to the computer as soon as I walked in the door from the gym. Yes, I’m just that dedicated.

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19 thoughts on “Yayy! Finally! :-)

  1. Hi Erica- Reading this made me laugh and smile.Especially when you said to Mr.D that he excuse's himself a lot,doe's he have gas.HAHAHAHAHA LOL :-)I Love your pic's you look so happy.R.I.P TIM.CANCER SUCK'S THERE NEED'S TO BE A CURE 😦 Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade


  2. I'm so glad to finally read about your spanking Monday! Yay! Seriously, it's my weekly vicarious thrill.D seems really sweet. I loved reading about the aftercare, and I'm so happy that you're enjoying your time together.


  3. Jade — yes, there really does need to be a cure. (sigh)Beth — Mr. D loves aftercare. Lucky, lucky me, huh? 🙂


  4. Oh my what a night! Sounded like that was fun! Just tell Mr. D that a few more weeks of you and his hands will be all toughened up and that yard work will be a piece o' cake.LOL(ps.. I tried my damnedest to post on Tim's blog.. but 15 captcha tries later I just gave up.)


  5. Zelle — wouldn't want him to be too implement-dependent, right? lol


  6. Seems like you had a wonderful time again, Erica! 🙂 That flogger looks really nice. I cross my fingers that the problem with that little bleeding weak spot won't become a permanent one, though.Tim's passing and his last post touched me deeply and I haven't managed to write a comment, yet. But I will do so and I think I am going to write a tribute post, too.


  7. Yay!! Totally worth the wait! But please tell Mr.D now that he's spanking Erica Scott he had duties other than turning your bottom red…your entire readership will start topping from the bottom if these posts keep getting delayed on his account! ;)Out of curiosity, which implement drew blood?I was totally with you in that space at the end…such peace…xo,SC


  8. He's a quick study that one. We better be nice and NOT aid and abet here. :)Sorry about the loss of your friend, Tim.I would have LOVED to see you at the gym. I can squat every day but lunges always do my butt in for at least one day. LOL!


  9. The spanking video I would like to see/hear would be of one of your at home sessions. Professional sound so as not to miss any of your snarkisms. Professional photographer to capture the reaction of the spanker.


  10. I am sure that your new spanker will move up the learning curve fast.Thank you for sharing a great night.Hug,joey


  11. Exactly my point! There's just no real connection between play partners when one is only subjected to wood or leather on the skin — things get so much more personal when skin-to-skin is applied.. as in "hand-to-bottom"!


  12. Definitely worth waiting for. So glad it's going well. Shit, girl, if you can't be needy over something this good what can you be needy for?The underwear tags used to drive me nuts too but now I think they're kinda sweet. And it seems weird cutting them off. That matress warning thing? Idk…


  13. Kaelah — I don't think it will (hope not, anyway!). It seemed to be a tiny flesh nick; I have a little bitty scab there right now, very surface-y. SC — yeah. YOU tell him that. 🙂 It had to be the flogger, because that was the only implement he used.Kelly — I HATE lunges. Passionately. My balance is terrible and I always feel like I'm going to fall on my face. I never do them on my own; only when a class instructor dictates!OBB — yup, I'd like to see that too. I would enjoy seeing the look on Mr. D's face whenever he says, "ExCUSE me??"joey — I believe he will, yes.Zelle — I totally agree. I have one hard a#$, though. It takes some seriously built-up hands to deal with it. :-DEmen — I hate neediness. It flies in the face of independence, which is what I've always prided myself on maintaining. But… I'm only human. And losses do me in.


  14. Why do tops think everything is about them? That is one of life's unanswerable questions. My left foot tends to kick up or curl as well. Maybe it's a left hander thing? It sounds like you too are getting in the groove quickly!


  15. Lea — interesting; it could very well be a leftie thing. It's always my left foot!


  16. glad it seems that y'all are developing a spanking relationship where he understands you and what you want, and can deliver. I'd think within the confines of something like this would be the perfect time for someone that prides herself in independence to give in to and embrace her inner neediness. (And I bet he'd get satisfaction in meeting those needs.)


  17. SS — I believe he does. 🙂 And you're right, this is the time for it. It's just hard for me to allow myself to need people; so much easier when I don't. Then it doesn't hurt when they go away.


  18. Sounds like you had a fun night Erica. Happy it's going so well.Have a great weekend.Love,Ronniexx


  19. Ronnie — thanks, you too! 🙂


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