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Excited? Who’s excited?

I AM!!!!!!!!!

Some people are already in Vegas. We will probably be arriving just about this time, two days from now.

Rental car booked? Check. Hotel reservation and tickets? Check check. Snacks for the room? Yup. Nerves? checkcheckcheckcheckcheck to infinity.

I can’t help it. It’s just what I do. I worry about everything that can go wrong, that will keep us from getting there. Last year, I heard about how a fire started on the Cajon Pass and the freeway was closed… a mere two hours after we drove through it. Stuff like that gives me a heart attack.

John will say, “When have we not gotten there?” And I’ll reply, “Never, but there’s always a first time!” Poor John. The things he puts up with.

But nerves aside, I am so, so looking forward to this. It’s funny… it used to be that I looked forward to tons and tons of spanking, as much as possible with as many men as possible. In recent years, my focus has changed. I still love the play, but what I relish most is seeing all my friends and meeting new ones. The sheer joy of being among hundreds of spankos.

(the ladies will relate to this part; the men can skip it)

The all-important Friday and Saturday night outfits have been selected! I managed to score a fabulous new dress for a whopping $18. Yesterday, I tore my bedroom apart, trying on clothes, pairing dresses with panties, stockings and shoes, choosing this, rejecting that. And of course, must have spares for everything. I must remember my PJs, because there’s a pajama party on Sunday night. Also shorts and tops, comfortable shoes (one can stand on high heels only so long), and of course, panties, panties and more panties. A spanking bottom woman cannot have too many pairs of panties at a weekend party. I’m even bringing a garter belt and stockings for Saturday night, much as I don’t like hassling with them. After all, John will be there to fasten the garters for me. (It’s a tough job, but he’s willing to fall on the sword.)

And if I didn’t already have enough to be excited about, I had a long phone chat today with someone I haven’t talked with in years — Bethany, from Spanking Epics/Bethany’s Woodshed/Blushing Books. She wants to distribute my books! Her publishing company is doing very well and this would be a fabulous opportunity for me to bring my books back into the spotlight a bit, particularly Late Bloomer. It’s such a weird niche book — part scene, part autobiography, part sad stuff and part sexy stuff — and I never really knew how to market it. Perhaps with Bethany behind it, it will do better. I hope so!

I have sent her all the files, and I’ll let you guys know when everything is up. Also, she’s going to prepare a blog interview for me. This is very cool! I loved working with Bethany and her husband when I shot for Spanking Epics years ago. They treated me very well and I’m thrilled to be in touch with them again. 🙂

So, I’m off to the gym to blow off some nervous energy. For those who have already arrived, don’t party too much without us! We’re coming!

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14 thoughts on “Excited? Who’s excited?

  1. I will see you there! With my best hand on!


  2. Craig — feed it some Wheaties! 🙂


  3. Girl! You're in game shape. Everything is prepared, very good. NOW you can chill for the next day. If you're allowed to take pics, please do so if you feel up to it. You're staying until Monday? Good luck with the book marketing. Sounds like you have quality assistance. 🙂


  4. Have a safe ride. I am looking forward to saying hello.


  5. Kelly — oh, but I still have to pull everything together and pack and wash my hair and put tanning stuff on and pick up soda because I forgot it and and and and… (sigh)We leave early Monday morning. Pictures are dicey; not allowed in the ballroom unless you're a vendor, and people freak out when they see them in the rooms. But I'll be judicious.joey — me too!


  6. Hi Erica — Wish i could go to the SL party so i could get spanked and to party with you and John :-)I know you will have a GREAT time, i can't wait to read about it and to see the pic's if you take some.Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade


  7. Jade — I promise I'll have a full report for you. 🙂


  8. I haven't even packed yet! I'll probably do it all tomorrow night since I have to hit the road early Friday morning. Having 20 pairs of panties for 2 or 3 days is ridiculous, isn't it? Ah, the things we do for this kink. 😉 So excited to meet you soon!


  9. Lea — I don't pack until the last minute either. I pull things together in a heap on the bedroom floor as I think of them, but don't actually put them in a bag until Friday morning. And yes, all those panties are ridiculous, but necessary! 😀 Can't wait to meet you!


  10. It looks like the stars are no longer lining up for me :*( I can't wait to read your party reports… they're always so great and hopefully I'll be able to join you someday!Happy Spanking!xo,SC


  11. In case I don't pop over tomorrow – have a blast Erica. Great news on the book.Love,Ronniexx


  12. SC — aw, no! 😦 I'm so sorry. I was looking forward to meeting you.Ronnie — we will, thanks! 😀


  13. Very excited for you 🙂


  14. Emen — thanks! 🙂


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