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Birthday greetings!

Today (10/5) is John’s birthday. He’s at work right now, but I’ll be seeing him this evening. Happy birthday to my sweetheart! No big plans for the weekend; John is my polar opposite when it comes to birthdays. He hates the fanfare and the attention, while I suck it all up eagerly and want more. I think I’ve told this story before, but it’s classic John: Several years ago, I ordered a festive balloon bouquet to be delivered to him at his workplace. After the fact, he carefully said to me, “That was very sweet of you, and I appreciate it. Thank you, sweetie. Now please, never do anything like that again.”

It’s also rather challenging buying gifts for him, since he’s much more into giving presents than getting them. So I tend to stick to the three tried-and-true things I know he’ll always like: books, CDs (nope, he hasn’t gotten on the mp3 bandwagon yet), and shirts. He loves Ernest Hemingway (he says I write like Hemingway; I seriously doubt that), so I got him a biography about the man’s later life, which he spent much of on a beloved boat (and John is a sailing fanatic). I also got him some classical CDs. And I’ll try buying him dinner, but he probably won’t let me. (Yeah, I know. I should make him dinner. I should do a lot of things. Like learn how to enjoy cooking.)

Also, a belated greeting (from 10/4) to one of my favorite people ever, Danny Chrighton, my former play partner extraordinaire. A wonderful friend who saw right through me from the getgo, declaring that there was a soft center beneath my blustering and sarcastic exterior. While others say I’m strong, he was the first to call me fragile. He knew.

I miss you, D! I hope you had a huge slab of pecan pie and a bacon martini to celebrate.

For those who have been asking/wondering about Mr. D, I caught up with him today. His neighbor is now on 24-hour hospice at home. His mind is still sharp, but his body is slowly shutting down, so it’s a matter of time. Very sad.

Regarding next week, he gave me a choice: a limited time on Monday, or a longer time on Tuesday. I chose Tuesday. But I’m afraid to get my hopes up and count on it. So I’ll just say “we’ll see.”

To end on a happy note: Last night I was watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and they did a spoof of the Romney/Obama debate, with the focus of the spoof being Jim Lehrer’s (the moderator) lame job of keeping control and enforcing the debate rules. So, this is completely non-partisan, I promise. But it made me laugh so hard, my stomach hurt. If you’d like to watch, it’s here. (Warning: it IS a bit on the rude side.) Enjoy, and have a great weekend, y’all.

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13 thoughts on “Birthday greetings!

  1. Erica,Please wish John a happy birthday from me. Hug,joey


  2. joey — I will, and thank you. 🙂


  3. Yes, please do the same and wish him a big Happy Birthday from me as well. We'll have to do dinner soon!Craig


  4. The same goes for me re: John.It sounds like you have a great next few days in store for you and the birthday guy. I think balloons are very cute. 🙂


  5. Craig — yes!Kelly — I thought so too, but he found them embarrassing. Go figure.


  6. Hi Erica — PLEASE wish John a very Happy Birthday from me too :-)I wish you both a wonderful weekend.That is sad about Mr.D's neighbor 😦 It's alway's something.A happy birthday to Danny Chrighton too :-)I think John would enjoy a piece of chocolate birthday cake,you both LOVE chocolate :-)Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade oo


  7. Jade — I'm thinking about stopping at our favorite bakery (it's on the way to John's) picking up a German chocolate cupcake, and sticking a candle in it. I think he'll be OK with that as long as I don't do it in a restaurant! LOL


  8. A) Happy Birthday to John. B) so sweet of you with the baloons! Glad John was able to find a way to be tactful about it, not many people are. C) If you're stumped for ideas, you could consider what re called 'living gifts' I think its an Oxfam idea, but there would HVE to be somewhere in America that does it. You can give money towards building a well in Africa, or something similar. (I think $35 would buy three chickens, which would provide a family in need with eggs, and meat. Or $50 would buy a goat, which would provide milk and free lawnmowing–not that that detail was in the brochure, but…) Anyway, if John seems to prefer giving to receiving, do one of those things in his name. They send you a gift card which you can then pass on to John, stating what was purchased/donated towards, and how it will help a community. World Vision do them, too, just incase the US has World Vision


  9. I don't usually watch late night TV. I watch TV late at night sometimes, but rarely the scheduled programs. This clip was FUNNY! I'm still reeling from disappointment in Obama's performance at the debate and hope that he gets it together for the next one! I'd really prefer not to see Romney get elected because he's more gifted at gab.Hope you and John are having a lovely weekend. 🙂


  10. Terri — that is a very nice idea. Thing is, John already gives inordinate amounts of money to Sierra Club, Greenpeace and several others. And he buys very generous gifts for others. So I'm always striving for ways to give him something that's just for him, but won't make him uncomfortable.Dana — I confess to being a Tonight show/Late Night junkie from way back. Even as a kid, I used to look forward to being able to watch Johnny Carson during the summer months. I've watched that clip about 10 times now and it still makes me howl!


  11. Erica,Please forward my birthday wishes to John! It sounds like Mr. D is going to make it up to you next Tuesday! Can't wait to hear all about it!xo,SC


  12. Happy belated birthday to John! Hope you both got to have a nice night together. I hope things work out with Mr. D on Tuesday.


  13. SC — oh gawd, I sure hope so.Lea — thanks; we did! I must say, the German chocolate cupcake was brilliance on my part. 😀


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