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Woo hoo! I’m on Blushing Books!

Nope, no session post this week, kids. Mr. D’s neighbor passed away over the weekend, and he is helping the family deal with contents of the house and so forth. His head is not in play mode, and I totally get that. I’m relieved that the poor guy isn’t in pain anymore, but I’m sorry Mr. D is mourning the loss of a friend. I’ll be glad to welcome him back next week. I guess as timing goes, it worked out. I’m feeling kind of weird anyway; my stomach is acting up. And I have a mild toothache. Trying to talk myself out of the latter, convince myself it isn’t really there and I’m imagining things. I so don’t want to go to the @#$%ing dentist. I keep messing with it, swishing cold water over it. Maybe if I keep doing that, it will get desensitized! (yeah, right…)

Meanwhile, as some of you already know, I have some fun news: Late Bloomer is now on the Blushing Books site! It’s lovely to be in contact and collaborating with Bethany again. I think BB will be re-releasing What Happens to Naughty Girls? too, which would be great, since for whatever reason, it’s not on Amazon anymore (although Late Bloomer still is). Frankly, I’m confused as to how the whole online book distribution thing works these days, which is why I’m glad I’m in good hands. I’m hoping this extra exposure will give my sales a boost.

I’m still thinking about writing a purely fiction kink book. Problem is, everyone and their mother is doing the same thing right now. I’d have to make sure I did something reasonably original. I’ll have to think about it some more, I guess.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last blog, or wrote to me privately. I honestly wasn’t seeking reassurance, but you all gave me plenty of it and I appreciate it. And I like some of your ideas, too. Rest assured, I’m not going to change much of anything. You know how I hate change. It’s good to know the rants and observations and stories are still welcome. And I probably will dwell into FetLife’s annoyances more. There is a great deal of humor and rant fodder there! Still love my friends there, though. 🙂

One of my pals and I had synchronized head-banging-on-desk tonight when some kid wrote about all the lessons we need to be “tought” [sic] and how we wont [sic] be able to sit down. And then someone else came in from left field and said we weren’t being nice, that spelling and grammar have nothing to do with someone’s ability to spank. I beg to differ, I said. Do you really want to entrust your body to someone who can’t communicate past a fourth-grade level? She wrote back, saying that he’s a man, and most men can’t spell.

Say WHAT??? Oh, my head. Hey, I may not be nice, but at least I didn’t insult an entire gender.

Enough of this malarkey. 😉  I may not have been spanked tonight, but I still need chocolate. And some Advil.

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14 thoughts on “Woo hoo! I’m on Blushing Books!

  1. That is truly wise insight. I hope you had your chocolate. Well-deserved, this time.


  2. Erica, I love chocolate too. Hot chocolate. Each night before I retire I have a cup of this delicious drink. Did you know it is supposed to give you a more sexual erotic appetite. Possible, a more spankable one also. XXX Luv ya.


  3. Hey, eyez a man and I speek god!Okay, seriously though, I'm a bit insulted. Most men can't spell? Screw you anonymous forum lady.Erica, congratulations on the additional book promotion. And I love your idea of writing your own kinky fiction. The one thing it would have over every other kinky fiction book out there is it would be realistic. Okay, that and the main female character would have something more interesting to say than "Oh, my!" Write it. Write it now! Please?


  4. MrJ — I did! Hershey's Nuggets with almonds, to be precise.Six — I loved the hot chocolate of my youth: whole milk, cocoa, sugar, and gooey marshmallows. The adult version (Nestle's 20-calorie Fat-Free) doesn't quite cut it. (sigh)Anonymous — I know, right? One of the things I noticed when Mr. D first contacted me was that he knew the difference between "its" and "it's." Yes, these things impress me. 🙂


  5. Congrats on the book being available somewhere new!


  6. Lea — thanks! BB has a large fan base, so I am hoping to reach some new readers.


  7. Most men can spel deelishusly.


  8. Craig — well, some, anyway. 🙂


  9. I am very happy for you Erica. I hope being listed on BB will help get your book out to more people.I guess we both have things happening so hang in there. I got a laugh today. 🙂


  10. Bobbie Jo — laughs are good. I definitely need to find myself some distractions this week and stay out of trouble. 🙂


  11. YAY good for you Erica :-)I am so happy your book is on BB.I hope you feel better UGH 😦 I just came home from the hospital about 2 hour's ago,they found out what was wrong :-)NO needle's or iv's this time YAY,there was some other pain but not that anyway's.I Love hershey's with almond's YUMMY :-)I like Reese's cup's too.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade xoxo


  12. Jade — glad you're going to be OK.


  13. Good for you. The more exposure for that book the better. It was a great read and even more readers will find this out in due time.I logged on to FL briefly before heading off to work this morning and about died laughing re: your 4th grader remark. Actally I had an irritating work day yet managed to sporadically chuckle over your comment. The people who were countering what you said are goading idiots. They seemed like they were spoiling for a fight especially when the one actually tallied…AND remarked upon the supposed spelling errors from one of the women criticizing the OP.See crap like that is why I avoid posting at times. I'm afraid I'm ALL too willing to engage the jerks. I REALLY need an attitude adjusting spanking, dont ya think?! 🙂


  14. Kelly — sometimes, engaging idiots is a fun sport. But yeah, one has to choose their battles wisely! LOL I noticed that the woman who was arguing with me the most kept saying "Im." I had to sit on my hands to keep from replying, "Im is not a word, you twit."


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