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Interview with "Someone’s Gonna Get It"

When Andy from the “Someone’s Gonna Get It” blog wrote to me and requested an interview, my first thought was, “What could I possibly say that I haven’t said 15 times before? People will yawn.” But then I remembered that there are always new readers coming along, and there’s always going to be some little nugget of information I haven’t shared before.

Besides, how could I resist someone who called me lovable and spankable? (click on the red phrase for the interview)

I had sent him a few pictures, also giving him the OK to take some others from my blog if he so desired. He found some I’d completely forgotten about, including a really goofy one from last Christmas. You’ll no doubt recognize some of the others in the photos: Sarah Gregory, Pixie, Richard Windsor, “Tubaman” Paul, and Danny Chrighton.

Thank you very much, Andy. 😀

In other news, my dentist couldn’t find a blessed thing wrong with my tooth. He poked and prodded, took x-rays, blew air in there, but detected nothing. So he sent me home with Sensodyne toothpaste and told me to use that for a month. Weird. Maybe I just aggravated a nerve or something. In any case, I’m greatly relieved. Not only am I terrified of dental work, but I’m rather terrified of how much $$$$$ it costs, too.

And I’m still marked and sore from Monday, thankyouverymuch.

Hope everyone’s having a good week so far.

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15 thoughts on “Interview with "Someone’s Gonna Get It"

  1. Sounds like people will have something new to hear–even if it's just new to them! I'm sure you'll have some new gem or tidbit you haven't shared before.Glad things went well at the dentist, BTW.


  2. But, Erica, where is the interview? Is there a link in there somewhere? Maybe it hasn't happened yet?And I'm new. maybe he'll ask you some of the stuff I've wanted to.Cindy


  3. Craig — me tooooo!Cindy — yup, there's a link embedded in the phrase in red: "lovable and spankable"; just click on that. (I just added that instruction to avoid any further confusion.) 🙂


  4. I'm heading right on over to enjoy the interview.My dentist recommended Sensodyne too, years ago. I've had no problems with hot and cold food and drink ever since.Hugs,Hermione


  5. Nice job, thanks, loved it. Ah, sensodyne, excellent but will tell you once you start, you have to continue, I have used it for years, but if I do not for a few days, pain comes back. Happy, hate dentists.Also assume you will be sore and marked for a few more days. Nice spanking you got!ThanksRon


  6. Hermione — hope you liked it!Ron — I usually fade quickly, so it's kinda fun to have lasting reminders. 🙂


  7. Do you know if maybe you grind or clench your teeth at night while sleeping. I had some issues with tooth pain, and that turned out to be the case for me. My dentist created a minimalist bite plate for me, and I rarely have tooth sensitivity anymore. (He also prescribed Sensodyne toothpaste).


  8. Yay for the tooth non issue.Very informative and interesting interview. I totally agree on the chemisty and attraction to a spanking partner. It typically is NOT sexual attraction but I still appreciate people who take care of their appearances. My main spanker preference is F/F-I know…GAG to you! LOL!!! I own that video where you topped and NOW have to die laughing at your disdain. You were convincing as a scolding mama. :)I have a dominant personality and even ventured into switching w both men and other women. I had fun but don't want to make a habit of that. And let me just say this…Pixie may LOOK and SEEM sweet, but that girl is pure unbridled EVIL when she gets a hold of a strap or heavy frat paddle! Stay very very far away from her. LOL!!!


  9. That was ME above. LOL!


  10. Dana — funny you should ask. I've worn a custom-made bite plate when I sleep since I was in my 20s, as I do grind my teeth. One would think I'm a stressed-out person or something…Kelly — Ha! I knew that was you! :-DUGH! Convincing, huh? I guess I did "top-speak" pretty well, since I was essentially parroting stuff I've heard. But I was a wimp!


  11. Hi Erica — I am so happy that everything went well for you, at the dentist,that is GREAT news 🙂 I Love your interview it was AWESOME and your pic's are nice too,I saw that video of you that Kelly is talking about :-)You were NOT a wimp at all, YOU ROCKED,even though you are not a spanker,I think you would make a GREAT one :-)Much Love and hug's from Naughty Girl Jade


  12. Jade — I appreciate that. 🙂 But it ain't gonna happen!


  13. Well said and nice thoughts.Ron


  14. Great interview! I've had tooth pain bothering me for the last year. The dentist can't find a damn thing on Xrays and has tried to work with it purely based on where I describe the pain is. The filling in that tooth has been redone twice and I still have the pain. I was told the only thing left to do might be a root canal. I've avoided it so far because of the pain and cost involved. Ugh.


  15. Lea — maybe a crown? Still expensive, though, but not as expensive as a root canal and THEN a crown. Ugh.I've only had one root canal so far. I'm trying to keep it that way. Not fun.


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