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Weekend recap

So how was your holiday weekend? (Or, for those not in the U.S., your weekend, period?) Who ate their brains out? (I didn’t.) Who braved Black Friday? (I didn’t. But if they ever have a Black-and-Blue Friday, I’m in.) Who saw a movie? (I did!)

I capped off my perfect Thursday by watching “The Artist.” We never got around to seeing it in the theater. Now I know why it won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor last year. Holy moly, what a movie. If you by some chance still haven’t seen it, by any means, do. It’s fabulous.

Friday mid-afternoon, I headed for John’s and we hung out that night, went out for sushi.

Yesterday, we went to a matinee of “Lincoln.” I was shocked when we walked into the theater — it was completely packed! I figured it would be crowded, but not overly so. We couldn’t even sit together — there was nothing but single seats left. Oh well. It was a well-done movie, brilliantly acted, but I confess, I’m not a history buff and I didn’t know who was whom and what was going on half the time. OK, I know who Abraham Lincoln was (duh), that he abolished slavery and he was assassinated. Other than that, I think I slept through my history classes in school. John, however, knew everything about it and said everything was remarkably accurate. He knew all the little inside stories and was able to explain it all to me when we went to dinner after the movie. It’s an excellent film, but if you’re expecting a lot of action, a lot of Civil War footage, etc., you won’t get that. Although there was one scene of a gigantic pit filled with severed limbs that made me turn my head.

I was sad to hear that Larry Hagman had died; another childhood icon gone. He was best known for playing J.R. Ewing on “Dallas,” but I’ll always remember him most fondly as Major Nelson on “I Dream of Jeannie.” (And no, he never did spank Jeannie, even though she gave him fits on a regular basis. But he did threaten her once.)

“Dallas” was one hell of a show, though, even though I got tired of it and stopped watching after a few years. The “Who Shot J.R.?” episode is the second-most watched TV episode in all of television history. (Who knows what #1 is?)

Today we went to brunch as usual. Since I’d passed on Thanksgiving dinner, I felt absolutely no compunction about stuffing my face with pancakes. πŸ™‚

It’s that time of year again! (no, not all that Xmas s***. Way more important!) It’s time for Spanking Spot’s annual spanko awards. He’s been collecting nominations for the past couple of weeks, and now the voting has begun. First up is the category “Best Facial Expression During a Spanking,” and all the other categories will be put up, one by one, over the coming days.

This year, he’s doing something a little different. Before, there was only one “Best Spanking Blogger” category, and of course, Chross easily won every year, his votes far and above all the others. This time, there are two categories: “Best Spanking Blog — News” and “Best Spanking Blog — Creative.” Chross will win in News (deservedly so!), but now we can have a competition among the rest of us in Creative.

I was nominated last year, but don’t know if I made the cut this year. Guess I’ll find out soon enough, huh?

And speaking of my blog — this post is #498. What shall I write about for #500?

Back to the gym tomorrow. Sadly, no Mr. D, but I will see him on Tuesday instead. Can’t wait! I need my fix!

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15 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. We plan on seeing Lincoln too. We are both interested in history – Ron more so than I – and I am especially eager to see how Mrs. Lincoln is portrayed, since she had BPD and so does my mother.I only remember Larry Hagman from I Dream of Jeannie – never watched Dallas. I could Google the answer, but my guess for the #1 watched TV show was the last episode of M*A*S*H.Hugs,Hermione


  2. With the TV show trivia, I think it might depend on whether we're talking percentage of the popular or raw numbers. Population goes up over time… The last episode of Sienfeld probably ranks up there.For the 500th post I suggest a look back. Perhaps you could write about "things I wish I'd known when I got started in the spanking scene". Or "things I want to do before I hit post 1,000".


  3. I LOVED "Dallas" for many many years-up until the last 2 or 3 seasons. I used to imitate the dialogue, especially Sue Ellen's lines because she and J.R. were my main fave characters. LOL!With all the broads he banged you'd think his cock was made of gold! πŸ™‚ I also think the "Mash" series finale was the most watched program.


  4. Erica,Was sad to hear of Larry Hagman's death. I used to always watch Dallas. Haven't watched any of the new series though.I think I'd agree with Hermione and Kelly – M.A.S.H most watched.Love,Ronniexx


  5. Erica,I once attended a play by Eugene O'Neill at Ford's Theater in DC and visited the room nearby where Lincoln died. I am looking forward to seeing the movie. I will miss Larry Hagman. He was terrific on both versions of Dallas. BTW. There was a marathon of The Honeymooners during the weekend in NY. I am looking forward to post 500.Hug,joey


  6. Hermione — you're right, it's M*A*S*H. Sally Field did an excellent job as Mary Lincoln. Bit of trivia — she had to push hard and audition for that role, since she's 20 years older than Mrs. Lincoln was at the time of Lincoln's death. But she pulled it off.Anonymous — yes, the finale of Seinfeld is probably up there, as well as the final episode of Friends.Kelly — I was hooked on it all through the "who shot J.R." story line and a little beyond, but then I got tired of it. A lot of talent on that show over the years!Ronnie — I watched the pilot episode of the new Dallas, but didn't care for it. None of the new characters resonated with me, and the old characters were just… well, old. (sigh)joey — a little of the Honeymooners went a long way with me. Never was a big Jackie Gleason fan. But I confess I still watch the Burns and Allen show on Antenna TV.


  7. I don't know if everything which was put in the nominations comment thread ends up as a voting option for the spanking awards, since the choices listed in that thread and the ones voted upon for the first category aren't identical, but I nominated your blog. πŸ™‚


  8. I'm sad about Larry Hagman as well. Never watched Dallas but loved I Dream of Jeannie. I remember when he threatened to spank her. Disappointed he never did. I knew MASH was the number one show. Here is another bit of MASH trivia. Even though he is an accomplished drummer Gary Burghoff (Radar) has a deformed hand. Something that would have kept him out of the military. So he was always holding a clip board to hide it from the audience view. Just like they had to hide Barbara Eden's belly button. As for blog number 500 I have no idea what it should be about. But there needs to be cake. Jon


  9. Alex — thank you! You're so sweet. β™₯Jon — Chross has that clip of the spanking threat on his blog. If anyone could find it, he could! I'd forgotten how funny it is.


  10. HiNice homey post, love it. We saw Lincoln, very impressive movie with a ton of information I did not know. Not the fastest movine film and thought some of the oratory on the floor was a tad over the top. Was a good movie but let's face it, the ending s historic for all of us. Wonderful.I loved Flight, Denzel at his absolute best. Also Argo is a winner.The spanking threat is a classic and yes he was wonderful as JR!!Nice posting my friend, thank you.AlwaysRon


  11. Ron — Lincoln was indeed very talky. With the exception of a couple of scenes, it could have been a stage play. But they were amazingly accurate with the details (I did read the IMDB entry for the goofs. There weren't many.).


  12. Movies and sushi? Sounds like the perfect weekend!I say tomorrow should be "Two-Times-Two-Fifty-Tuesday" and Mr. D can give you a swat for every post of your blog! Pics or it didn't happen ;)xo,SC


  13. Ooh I want to go out for sushi again. Sounds like a nice weekend! I got in some family time with the side I like and had a lot of other fun adventures as well. It was a long and busy weekend. My friend warned me not to see Lincoln (though she raved that she loved it) because she knows my tastes in movies and that I'd probably find it boring. I already see it winning all the awards this year. I have found that movies that win awards tend to be long and depressing with bizarre or horrid endings. Not my taste.


  14. SpankCake — oh, you're a big help. :-)Lea — did you see "The Artist"? That won for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor last year, and it was one of the most joyfully fun movies I've seen in a long time. But yeah… the Academy tends to go for dreadfully serious (and violent) a lot of the time.


  15. Oh agree and yes great analogy, could have been an awesome Broadway play. Well done, thanks.AlwaysRon


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