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Love Me or Lieb Me

The lovely SpankCake nominated me for the Liebster Award that’s been making the blogosphere rounds. Her post title was a pun (A Lieb of Faith). She also nominated Secret Spanko, who posted with his own punny title (Can’t Lieb Her Hangin’). I couldn’t be outdone, pun-wise, could I? Of course not.

Anyway, I do believe SC was right when she said pretty much everyone has been included already, so, even though I’m supposed to nominate 11 other bloggers, I’m going to pass on that. However, I’m more than happy to answer SC’s 11 questions.

1. What inspired your first step into the spanking world?
Reading about Shadow Lane in the back of Cosmopolitan magazine.

2. What scene defines your ultimate fantasy?
Because I love the damsel-in-distress fantasy as well as spanking, it would have to be the handsome, sinister stranger showing up, putting me in restraints and having his spanking way with me.

3. Do you enjoy spanking/being spanked anywhere other than a/your bottom?
Well, since you asked — IMNSHO, spanking is spanking when it’s on the bottom (or uppermost upper thighs), and anywhere else, it’s hitting. I love (almost) full-body deerskin flogging, but strike my feet, hands, boobies or private bits and I can’t be held responsible for my reflexive reaction.

4. How do you feel about tears and spanking?
When I’m with someone I trust and I can fully let go and cry tears of emotional catharsis, it is nirvana.

5. Does anything intimidate you? Spanking related or not?
Actually, many things intimidate me. But to name one — cops. I don’t find cops sexy. Too many of them are corrupt (I do live in Los Angeles; I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of the LAPD). Plus, there’s just something a wee bit scary about a man who has the legal right to blow my head off with a gun.

EDIT: To the good cops out there, please don’t take offense. Bad experiences, and ugly stories in the local news, are behind my feelings, not the police in general. πŸ™‚

6. What gets your blood flowing? Spanking related or not?
Spanking related: The look and sound of a man’s belt being removed. A raised eyebrow and beckoning finger. Watching sleeves being rolled up. Non-spanking related: Passionate kissing. A man’s mouth anywhere on my neck. A deep, sexy, desire-roughened voice.

7. Name three things off your bucket list.
Like SS, I was confused as to whether this meant three things on the list, or three things I took off the list due to accomplishing them. I’ll go the opposite way he did and assume it’s three things still on.

a. Meeting and playing with this guy:

b. Writing another book.

c. Winning the lottery.

8. What is your favorite film? Favorite book?
Can’t name just one of either, so I’ll go with a few. Movies: A Hard Day’s Night, Singin’ in the Rain, Sound of Music, Shawshank Redemption, Edward Scissorhands, A Night at the Opera. Books: The Lovely Bones, Gone With the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, My Sister’s Keeper. Special mention to my favorite childhood book: The Phantom Tollbooth.

9. What will be written on your epitaph?
Couldn’t sing, couldn’t dance, didn’t cook. Had a nice ass.

10. Marcia, Jan and Cindy… which one do you fuck, marry and kill?
ROFL!! Are you kidding me?!?
OK, let me put it this way. Even if I did decide to join the other team, it wouldn’t be for one of these twits. So, regarding the prom queen, the whiner and the annoying little twitlet, I say death to ’em all.

11. What would be your Groundhog’s Day… a day to be lived over and over again?
Such a great question, and so many choices. The first two that jump to mind: 1. the night I first met John, which changed my life, and 2. the first time he took me out for my birthday, which was possibly the most romantic date of my life.

Thanks, SpankCake! πŸ˜€

By the way, I’m still at post #498. I deleted one post from October that was pretty dull and had very few comments. That way, my play with Mr. D tomorrow can be #499, and I can still save #500 for something unique. The floor is still open for suggestions!

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21 thoughts on “Love Me or Lieb Me

  1. Once again I'm honored to be mentioned in the same post as you are. As cheesey as it is, I had fun answering them, and had fun reading your answers too. Thanks again to SpankCakes for putting us up to it.p.s. I think, if you can make it work, post #500 should be a video. But I know that that can be a pain, and if so… I'd love to see you try your hand at fiction- a little fantasy. Let your readers in to the inner spanking slut that is Erica and what she fantasizes about. (just a thought).p.p.s. this is the 1st time in awhile that I've seen your blog on the computer with a wide screen, and not on my phone- that background of poppies… I cant get over it- they look like vulvas with a little bit of stubble!Missed you!


  2. SS — you sick @#$%, you've desecrated my poppies. πŸ˜‰ And yes, I missed you too.Video would be fabulous, I agree. However, there is an issue with Mr. D's camera when it's in video mode — the sound ends up WAY out of sync from the picture. Annoying.


  3. I *so* agree with you on so many points… tears, cops, belts, kissing, neck kissing, the lottery… Phantom Tollbooth!! Hells yeah!Thanks for amusing me… I loved your answers! I can't wait to hear all about tomorrow, and I can't wait to see what #500 brings… what a treat!xo,SC


  4. SC — right? Coolest book ever? Spell out your dinner and eat your words! The noise monster, the AWFUL DYNNE! πŸ˜€


  5. Ooh, another fan of the Phantom Tollbooth here.That is an intense picture!


  6. Ana — isn't it, though? That's "Uncle Eric" (Eric Strickman in videos). We've had correspondence and even talked on the phone, but never met.


  7. Erica,First, thanks to SC for great questions. Second, I love your sense of humor. Your answers to 9 and 10 were roll on the floor funny. Thank you,joey


  8. About all we know about LA cops are what we see in the movies and when we drive around the city. We agree the motor patrol does look a bit intimidating and not at all like Eric Estrada. But, consider that without police the security you enjoy would melt away in hours.Bacall's father is a retired policeman who never drew his weapon.She says to send 7a over after you finish with him.


  9. Congratulations on the nomination, it is well deserved.Just wanted to say, as a cop, we aren't all that scary and don't bite. At least, after I have my coffee.


  10. I think you should expect Mr. D to accommodate your answer to No. 2. :-PYou will have a good time tonight and I enjoyed your answers to the questions. Just a little more of who Erica is. :-DFor your 500th post, you can always surprise us with something. I don't know what, but maybe you can think of something. πŸ™‚


  11. joey — always happy when I can make people laugh!OBB — oh, I know. I meant no offense to the good cops. Have known, and known of, some bad ones is all.Mike — I'll bet you're a nice cop. πŸ™‚ So, if you were called to my boyfriend's house on a domestic call (we were playing and forgot to shut the window), you wouldn't point a gun at him? (yup, really happened) He also frisked me thoroughly, and I was supposedly the "victim." Bobbie Jo — I have a feeling I'm going to wimp out and do something unoriginal for #500. I simply can't come up with anything spectacular.


  12. Wow, just another terrific post, thank you for sharing. I agree with the police comment, and well always remember men in blue, a few bad apples can ruin our impression of you but also I do admire the police for the most part…impossible job. Sorry about your experience.Loed the commentary especially about what excites you, love the comment about the kiss and well, just hot. You are an amazing lady, so intelligent and so well delving into feelings. Great post, thanks for sharing.AlwaysRon


  13. I'm sorta joking here, but for #500 how about you list 500 of your likes and or dislikes! πŸ™‚


  14. Ron — power does tend to corrupt some. Personally, my heroes are firefighters.Kelly — LOL! Yes, it would be very easy for me to bitch about 500 things, wouldn't it?


  15. Erica, I liked your epitaph. I sure give a pass to your ass. For it is 'cute', and a 'beaut'.


  16. Six — thank you. πŸ™‚


  17. Ha! Nice headstone! Regarding question 2, I feel like I've seen that video. There was you, and a Villain…


  18. Lea — you are correct! It's still my favorite fantasy. πŸ™‚


  19. I of my dear friends, fire fighter, volunteer died during the hurricane, tree fell on him while he was trying to clear a path for the fire truck to get to a fire…yes my dear, true hero!AlwaysRon


  20. Erica! The Phantom Tollbooth is one of my favorite books too. I must of read it at least 10 times during the course of my middle school career. I completely fluttershy yayed when I read that!


  21. Alisha — this is so cool! So many people seem to share my love for Phantom Tollbooth. I'm glad it appealed to more than one generation.


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