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Insert Clever Title Here

It’s 12:30 a.m., I’m steeped in euphoria and my mind is mush. Damned if I can think of a blog title. I consider it nothing short of miraculous that I can think of my own name at the moment.

Maybe I should wait until tomorrow morning to write. Oh, wait — it IS tomorrow morning. Never mind.

OK, so this blog will be somewhat incoherent. I guess I’ll have to put myself in my own Correspondence Hall of Shame. (Speaking of which, I have some real winners for the next one.)

Mr. D and I spent nearly two hours catching up before even one swat landed. I wanted to hear all about his Thanksgiving, his visit from his kids, etc. So when we finally settled down to play, I was beyond ready.

I just adore this man’s hand. The rest of him isn’t too shabby either.

He poked a little fun at me as I squirmed. “You feeling that, baby?”

“Maybe,” I grumbled.

WHACK! “Is that still a maybe?”

I shook my head. “Now it’s a ‘no’; is that better?”

It wasn’t, apparently. Well, I figured I had a 50/50 chance.

He’s also fond of saying, “Who’s in charge here?” To which I’m fond of answering, “I am.” That, too, is always the wrong answer, but I keep forgetting.

I can’t fool him, though. I might sass and complain and be flippant, but my panties don’t lie. “Really, is that all for me?” he teased.

Oh, for @#$%’s sake. What is it with tops asking the same damn questions all the time? “No, it’s for Justin Bieber,” I snapped.

“Go ahead, say that again,” he said as he laid into me. I chose not to.

I have bad news for the panties-down aficionados. We shot pictures of both up and down, honest. But I guess those didn’t come out, or he overlooked them, because he didn’t send those to me. Sorreeeeee! Next time, I promise.

Tonight was a first of sorts. Besides the leather strap and lexan paddle, Mr. D caned me. It was a first for both us and for him; he’d never used one before. We took a short time-out so I could briefly tell him about caning technique, and then I bowed out and he took over. I’ve broken most of my rattan canes, so we used Delrin. OUCH. I’d forgotten how much that damn thing hurts; it had been a while. He was good with it, but after a few minutes with that biting sting, I was at the edge. When he picked up the lexan again, that put me over.

He knows when I’m done. He hears the difference in my sounds, how I go from muffled screeches to gasps and whimpers. He sees how my feet stop twisting together and go limp. “All right, honey,” he whispers. “Relax.”

I immediately curled onto my side.

After he put the camera down, he lay next to me and gathered me up. My hands clutched fistfuls of his shirt as I wept sweet, cleansing tears.

There is that perfect moment, right after I’ve calmed down, but before reality sets back in. Where I’m wrapped up in strong arms, my bottom is stinging but my mind is quiet. And the sense of peace and bliss is so overwhelming, I’m nearly beside myself. Who needs alcohol? Screw pot. Mr. D is my wonder drug.

Sadly, while my nether regions stayed warm, my feet were freezing. So Mr. D put my socks back on. Let it not be said that I can’t be photographed looking like a nerd. 🙂

Jeeez, faded already!

Good night, kids. If I stay up one more minute, my head is going to crash down on the keyboard and m,ikkkku7hy6uy7hj~

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17 thoughts on “Insert Clever Title Here

  1. Mmmm… I'm melting right along with you…Has Mr. D tried practicing on crackers (saltines, not a racial slur!)? It could help his aim. You are brave to take a cane from a beginner… though I can tell you have the upmost trust in him, so perhaps it's not such a crazy idea ;)I'm usually a no socks in bed…for anyone! But you look super cute!xo,SC


  2. There is no way you could look like a nerd, even if you add black glasses and a pocket protector.


  3. Love that last photo of you, Erica. You look happy, comfortable and very sexy. Oh, yeah, baby, leave the socks on!


  4. Thanks for sharing. As for the nerd pic.BAZINGA!!!Jon


  5. SC — crackers, really? I've never heard that! As for my bravery — you're right, I do trust him, so I knew he wasn't going to go crazy with it. It interrupted the scene briefly, but we were able to slip right back into it. :-DMick — LOL. Perhaps nerd wasn't the right word. But remember, I was incoherent.Anonymous — I do need my socks. I get "feet-sicles," as John calls them.Jon — I ♥ Sheldon Cooper! (Jim Parsons was on Leno the other night. Fun to see him out of character! He laughs normally.)


  6. Glad to hear you're in sore bottom form, today! :)I HATE how my hands, feet and bum stay colder longer than any other body parts. LOL!


  7. Kelly — my hands and feet get to be damn near freezing. And my nose, too. I'll sometimes poke it into John's neck and he shudders and jerks away! LOL


  8. Last photo is very nice – you're a pretty girl!No stripes after all that delrin and lexan? Mr D must have been feeling very weak.


  9. Malcolm — thank you! 🙂 There actually wasn't that much with the Delrin; that was brief. And weak?? Please. This morning when I got up, my backside felt like a runaway bus had slammed into it.


  10. My feet are always cold. Uh oh, he's learning to cane? Good thing you're a C.I.A.


  11. Lea — I'm also a CPA (a Complete Pain in the Ass). 😉


  12. Beautiful my friend, love the panty and spanked bottom, sweet post, I loved it. Nice to catch up no doubt, thanks for sharing. AlwaysRon


  13. Ron — I figured you'd be happy with these. 🙂


  14. Sorry I missed Jim Parsons on Leno. I love the Big Bang Theory. I do know you are a big fan of Sheldon. I remember your threat of giving people a good kick in the Bazingas a few months back. Jon


  15. Hi Erica — I laughed like hell when you said that you were in charge, HEHEHE LOL, That is something i would of said 🙂 great mind's think alike.You and Mr.D make a GREAT team :-)I Love your pic's they are so CUTE :-)The pic at the bottom of you wearing your sock's is my fave :-)much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade XOXO


  16. Jade — I enjoy being a team with Mr. D. 🙂


  17. Very much so…..HugsRon


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