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Oh, screw it

Even though the holidays are over, it seems that damned Grumpy Cat is here to stay. Fine. I guess I have a love-hate relationship with that sulky-faced critter — he reminds me way too much of myself and I don’t like that. But this is where I’m at today, so screw it.

Yes, I’m going to bitch. I fully acknowledge it and own it ahead of time, so the anonymous snarkers out there have been disarmed. So now, in no particular order:

I’m sick of hearing about Lance Armstrong. He’s a cheat and a fraud. The End. Let’s move on.

I’m sick of the NRA. ‘Nuff said there.

I’m sick of spanko women who consider me a threat, even though I am completely and utterly harmless. No, I’m not going to elaborate on that, so please don’t ask. But for Christ’s sake, I’m not some drop-dead-gorgeous young femme fatale. I’m 55 years old with saggy arm skin and age spots. Get over it.

I really, really miss video shooting. Nothing I can do about that; it is what it is. I thought I was past that and had accepted it. But then I read some accounts from my friends about some fun shoots and I felt such an ache.

Sometimes, I feel like this blog is redundant and irrelevant. Sometimes, I feel like I’M irrelevant.

We’re visiting my stepfather tomorrow. That stirs up a hornet’s nest of feelings I’d just as soon keep at bay. But I know it’s the proper thing to do. 

Mr. D is away for the holiday weekend skiing, so I will not see him Monday. So, in an effort to make my Monday even more crappy, I’m going to an endodontist in downtown L.A. that afternoon to get a second opinion on the tooth that has been driving me crazy for months. I am dreading this like you wouldn’t believe. Eventually, I just know I’m going to need a root canal. Major $$$, and major discomfort.

I’m so tired of worrying about money, and feeling guilty because John pays for nearly everything. I know he can afford it, but I still feel rotten about it. Yesterday, I ordered our Boardwalk Badness tickets and booked our hotel room. We’re already $900 into that party and I haven’t even booked the flight or the shuttle yet. How the hell do people afford to go to everything?? Next month, Joe and Ten are having a party in Vegas at the Suncoast and we have been invited. But that’s another trip and another hotel room fee, and I just can’t ask John for that. He’d do it if I asked him. But I can’t.

I’m sick of hearing myself complain, and no doubt you are too. So I’ll stop now.

On the good news front, John seems to have gotten over his money loss from earlier this week; he was very chipper on the phone last night. I look forward to being with him. And I will get to see Mr. D on Tuesday. My dental appointment was originally on Tuesday, but then I switched it to Monday when I found out he wasn’t coming. It will be nice to have a reward to look forward to as I navigate the nightmare known as Downtown Los Angeles and deal with my intense fear of dental work.

Grumpy Cat signing off. Have a great weekend, y’all.

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20 thoughts on “Oh, screw it

  1. Erica, you are a hoot. You are ahead of most grumps, they don't know they are in a bad mood.


  2. OBB — yes, well. Self-awareness is a good thing, I suppose.


  3. I would miss you if you stopped writing. Here's the review I wrote for "Late Bloomer" at Blushing Books… I read Scott's blog, so I was excited when this book was announced. As soon as I started it, I spent every spare moment reading until I finished. As a memoir, Scott tells stories from her life and moves into the spanking world as well– I found the whole book fascinating. She writes very well, clearly, and you won't be bored. I was immersed in her well-written emotions. The good news is that the "story" doesn't end because you can continue reading with her blog.


  4. I burst out laughing at the grumpy cat's benevolent message. Some days just suck, don't they? I hope things look better to you soon. I hate going to the dentist too. I'd rather have a root canal than have a root can–, wait a minute. Never mind, you know what I mean. Warmly,Mick


  5. Liz — thank you so much. That was a lovely present today. β™₯Mick — I admit, that stupid cat made me laugh too. I figured anything that could make me laugh today was worth keeping. πŸ™‚


  6. I am VERY tempted to ask about these young ladies. I mean, the other ones, not you. Envy is such an unprodutive emotion. I am sure your superb grump and reality wil interact in ways that make the grump evaporate.


  7. MrJ — I certainly hope so.


  8. Hi Erica — That grumpy cat made me laugh too HEHEHE LOL.I am not having a good night either 😦 I am tired of people in my house making smart ass remark's about me,they should look in the mirror cause they are NOT perfect either.I think you being grumpy will disappear once you see John tonight and when you see Mr.D on Tuesday :-)Then you will be in spanking paradise feeling the pure bliss.I sure wish i could experience that again.I am happy to hear that John is in good spirit's after losing his money.Wishing you a GREAT weekend my WONDERFUL friend.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade


  9. Jade — yes, John has his ways of cheering me up. πŸ™‚


  10. Hi EricaBeen really off so far this year I have had one good day 01/17/13 that's the bad news.The good news I am still alive so there is still hope.I can't help but noting that you miss being in front of the camera, have you ever though about making movies instead of just being in them. With your experience and talents I am sure that you could produce a line of videos that would make most of the available movies look pretty poor. I don't think I am wrong here but you understand the kink better than most, you have few peers, just ask anyone.Emanuele


  11. Hi Erica,First of all, I am now a huge Grumpy Cat fan! I can't get enough of him!While I have never done video, nor do I wish to, I do understand the ache… I feel the same when I see bloggers who post such lovely photos (present company most included), and remember how much I loved sharing them and now much I miss that experience.Oh, and totally understand about my blog feeling redundant and irrelevant… but you are the so NOT irrelevant.. you are so relevant you are synonymous with spanking!I'm so sorry about your potential root canal… those are not fun, and I know that from experience. I hope John's money found itself to someone who could use it..that and the binder clip…and I'm glad he is able to move past it. I would have had a melt down and it would have ruined my year. 😦 Try to not think of Boardwalk Badness in terms of money, but gaining an experience. At the end of this crazy thing we called life, we'll only have those memories… and $900 will seem cheap against something so priceless.Good luck tomorrow… and have a great weekend!xo,SC


  12. Emanuele — sorry you've been having a bad time. 😦 As for my making videos, by the time I saved enough to buy the equipment, learned how to use it, learned how to edit film and the million other details involved, I'd be creating Spanking For Seniors. (sigh)SC — that was my hope too, that someone needy found John's money. And still, he's paying for all of Boardwalk, which will end up being wayyyy more than $900 before we're done. (sigh) But you're right — life without experiences is merely existence. Thanks for the wisdom. β™₯


  13. Grumpy Cat,Too cute Erica, nice post and agree with a lot of it; sorry about the trauma around not filming anymore and your bottom not being warmed on Monday! I have yet another endless business trip starting Monday but not as bad as a root canal.I despise money, hate it….roots of all that is not good in life. I am tired of being screwed by the bank on my mortgage, tired of bill collectors calling, can't they leave a message and tired of looking at the check book 10 times a day to see where I have some of this crap to pay people, argh. Maybe I need to be spanked? Or give a nice spanking? Indeed.Love these posts of yours, so fun and real.Always and respectfullyRon


  14. Erica, I agree with you on two points. Lance Armstrong, and the N.R.A. As for your age, compared to mine, you are still a 'spring chicken', and a beauty at that. As for still being a 'spanking movie star', don't writer's write parts for 'mature', voluptous bare bottoms, like your's. Or take a job 'behind the scenes' as a spanking movie script writer. XXX Luv ya.


  15. Well, They say, "Grumpiness shared is Grumpiness halved," so with all your readers, you'll be feeling better post haste!Writer Mark Evanier had a Tweet, "If I am forced to hear any more about Lance Armstrong, I'm going to have to start5 doping." There was a rude meme, "At least Armstrong had the ball to come clean." In general I avoid alleged news shows because they latch on to one inane celebrity topic and run it into the earth's core. Many hugs! And a fanny slap!!


  16. I'm so sick of seeing that fucking cat in every meme across the internet. I've seen it in a Darth Vader getup and a hundred other scenarios!I recently had a root canal and have to go back this week to my regular dentist to crown the tooth that they did it on because they only replace it with a temporary filling. More money I don't really have, I feel for you.I too wonder what people do for work who can afford ALL the parties and weekends. Maybe it's time to switch career paths! Lol. I hope your appointment goes well and glad to hear John is feeling better.


  17. Ron — as my mother used to say, it's a lot easier to be miserable with money than be miserable without it. The people who say "it's only money" are the ones with tons of it! :-)Six — scripts? Not much, these days. Everything's about ad-libbed clips. Dave — had the ball! ROFL!! I almost feel sorry for Armstrong. Almost.Lea — yeah, why does dental work have to be painful AND cost a freaking fortune?? Sheesh! Stupid teeth!


  18. I have to admit the grumpy cat still makes me laugh. But maybe that's because I usually only see it on your blog, I don't seem to read all the other ones that make use of it. I hope your visit to your stepfather went well and I keep my fingers crossed for your appointment with the dentist!


  19. EricaWell said but also, with good friends and love ones and a few warm bottoms along the way….we can make our own life rich!AlwaysRon


  20. Kaelah — both are behind me now. Stepfather went well; dentist, meh. In a holding pattern at the moment! (grumpy face)


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