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Valentine’s Day, Kinko Style

In less than an hour, it will be February 14. A day that a lot of people consider lovely and romantic, and that a lot of other people consider to be commercialized and a drag. Some say it’s a woman’s holiday, and men prefer Steak and Blowjob Day. Hmmm. I don’t know — I know a lot of romantic men, including my sweetheart. Lucky me, huh? But for those of us of the kink persuasion, Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily just about hearts and flowers.

(I have to digress here for a moment, being the obsessively literal person that I am — how the hell is she going to scream that loud if she’s gagged?)

You get my point, though. Don’t get me wrong — I love the traditional Valentine’s Day trappings. I love red dresses, and pretty red hearts decorating everything. But I like red bottoms, too. I love flowers. I love chocolates (well, except for those crappy drug store chocolates that practically scream “Last minute!!”). And Cupid is a cute little guy. But I was happily struck by one of his arrows over 16 years ago; I really don’t need his services anymore. Now, I’d rather be struck by this.

Valentine cards everywhere you look, filled with sweet sentiments and poems.  Sure, I love those too. And how could we forget those cute little sugar pellets (AKA candy message hearts), with their own (really) sweet sentiments: “I LUV U.” “BE MINE” “UR CUTE.”

Personally, I’m drawn to this one:

Valentine’s dinners out are fun, but can be hectic. The restaurants are packed and the meals tend to be overpriced. You could, of course, have a nice romantic dinner at home; one of the advantages to that is you can dress down rather than dress up. In other words, we girls can wear our lingerie and forget about putting a dress on over it.

But if you see and hear something like this, you might want to save dinner for later:

Yes, kisses are wonderful; I recommend them wholeheartedly. (WholeHEARTedly, har! Get it?) But the kiss of a leather belt on an upturned backside can be especially heartwarming. Or warming of something. Whatever. 

So, for those who complain that Valentine’s Day is too sentimental and mushy, I say nonsense. Mushy? She looks rather firm to me.

And guys, sure, there are women who expect all the roses and the candy and the bling. Which is a shame, because they’re missing the whole point of the day. Sure, I love that stuff, too. But the day really should be a lot more simple than it is.

It’s about love, not stuff. Love, and for those of us of the kink persuasion, a damn good spanking.

And for those who are uncoupled, not to worry! That’s the beauty of spanking; it can be shared among friends, too. And you can split a box of See’s afterward. ♥

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17 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day, Kinko Style

  1. I love it when she screams while gagged and would certainly not this to th realm of impossibilities, my dear Erica. But, indeed, I would not expect it to reach the neighbours' ears.


  2. I want that paddle with the three cutouts! We never go out to dinner on the day; it's far too crowded. We'll be going out early next week, and having a cozy evening in front of the TV watching Big Love.Hugs,Hermione


  3. Happy Valentine's Day Erica. May your red-hued spanked bare bottom, remind you of this wonderous day set aside for all lover's. XXX Luv ya.


  4. We rarely go out on Valentines so P's cooking something nice, we'll open a bottle of wine and watch a film later. Perfect evening for us.Love,Ronniexx


  5. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have a wonderful day!


  6. MrJ — I really don't want to bring the cops over with my screaming. Been there, done that. Three times.Hermione — loved that series! Yes, having Valentine's Day dinner out on the actual date is for masochists. (Hey, wait a minute…)Six — thanks. :-)Ronnie — sounds perfect to me too!Craig — and the same to you!


  7. Being in a most cynical mood lately I couldn't help laugh at a Facebook cartoon which I'm paraphrasing…"If you're sad because no one loves you today, just remember they don't love you the rest of the year either."All joking aside, I hope you have a great day. 🙂


  8. But not while gagged, I presume?!? * shocked*


  9. LOL — no, I was not gagged.


  10. Kelly — I always thought the saddest character ever on V-Day was Charlie Brown. "I know nobody loves me — why do we have to have Valentine's Day to emphasize it??" LOL. Poor Charlie!


  11. Great post, no spankings on Valentine's Day but the evening before my lady friend asked and recieved a, I think, lovely panty warming for her Valentine's Day….was fun and she really enjoyed it! But she is a friend only, so I can attest to your last statement about not always having to be with your partner to give a nice cleansing spanking, my hand still hurts!Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day, great blog and thoughts as always.AlwaysRon


  12. I hope you and John had a wonderful Valentine's Day, Erica! Ludwig and I didn't participate in the commercial Valentine's Day presents stuff, but we shared a great day and had a delicious dinner. 🙂


  13. Ron — glad you were able to have some spanky fun!Kaelah — John and I are going out for our Valentine's Day dinner tonight. He won't tell me where. 🙂 So I'm just going to dress up and be surprised!


  14. Do you have anything to say on the passing of Ed Lee and his role in the spanking video industry?


  15. Hi Erica — I agree with you because i Love a damn good spanking too 🙂 I love the heart shaped paddle with the heart cut out's in it,I bet it hurt's but it's so cute :-)I can't wait to read about you and John's Valentine's dinner,I hope he gave you a damn good spanking hehehe LOL :-)WOW i didn't know that Ed Lee passed away,he was a good spanker 😦 Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade


  16. Ooh I wish someone had given me a box of See's. Not just for Valentine's, but anytime! I hope you and John got some special time together this week.


  17. Anonymous — I respect and appreciate his role as a pioneer in our industry and what he did for many spankos. As for my personal thoughts, those are best left unsaid.Jade — no, he didn't. But we had a lovely evening out anyway. :-)Lea — See's really is the best, don't you think? (and yes, I got some!) ♥


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