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Defy or not defy?

Ta-da! First post on my brand-new computer! It’s going to be a learning curve; everything looks different and all the stuff I used to do by rote isn’t quite the same. I’m fumbling with this new keyboard, too, but my fingers will get used to it, I’m sure. I still don’t have my Office 2010 set up yet. I decided to download it, since you can’t buy the damn disks anymore in the stores and I didn’t want Office 2013, because that’s supposedly upgraded to be more user-friendly with Windows 8, which I did NOT get (I got 7). However, when I bought the download, I was informed that I will be sent an activation key — within 3 to 24 hours. (groan) I was hoping to get it set up with my tech guy was still here to make sure I didn’t screw it up, but I’ll do my best. Meanwhile, people teased me for having a tech come over and set everything up, but it turned out to be quite a bit of work, what with the file transfers, downloading the programs I lost (WinZip, Picasa, Panda Cloud, MalWareBytes, etc.), connecting everything, reloading the printer drivers, and so on. He was here for nearly three hours, but only charged me for 2 1/2. I would have happily paid more.

So! Everything is super fast, my new flat screen looks fabulous, and I’m enjoying the simple luxuries (like speakers that actually work, instead of cutting out, then cutting back and forth between the two). I ran a quick scan for Malware, just to see how long it would take. On my old computer, the “quick” version took over an hour. On this system, it took about a minute and a half. Hallelujah!

But now I need to tear my fevered mind off this new toy and catch up with last night’s session with Mr. D. After last week, I was more than ready for play. He asked me if there was anything he could do to ramp things up a bit, make it even better for me. I thought about it for a minute. “Yes,” I said. “Scold me more. Tell me I’m a bad girl first, then a good girl later. Push me a little. Discipline me.” I do love Topspeak, as predictable as it can be sometimes. Mr. D is learning it, but doesn’t use it very often. So, since he asked, right?

He took me seriously, and did little things to challenge me. For example, I do not like to part my legs. For one thing, I’m always afraid I’m going to get struck in the parts that are more exposed if I do. But for another, I just don’t like to do it, especially not at parties with people all around gawking, or with partners I know only casually. But Mr. D and I have been together for some time now. And let’s face it — I’m pretty open anyway, even with my legs closed. I know he can see everything. I prefer not to think about it. Why I’m so modest about that, I don’t know. But I just am. Still can’t stand to watch myself on video when the camera is straight on.

Anyway, when I was OTK and had my legs firmly clamped together, he pushed them open. I clamped them back shut. “No,” he said firmly, pushing them back open. “Yes!” I snapped, slamming them shut yet again. “I know you’re self-conscious,” he said, “and I won’t take pictures when you’re exposed. But I’m your top. I get to see what I want.” “No, you don’t,” I retorted, and closed my legs again. Clearly, the battle of wills was on.

He responded with a very hard and fast flurry, then nudged them apart again. “Go ahead, defy me. I dare you.” So I did. More flurry, longer than before. Again with the nudging apart. “Go ahead, defy me.”

Now I ask you, readers. If I’m supposed to obey my top, and he tells me to defy him, then shouldn’t I defy him? I mean, if he says “defy me” and I don’t, isn’t that defiant? I decided to err on the side of caution and defied him. This went on for several more rounds, until I was so out of breath and burning, I couldn’t take any more. This time, when he opened my legs once again, I grit my teeth, but held position. “Good girl,” he crooned. And sure enough, after a minute, he let me close them. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” “No,” I grumbled. “But I still don’t like it.” “You don’t have to like it,” he smiled. “I won’t make you like it. But I do.” Arrgh.

Damned underwear tag! I really need to remember to cut those out — or remember to ask Mr. D to please tuck them in before shooting.

Once in my room, things ratcheted up with implements. I hadn’t felt the Delrin cane for quite some time. If you look at my hands clutching the bedspread, you’ll know my reaction to it.

With the implements flying, he let me keep my legs closed. I was grateful. “Don’t you move those legs,” he threatened. “The only thing you’re allowed to do is curl your toes.” It made me aware of just how much I kick, flail my feet (particularly the left one, for whatever reason) around, etc. Considering that I was trying to wrap my brain around the sensations, after a two-week gap, this extra instruction was a challenge. I think I did pretty well. But the cane did me in.

“You’re done,” he whispered, collecting up the weapons of ass destruction and putting them away. I curled up, crying, waiting for him to come tend to me.

He did. “Tell me how you feel right now,” he asked, after I’d calmed down.

Hard for me to formulate coherent thoughts afterward. But I answered, “I feel like the world has stopped. There’s nothing else but this moment, and no one else except you and me.” That’s exactly how it feels… the entire universe shrinks down to my bedroom, or my living room. For a while, I have no responsibilities. All I have to do is be with the sweet peace.

Later, we went to dinner, which we haven’t done for a while. As I was getting ready to leave, I saw him staring at his right hand. He caught my eye and grinned, holding it out. Sure enough, in one of the creases in his palm, I saw a faint mark. Not as drastic as some of the ones I’ve left, but this was his first. Guess it was all that extra whaling, what with my obeying his command to defy him and all. I took a couple of pictures, but they didn’t come out well and didn’t show the mark properly.

But I definitely assed his hand. ๐Ÿ˜€ (I do believe I can thank Ten for that term?)

“You’re pretty damn proud of yourself, aren’t you?” “Yup!” I said cheerfully. “Don’t feel bad,” I added. “It’s a rite of passage, with my tops.” He seemed to like that. At least I didn’t draw blood, right?

I’m a good girl, I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

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18 thoughts on “Defy or not defy?

  1. Assed his hand. Wow. You are my hero.Hug,Joey


  2. Awsum…You Rock!


  3. Hi Erica. I like your pics very good shots.By the looks of your bum.You ASSED his hand hehehe LOL. That's a GREAT saying that Ten.came up with ๐Ÿ™‚ She is so creative & so are you.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  4. joey — he's not the first, and I hope he's not the last. ;-)Nancy — thanks!Jade — I THINK she came up with it; it certainly sounds like her!


  5. I can understand about the hand thing. G. doesn't do much hand spanking because to get me to the level I like, his hand would end up twice the size it is normally. I saw it happen when he was spanking somebody else once a long time ago. When he spanks for a decent length of time, his hand blows up like a balloon. Maybe it's because he spanks so hard. He's more implement driven anyway. : ) Being called a bad girl is a definite hot button for me. Being called naughty doesn't do the same thing for me at all. It's not bad, but it just doesn't have the same impact.


  6. Hi Erica — I will email you tomorrow,I got some WONDERFUL news about Moo ๐Ÿ™‚ He has No Cancer YAY. He has a renal problem in which he has Iv fluids at home,I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow cause I feel terrible,I promise to keep you posted,Much Love and hugs from Jade


  7. Jen — Mr. D's hand power has grown tremendously in the months we've been together! He used to constantly switch to his other hand (and I gave him a lot of noise about it) — he doesn't have to do that anymore. :-)Jade — OK, email me tomorrow. I'm glad about Moo.


  8. So glad to hear about the new computer. I went through the same learning curve with our new machine last year. What a change from Windows XP and Office 2003. You will LOVE Word 2010, especially for editing. A pane on the left for navigation and searches, automatic bibliography and referencing, and much, much more! Hugs,Hermione


  9. Congrats on the new computer! You will learn… My brother bought me a Mac two years ago for my 50th birthday. Now that was some learning curve… and I am still learning. Fortunately, there is a version of Word that works on the Mac! But I'm still slow with navigating. Good luck and have fun with your new toy!As for Mr. D, has his hand actually grown in the past year, or is it just that the amount of spanking he can do with the one hand has grown? Just curious….


  10. Enjoy the new computer…..I adore youir bottom and panty, so nice a red and well spanked. Excellent and personnaly I love when my hamd gets assed, just love it! Your description of your head post spanking is just lovely Erica, just lovely and I know that place so well. Trust me when I am the lap I feel the same…lost in a wonderful place. Beautiful post from a beautiful lady and love the panty!AlwaysRon


  11. Oh fogot, I never spread the legs unless my bottom agrees or asks! But you two have known each other for a while now so I would have asked! Nice deal you two worked out over a few extra spanks!AlwaysRon


  12. Erica, Mazel Tov, on the new computer. May the new keyboard spank out some of your bare bottom wisdom thoughts on life. XXX Luv ya.


  13. Hermione — I even bought myself a copy of Word 2010 for Dummies. Why take chances? :-)Ron — trust me, he didn't do it in an icky or demanding way. More like a test of my trust. I DID ask him to push my limits a bit. Me and my big mouth! :-)Six — I hope so!


  14. The new computer sounds awesome even despite getting used to change. It sounds like it was quite the reunion with Mr. D. Sometimes it's nice to be pushed.


  15. Lea — It's a funny thing with me. If I like and feel close to the top, then I'm OK with some pushing of limits and boundaries, as long as they are not HARD limits. (If he were to slap me in the face, or suddenly whip out a hunk of peeled ginger and stick it in me, we'd be done.)


  16. Oh I know Erica….your writing was clear, I just loved it and well yeah, you did ask now didn't you?Wonderful and love the panty!AlwaysRon


  17. I'm not sure if it's just because he doesn't get any spanking in unless we see each other, but this was over a decade ago, and he used to go to the New York parties back then.


  18. Aaagh! Dana, you slipped through the cracks; I'm so sorry. No, it's not Mr. D's hand that has grown; it's his hand STRENGTH.


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