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Damned heat

Record-breaking. Currently, at 11:20 PM, it’s 83 degrees outside. Earlier today, it was 103. Tomorrow, 105 degrees possible. Somebody please tell May that it’s freaking May, and not August, for God’s sake.

I am an idiot. When I left on Friday, it was comfortable and cool in here. I knew it was going to heat up while I was gone. I knew this. So why didn’t I turn my AC on low and just leave it? Nah, I forgot. So when I got home late this afternoon, my apartment was 78 degrees.

I’m well aware that the “save energy” commercials advise us to set our AC thermostats to 78 degrees anyway, during the hot weather times. To this advice, I say go @#$% yourself. John is the most environmental person I know, and even he cranks the AC down to 70. His place was deliciously cool all weekend; I hated to leave.

Of course I turned my AC on right away, but the damage was done; the heat was baked in. It’s been running for six hours now, and it’s only cooled the place down to 75. 

I’m going to leave it running all night. It is quite crucial for it to cool off in here. Because tomorrow morning, Mr. D will arrive at 10 (well, 10 on Mr. D time, which means anywhere from 10 to 10:30). And then things will really heat up. 😀

I can’t wait. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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13 thoughts on “Damned heat

  1. Erica,I hope your place cools soon for your meeting with Mr. D.Hug,joey


  2. joey — it is now a comfortable 71. I'm happy. 🙂


  3. Poor Erica. I wish I could send you some of our cooler air. The outdoor temp is 49 F at present. Our neighbour is away, and when Ron took his mail inside he noticed that the indoor temp was only 59. Neighbour had turned off the furnace before he left, when temps were at least 20 degrees higher.Hugs,Hermione


  4. Hi Erica — WOW California weather is VERY hot,it is only 59 degrees here in Rhode island.You are NOT an idiot, you are a genius,you are one of the smartest people I know 🙂 Everyone forgets things now and then, even I forget thing's.I know that thing's definitely heated up once Mr.D got there LOL 🙂 Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  5. Western PA decided to go into its own asshole mode from Sunday into Tuesday. I left for work this morning at 5 am greeted by a 34 degree air temp…AND the necessity of wearing a winter coat in near MID MAY! Tuesday morning will likely copycat. YET for Wednesday we can expect a high in the low 80s. I'll believe THAT when I feel it!


  6. I am presuming that the heat from a good spanking emerging from your bare bottom given to you by your boyfriend, is a more pleasant experience, than the heat from an apartment that is not air-conditioned. Well Erica, cheer up, and panties down, until your next LOVE SPANKS await you. XXX Luv ya.


  7. Hermione — I absolutely would take 49 over this inferno. Jade — why is everyone so cold except me??Kelly — good lord. I can't believe the extremes.Six — yes, way more preferable.


  8. Kind of like N Dak. It can be -22 and two weeks later +70. When I was there once, it was 95 one day and that night there was a hard freeze down to 25. It is warm up here too, but not like you are having. However, it will be hot soon. >_< I feel for you.


  9. Bobbie Jo — at 7:15 PM, it is currently a chilly 91 degrees. Earlier, it was 103. This really blows!


  10. I hear you but we were freezing last night, literally and again tonight, it is like fall here.AlwaysRon


  11. Ron — I'd still rather have that. 🙂


  12. It's been really hot here too for only being May. And I have a horribly located swamp cooler rather than central air. Summer sucks.


  13. Lea — the heat broke here, for now. But it will be back. And I agree about summer!


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