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A new endeavor

Happy Friday, everyone. And happy Chross day! 🙂 I was especially happy to see I got on the list this week. I thought my entries were far too depressing to be considered.

I have a bit of news I’d like to share. I’m a little nervous about doing so, since that will really force me to follow through with my commitment. But I think I’m ready.

For years, people have been telling me I should write a book about the Correspondence Hall of Shame. I’ve been doing it since 2007, and although it’s dwindled quite a bit over the past couple of years, I still have a lot of material recorded. Just for kicks, I went through the past six years of blogs, found all the old CHoS entries, and copied and pasted them into a Word document. I ended up with 70 pages. I figured once it’s formatted and I add all the explanatory copy, I’ll have several more pages. Enough for a nice little book.

So I’m doing it. When I don’t have work to do, this will be my filler project. 

In a way, most of it is already written, as I’m collecting past material. But there’s a lot of work to be done. For one thing, I can’t just have an endless stream of entries and replies in no particular order. So I’ve been reading through my 70 pages, separating the entries into various chapter themes, color-coding them and then pasting them into the book document according to chapter. Then there is formatting, which is a daunting task in itself. Finally, I do need to write an introduction, plus a fair amount of copy to go with each chapter. And once I get it all pulled together into one cohesive document, then the editing and rewriting and tweaking begins. 

I’m excited. I worked on it for hours yesterday, and had to wrench myself away to go to the gym. As soon as I got back home, I started up with it again. I do hope I get some work so I won’t have this much free time, but at the moment, things are at a lull and I’m going to take full advantage.

I have no idea what I’ll do with it when I’m done; where I’ll publish it, who will want it, etc. But I’ll deal with that later. I’ve been wanting to write something new for a while, and I’d toyed with the idea of writing some more spanking fiction. However, since the success of That Trilogy Whose Name Has Been Erased, spanking erotica is being mass produced like crazy, by a lot of very good authors (and some not-so-good ones, but we won’t go there). There’s really nothing I could write, in that genre, that would be a stand-out. But a book about the CHoS? That would be uniquely mine. I’m not even sure what I’m going to title it. I’ve considered “How NOT to Communicate on the Internet,” but that’s so long and generic. I’ll give it some more thought.

I will certainly keep you all posted as I progress!

In other news, John is feeling better, and I think we will have a very nice weekend. I am not seeing Mr. D on Monday, but will see him Tuesday. And speaking of Mr. D — don’t know if any of you saw the comment he left on my Monday blog, but he has officially sanctioned the use of his real name: Steve. So he will henceforth be referred to as Steve, not Mr. D. He still gets to keep his anonymity, since there are a quazillion men named Steve out there. But I love being able to use his name. 🙂

Finally, this has nothing to do with anything; I just feel like posting a cute picture. I saw this little guy outside the gym; we stared each other down for a few minutes until he decided to scuttle off under a car.

Have a great holiday weekend, y’all.

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18 thoughts on “A new endeavor

  1. The CHOS Novel edition will cause belly laughs for sure!CUTE critter! Yesterday morning a HUGE groundhog was slowly walking around in my backyard and at one point he stopped and stared right back at me while I was standing in the doorway. 🙂


  2. Kelly — I can't believe how bold squirrels are. This one let me come up so close, and he just stared at me and went on munching the tree.


  3. Hi Erica — CONGRAT'S on being Chrossed and I am so happy that your making your Chos into a book YAY :-)WAY TO GO,I know that will put lot's of people in hysteric's from laughing.You know i definately want a copy :-)So glad that John is feeling better.That's AWESOME that Mr.D is going by his real name now.I Love your Critter pic of the squirrel he is so CUTE :-)Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade


  4. I would really enjoy reading your hall of shame posts.I am glad John is better.Have a terrific weekend.


  5. Jade — I hope people will enjoy it. I admit, I'm laughing, rereading all this stuff.joey — thank you! 🙂


  6. Erica, that's a fabulous idea! I can see how it would be a lot of work, but it's a great way to fill the time between jobs, since it involves doing what you do anyway, but no deadline.Cute squirrel! I used to feed peanuts in the shell to squirrels when i lived in a third floor apartment with outside back stairs. The little critters would come all the way up to my porch, take peanuts from my hand and stuff them into their cheeks, run back down to hide them or feed their babies, then come back for more.Hugs,Hermione


  7. Erica, an excellent idea, about your new exciting project book called "Correspondence Hall of Shame". I am sure when it will be published, it will be on a 'spanko' best seller list. I will like to ask you and other 'spanko', bloggers, an interesting question. Who will you leave your 'archives' of spanking material too. Will there be a person like CHROSS, who will store this fabulous blogs of 'spanking wisdom'. for future spanko's.


  8. Can't wait to learn about the themes of the chapters. 😉


  9. Hermione — how CUTE! I know a lot of people don't like them, but I think squirrels are adorable.Six — that's a good question. I have no idea.MrJ — Well, one chapter title will be "Pass the Brain Bleach."


  10. Erica. The question that I pose for 'spanko' bloggers, is a most interesting dilemma. Because most families have HEIRS. And under normal conditions, many HEIRS, would except such renowned gifts. But since 'spanko's, are a 'unique' group. would they wish to do so. Can you bring this subject matter up when you communicate with your other 'spanko' bloggers. It would be of interesr to know their opinions, on this important subject matter.


  11. Well, you know I'm a huge fan of CHoS. I can't wait to buy/read it!


  12. I think a CHoS book will be great! And I haven't read all your archives so some of it would be new to me. Mr. D decides to go by Steve right after you say Mr. D stands for Mr. Dick. Well what a coincidence! 😉 Steve's tend to be good guys. My "S" is a Steve also. Hope you're enjoying the long weekend.


  13. Well done Erica, best of luck and thanks to Steve for keeping your bottom nice and warm!AlwaysRon


  14. Craig — yay!Lea — HAHAHAHA! I didn't think about that. But yeah, Steves are good guys. 🙂 I still miss one of my favorite co-stars — Steve Fuller — who has retired.Ron — I think he kinda likes doing it. 😉


  15. Book title , Hall of Shame , or , You Just Cant FIX Stupid !


  16. D — probably will just go with the CHoS, yes (spelled out), since that's what people are familiar with.


  17. Erica,An excellent idea. Look forward to reading it.Love,Ronniexx


  18. Ronnie — I hope people will find it funny in one big dose like that!


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