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Correspondence Hall of Shame, 6/28

Been a while since I had one of these! I figured we could use a few snickers after all the aggravation over Blogger and its capricious decisions. I have decided that it’s not as drastic as it originally sounded and it’s more about advertising and making money than adult content, but I guess we’ll all find out. Meanwhile, I have exported my blog into a file on my hard drive, and I created a WordPress account and imported all my posts/comments there for safekeeping, just in case. However, what with my loathing of change, I won’t be switching over unless I have to.

Enough of that; time for a little fun.

if you like seeing guys cum on cam you should watch me =) id like to bust for you!

That poor Cam person, still out there with strangers wanking all over him. No, I don’t want to watch. Go bust your other head.

The next two are from women!

I would lick your sexy wrinkled soles and tongue your ass like there is no tomorrow!

There will be no tomorrow for you, honey, if you bring that tongue anywhere near my ass.

I suppose this is technically a compliment, but it needs work. It was posted on one of my FetLife videos, by a girl of 19:

At first this was weird ’cause you are so far from my age.. But then it was just cute cause you’re awesome and funny.

Thank you…I think. The second sentence gave me a nice piece of cake, but the first sentence sorta pooped on it. You’re still young, sweetie. Learn how to give a proper compliment.

What a wonderful bottom, soft and juicy and todger throbbingly arousing…

Although I’ve never heard that term before, I think I can figure out what todger means. Soft and juicy?? You make my butt sound like an overripe persimmon. It’s your todger that’s soft, methinks.

Your pics make me soul and cock ache

Nothing worse than a Cockney with a cockache.

And finally — what haven’t I gotten for a while? One of those long-winded form letters that have zero to do with what I’m seeking. Feast your eyes.

I am 60 …the picture on my ALT profile is not me… I am very careful in my online activities….If a relationship develops I will provide u with pictures and everything about me before u make any decision. The words in my ALT profile do describe my life as a Dom and my likes/dislikes..

On a personal level I have been active in business investments…retired lawyer by background ……… fortunately I have been very successful …. back in the world of d/s for the first time in 3 years….. I am married…..3 grown children each married with children…… my ALT profile discloses that…. unfortunately my wife is recovering from breast cancer…. in remission… but I had given up my d/s to care for her…..during our marriage she was never interested in d/s…. strictly vanilla…..a wonderful relationship but she told me early to pursue my “kinks” away from her and our children. I did so discretely…. quietly but I love bdsm…. I have had 3 part time slaves over my 20 years of D/s and BDSM involvement. I am fortunate enough to afford them. I have been unable to spend more than part time with any….spending a few nights here and there but mainly during the day…. my slaves don’t work at a outside job as they need to meet my schedule. I will allow for a slave to pursue a job or schooling but it is built around our D/s time schedule I allow them to have outside relationships because it is only fair….. safe sex…etc. I prefer for my slaves to have female lovers because I enjoy occasionally watching but I do permit male lovers if I approve of them. All of my former slaves have found (with my help and approval) the “love of their lives…. They all have children…. I am part of their lives as “Daddy”.

I do have strict rules…..I have online relationships with a number of slave “prospects”….I will not support them financially until they are physically under my control. I am very careful in dealing with slaves over the internet…. I don’t use western union, money gram , money pak or any wire transfer. My preference is to have a USPS mail delivery address and send Cash through overnight delivery. If u and I develop a relationship, I would set up a checking account for u and make deposits into that account for ur support.

If my email interests u I will chat with u on ym and email and get to know u better

Master Xxxxxx

(clutching my head) I’d forgotten just how much these make my brain ache.

Dear Idiot: I don’t care how much money you have, or how you will send it to me. There isn’t enough money in the world to entice me to have anything to do with you. I have the love of my life (a male, thank you), plus the world’s best top, and I don’t need your approval for either of them. I just wasted several minutes of my precious time reading this blather, and yet you apparently didn’t spend a nanosecond reading any of my profile. Go. Away.

Speaking of the CHoS, here’s the latest on the book. I received a reading proof in the mail last week, so I read it thoroughly and made a few tweaks. Plus, I didn’t like how the cover looked, so I revamped that a bit, then resubmitted everything. Yesterday, they contacted me to let me know the changes had been approved and they were sending me another proof, which I should get in a couple of days. If it looks good, then I give them the green light, and it goes on sale! Fingers crossed. 🙂

Have a great weekend, y’all.

What the… ? Bloggers, HELP

I have heard some buzz today that Blogger is deleting all adult blogs, come this Sunday. Is this for real, or is it urban myth?

I did Google “Blogger” + “deleting adult blogs” and saw a bunch of old posts from 2010, 2011, etc. about similar scares. Nothing seemed to come of those, although who knows. I can’t find any sort of official announcement anywhere. Does anyone know if this is really happening?

And if so, what can we do? How does one back up a blog that goes back years? Is there any way to pick up the whole thing and transfer it elsewhere? If so, how? My Internet savvy is highly limited in these areas.

Really need to hear from those in the know — thanks! 🙂

EDIT: OK, so it seems it’s not a complete sweep of adult blogs, but those who “monetize,” whatever the hell that means. You can’t have advertisements to pay porn sites and so forth. But what constitutes advertising? If I post a link to a Spanking Library video for sale, is that advertising??

Here’s the notice that some have received (I have not):

“You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content.

Please be advised that on June 30th 2013, we will be updating our Content Policy to strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger. After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites.

If your adult blog currently has advertisements which are adult in nature, you should remove them as soon as possible as to avoid any potential Terms of Service violation and/or content removals.

The Blogger Team”

What exactly does this mean?

As promised, some fun stuff

I was more than ready for some fun — not to mention stress release — yesterday.

A little background on yesterday’s scene: A couple of weeks ago when I was going to shoot with Lily and Robert, Steve had asked if he could come. I got their OK, and we even thought it would be fun if he held the camera for one clip so Robert could strap both Lily and me. But… that afternoon, Steve had to cancel. Dad stuff. He was very apologetic in reality — but for video’s sake, he wasn’t going to give up on that “top is always right” business. 🙂 So we had quite the lively discussion about it. 

So you guys can watch and decide: Was it contention, correction, or coercion?

I hope you guys aren’t sick of these little videos we’ve been posting. I’ve been posting some of them on FetLife too, but not everyone there can watch them (you have to be a FetLife sponsor to be able to see videos). One woman commented today that it’s a fun video, but she doesn’t like people who always have to be right and a top should own up when he makes a mistake. Um… our point exactly. We’re spoofing that sort of person. 🙂 

A moment of relaxation before the implement onslaught:

Here’s Part 1:

MVI 0011 from Erica Scott on Vimeo.

And Part 2:

MVI 0012 from Erica Scott on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy!

Lest you think Steve is a big meanie top, he also gave me a lovely lower back massage afterward, which made my back feel so much better. Although today at the gym, it started hurting again. (sigh) I can’t wait to feel 100% again!

Quick update

Tomorrow — my scene report, with videos. But for tonight, an update on John.

His angiogram went well, as I mentioned in the comments on the last blog. The coronary arteries are clean, no blockages. So now, he can move forward with researching the heart valve replacement. Unfortunately, even though they can laparoscopically repair bad valves these days, John’s is too far gone for that, so it will have to be replaced.

John is one of the toughest people I know. For the test, he had a local swab of lidocaine for the puncture, where they inserted the catheter. And that is IT. They had put an IV in his hand for Valium to relax him and dull any discomfort, but then he asked if that was optional. When they said yes, he declined the Valium. To be fair, all types of anesthesia and tranquilizers make him sick, so he avoids them whenever possible. But if someone were threading a catheter from my groin to my heart and injecting dye, I would take any drugs they offered and deal with the nausea later!!

So, as a result, he didn’t have any after-effects. He had to remain lying still for a few hours after the procedure, but he felt fine. They gave him a sandwich and some water to drink and he was comfortable. I picked him up at 2:15, and the nurse wheeled him to my car. Once I got him home, I put him to bed and he crashed for a few more hours.

It was a quiet weekend. John was very tired, but otherwise OK. I was still coughing and hobbling around with my sore back, so between the two of us, we were quite the energetic pair. No driving, no lifting, no bending over for 48 hours, but by this morning, he could resume all activities and went back to work. 

Probably needless to say, but I am hugely relieved that this weekend is behind us. I know I probably made too big a deal about this test, but I can’t help it. I worry. I guess I always will. When his heart surgery comes around, whenever that may be, I know I will deal with it. I’ll be a nut case, but I’ll deal.

Oh… and because this still is a kink blog, despite all the OT drama of late, here’s a link to a Spanking Tube preview of the audit video I did with Lily and Robert. 🙂 

Fun stuff tomorrow!

OT: Good thoughts, please

Tomorrow morning is John’s angiogram. In case you don’t know what that is, here’s what they’ll be doing: They will sedate him, make an incision in his groin, insert a catheter and thread it all the way up to the arteries around his heart. Then they will inject dye so they can see what’s going on in those arteries.

The irony of all this is John is probably the last person to need this test. His heart may be working at about 2/3 capacity (if that), but I’m betting his coronary arteries are clean as a newborn. His weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and pulse are all low. He does more exercise than most men half his age do, he eats healthfully, he’s never smoked, blah blah blah. But they’re doing it anyway. I guess they have to with all heart patients.

The test itself takes about 30-45 minutes. But there’s a lot of prep, and afterward, he needs to lie flat without sitting up for two to four hours. And let’s face it, it’s Kaiser Permanente. There will be time delays and bureaucratic snafus. So I’m not sure when I’ll be able to take him home. At least I have a proper address (the facility has multiple buildings and it’s a huge maze) and the direct phone number of the lab area. 

I’m more nervous than he is, I think. I made the mistake of looking up the test online and reading the litany of things that can go wrong (bleeding, tears in the artery, heart attack, infection, much more). Reallllly stupid idea. I know they have to list all that crap for legal reasons, but it’s enough to scare a person half to death.

John went to a lawyer today and had a medical directive and a simple will prepared. He’s also giving me power of attorney, and the potential responsibility of that is terrifying. He said this procedure and all the prep and so forth is like a “trial run” for when he has open-heart surgery. Whatever. I don’t even want to think about that now. I just want to get him through this stupid test and get him home so he can rest and recover. He’s not supposed to do any bending or lifting for a couple of days, no driving, etc. He can go back to work on Monday, though.

I am not as on top of my game as I hoped I’d be. I had a coughing fit on Tuesday night in bed, and I guess my body was sick to death of all the stress caused by all this damned coughing. Because when I woke up Wednesday morning, my lower back was out. Bad. Saw the chiropractor, and I have been using ice-packs and Advil since then. I’m a bit better, but still moving gingerly. Hopefully it will be even better tomorrow. 

Notice I asked for good thoughts. I didn’t ask for prayers, because I don’t believe in them. But if you do, and you feel like throwing one or two his way, have at it. I’ll take anything.

I just want him to be OK. 

Will update when I can. Meanwhile… have a great weekend, y’all.

Much better :-)

Yesterday I worked out, and today I got worked over. Definitely feeling better.

Steve showed up bearing Trader Joe’s treats (chocolate-almond Lacey’s cookies and triple ginger snaps — yummm!), and we spent some time catching up. I was still coughing, but more than ready to play once again.

Damn — skip one week and Instant Wuss! My right cheek marked with several red dots, just from his hand. But that didn’t mean I wanted him to stop, of course. He asked for my preference: Bed or ottoman? I was already fog-brained from the extended warm-up and I didn’t answer. “Would you like me to choose for you?” I nodded. He chose the ottoman. I do like it there; I can pile up the pillows and get a nice high butt thrust.

Here I am placing said pillows:

Flattering angle… not! (eye roll)

You know, he’s still insisting that he’s always right. I said I suppose that we’re all allowed at least one delusion in life. He agreed and went on trying to convince me what a good one this delusion was. When just his hand didn’t work, he moved on to implements. 

He said that the lexan paddle was his favorite. Oh, really? I suggested that perhaps he should use it on himself, if he likes it that much. “Great idea!” he enthused. “I’ll just pretend I’m hitting myself with it! AH! Oh, that feels good! I love that! Want me to hit myself again?” 


OK, at least this angle is better. My legs don’t look like they’re two feet tall. 😉 Five implements, three of them from Cane-iac. 

I did feel like my tolerance was a bit diminished, but that’s no doubt due to illness and some residual weakness. I still relished it all, settled into it and grew quieter as the scene neared its conclusion. (That quiet happened sometime after I gave him a ration of noise for constantly saying, “There you go.” “There you go.” It’s like a freaking tic with him. :-Þ)

Later, after some lovely and much-needed aftercare, I asked if he’d take some more pictures. I’m still working on my new book, and I’ve had to think about what I want to do for the cover. With Late Bloomer, I had Zelle’s amazing designing talents. But now she’s working full-time plus doing a lot of family caretaking, and there’s no way I would prevail upon her for this. I don’t really feel like working with someone else, and lord knows I don’t know how to design a book cover. So I checked out the Cover Creator function at CreateSpace, where I’m building the book. They have a selection of pre-fab covers that you can customize (not a whole lot, though), add your own pictures, etc. So I thought it would be fun to have a cover photo of me in front of the computer, tearing my hair out or something like that.

Here’s the photo I put on the front (the space was small):

And on the inside cover page, where I have more room, I used this:

Then, after double-checking the interior and converting it to a PDF, I sent the files to CreateSpace for their review. If all is good, they’ll send me a proof copy. Exciting stuff. 🙂 The final version ended up being 164 pages after I’d formatted it. That’s for a paperback; yeah, I’m still doing a real book. Later, I’ll see if Blushing Books or Stormy Night Publications (or both!) are interested in carrying it, and if so, then I’ll have an eBook version with them (and they design covers, so perhaps they can do something fun for the Kindle version). Lots of possibilities.

I really needed today. I was feeling rather forlorn with this damned cold; the blog felt stagnant and forgotten; and all I could do was cough and keep yawning to pop my right ear and think about John’s upcoming angiogram. (Note to self: do NOT look up medical procedures on the Internet. Really bad idea.) Seeing Steve was, to use the word I did earlier, restorative. 

He told me several times today during the scene that I please him. It’s most definitely mutual. Even if he is delusional. ♥

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