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Stupid @#$%ing Google/Gmail/YouTube

You know, kids, things really shouldn’t have to be so damned complicated.

As y’all know, in the ongoing effort to post videos on here, I signed for a YouTube channel. Because I was trying to keep it as private as possible, I wanted to choose a user name other than Erica Scott, and I certainly didn’t want to use my real name. So just for the hell of it, I chose a hybrid of my first and middle name, and called myself Elouise Scott on YouTube.

Guess what. Turns out that YouTube, Google and gmail are all interlinked. So now, my Google profile and my gmail name suddenly became Elouise as well. I didn’t even realize it had happened, until a friend emailed me and said, “Who’s Elouise?”

I went back and forth, back and forth, between YouTube and Google, trying to figure this mess out and how to change my username. Well, it turns out that I can’t. As far as I could figure out after an hour, all I could do was create another gmail address, and relink my blog to that, which I did. Then I tried to figure out how to transfer everything from the old gmail address to the new one, and delete the original. Turns out I can’t do that either; it’s my primary email address and I’m stuck with it. All I can do is reroute everyone to the new one.

Like I said, it shouldn’t be so damned complicated. So, folks, make a note: the email associated with this blog is now Your comments will automatically be sent there, but if you want to email me directly with anything blog-related, you can use this new address. A lot of you still have my old AOL address, and that’s still valid as well. Just forget about It still exists, but I’m trying to phase it out.

And while I’m in a whingy sort of a mood, and speaking of comments… Where the hell is everyone?? I know you’re out there. I see my stats. But barely anyone is stopping by to say hello or drop a comment anymore.

I know it’s summertime; I know people are busy with stuff and life goes on. But still… I posted a video on FetLife on Tuesday, and so far it’s gotten 27 comments and 104 Loves. Posted one here — barely a whimper. What gives, guys? I miss you.

You’re going to have me thinking you don’t love me anymore. 😦

Meh. I need Shadow Lane. Big time.

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33 thoughts on “Stupid @#$%ing Google/Gmail/YouTube

  1. Which might explain to you why I now write almost exclusively to Fetlife and just use my blog for pics.

    As for Google, they got a double middle finger from me last night. When I sign in to my YouTube account using Chrome it says I have no uploaded videos. I have to sign in using Firefox to get to my own videos, all because they keep trying to force names on you.


  2. Rich — yeah, I noticed you put all your writings on FetLife now. Why do people comment more there than on a blog? That doesn't make sense.

    I really do prefer Chrome to Firefox. But this is getting ridiculous.


  3. Anonymous on said:

    It isn't a problem now, but there for a while I couldn't comment directly on the blog (here) because Google's security certificate was causing my web browser to have fits. The issue seems to be resolved now, but it was a pain.


  4. Anonymous — ugh. Well, good to know that it's resolved.


  5. Comments are down because it is summertime. I know it's slow on my blog too and in the world of book publishing. I've followed your blog for some time, so I apologize for not stopping in to say hello. Loved the Spanking Epics flicks. Shadow Lane sounds like fun, but Vegas at the end of August? It'll be hot in more ways than one.


  6. I bet everyone's getting ready for Shadow Lane. Speaking of, YOU are going to have one MIGHT sore booty in the days following that party. “SUCKS” to be you…NOT! πŸ™‚


  7. Rollin — fortunately, the hotel in Vegas is well air-conditioned! I agree, it's a sucky time to be there, but all is OK if you can stay inside (which I certainly do).

    Kelly — I'm counting on it. πŸ™‚


  8. Hi Erica — I have your gmail address, I write to you on that all the time πŸ™‚ You know that I Love you,I always comment on your blog.I hate it when websites try to force a name on you that you don't want.I wish that I could go to a SL party and get spanked.Hugs from naughty girl Jade


  9. Have you gone British on us now? Must be the canes… didn't know “whinge” could be used as an adjective. πŸ˜‰


  10. Bobbie Jo on said:

    Leave it up to Google and Youtube to make things difficult. It wouldn't be that hard for them to make things much more user friendly. It is like my printer. For XP, it had a Control Center that was a breeze to use. They didn't write it in for Win 7. They told me to use Microsoft's program for scanning and such. It gives me a headache! What is easy for a geek isn't for the rest of us.


  11. Jade — remember when you write to me from now on, use the new address, OK?

    Liz — LOL! I didn't even think about Brits; I just like the word “whinge.” And if one can whine and be whiny, then I'm sure one can whinge and be whingy as well, no? (and if not, oh well…)

    Bobbie Jo — what a pain! Fortunately, my printer plugged right into my new Win 7 computer without a hitch. I love it when things work.


  12. It's the end of summer. I'm back! missed you (and the videos you posted.) will have to check them out, but since they're old, any comments I leave will likely be in your spam folder thanks to blogger- Ha! yes comments are down mostly.

    And I too am sick and tired of google changing things up on me as soon as I grow accustomed to it, and cant imagine what a pain it is to incorporate youtube too. hang in there, sweetie!


  13. SS — you won't go into spam, I don't think. But I check that folder regularly, so never fear! (I've learned that Blogger screws that up as well on a regular basis.)


  14. Join the club, sure huge difference since last year, esp locally, nobodys in the moood to play, and local folks wonder why i go to these parties well duh if i aint getting any action or nobody is in the mood to play whats a girl supposed to do, so i know how u feel, and i'm sorry.
    Google omg i am starting to hate google, as always why change things if it works. stupid.


  15. I have had a similar problem with the name changes. Why can't they follow the KISS principle (Keep it simple stupid)?

    Don't worry about the number of comments- it the number of visitors that makes you know if your loved….


  16. Sherri — well… I'm playing a nice amount, thanks to my top. I'm just feeling bad because my comments here have been way down.

    Beanpole — I know… but the comments make it kinda personal and special. So thanks. πŸ™‚


  17. Don't forget Picasa, the place where all your Blogger photos are stored. Google has taken over pretty much everything. People visit the help forum every day after finding that out the hard way.

    And speaking of comments, my advice is to stay away from Google+ at all costs. You will lose your existing comments, and no one will be able to leave them unless they are also on Google+.



  18. I don't comment much here, whatever the season, as I usually don't have anything clever to say. OK.
    I did not try to watch your recent Youtube, but it said it was Private. And so it goes.
    And I rarely look back at comments to see what the blog owner might have said.
    You are read. Be happy.


  19. Hermione — oh, don't worry. I am never joining Google+. Just another trap, as far as I see it. Thanks.

    OBB — that was a mistake on my part, with the settings. The videos are no longer private. Comments don't have to be clever. They're a greeting, an acknowledgment, a thought on what's been posted. They make a blogger feel connected to his/her readers.


  20. Perhaps things were quiet everywhere?

    Regardless, just wanted to stop by and say hi and let you know readers are still out there, but more importantly that I appreciate and enjoy your blog.


  21. Enzo — thank you! πŸ™‚ See, I feel better already.


  22. I use hotmail for all my kink-related emails. For vanilla stuff gmail is good enough but I feel like they try to connect with everything else you have an account on and that's quite annoying if you're not openly kinky…

    And yes I'm still reading! It's busy here and I don't often stop by but reading your blog always cheers me up, though I usually don't know what to comment. I'm a little shy πŸ˜‰


  23. Olivia — I'm glad you enjoy it. Yes, gmail and Google are beginning to feel very entrapping. Hard to extricate myself without losing a lot of stuff, so I'll just have to deal with it.


  24. stay away from google+ …Isn't that the truth! that thing makes facebook look easy when it comes to separating naughty private from personal. “PLUS” – its confusing as all get out and really annoying.


  25. Anonymous on said:

    I recently went through the same hassle. I have a pseudonym I like to use for almost everything, minus my facebook/g-mail which I set up with my real nickname/name. Now, youtube no longer likes my pseudonym because it is clearly not my real name. I don't want to use it on youtube, I don't know why, particularly, I just watch videos, I barely even comment on videos but I dunno, I'm creature of habit. I was unaware, like you that youtube, gmail, and google are all linked together and almost gave myself a heart attack when I thought I erased my real primary e-mail. I didn't I found it, but oh boy was I SOOO MAD, I wrote google the nastiest e-mail I remember writing in some time. Anyway, long story short I'm stuck with my new pseudonym on youtube. It has something to do with accidently signing up for google +? Which, yeah, no. I have facebook and fetlife for that, lol.

    I'm sorry you're feeling disconnected with your readers. I'm a long time one, though I'm a lurky little lurker. Thought I'd delurk to send some nice thoughts your way. πŸ˜€


  26. Anonymous — thank you! πŸ™‚ Yeah, that's exactly what happened to me. I had a pseudonym on YouTube, but when I tried to create a channel, they demanded a “real name.” I had no idea what a mess I was creating by signing up for that. And then they make it impossible to change, and very unpleasant to try to leave. (sigh)


  27. It's kind of scary that this is going. While I get that there is a certain appeal at making sure bad people can't hide behind pseudonyms, there is also situations where using your real name can be very detrimental to your real life. I too have fallen for the youtube trap…Luckily I chose to stick with my email rather than name.

    I do read your blog routinely but as others have said, I don't always have anything to add that hasn't already been said. I will try and contribute more in the future πŸ™‚


  28. Felicia — yeah, scary indeed. Especially when you fall into the trap and they give you no way to get out of it. I'm glad I used a fake name, but it's still annoying.


  29. I don't like that Blogger tries to push for you to join Google+ as well. I don't want to be on fucking Google+. I already have a vanilla Facebook and don't have time for another social network. I've saved the new email for you.


  30. Well Erica, back within internet range, I read and watched amnd am reassuring you that there is little reason to doubt your blog's appeal to an audience. πŸ˜‰


  31. Lea — well, now I'm stuck on fucking Google+, simply because I opened a YouTube channel. Can you believe that?? It doesn't seem to have affected me much so far, especially since I opened an alternate gmail address, but it still pisses me off!

    MrJ — thank you. πŸ™‚ I appreciate that. I get a little disconnected on this end sometimes if I'm not hearing from readers.


  32. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Erica,
    It's Milt and no I don't believe your readers have abandoned you. I do agree and see your point and problems about Google, YouTube, Gmail and the Blog being all tied together. That is one of the problems I run into about trying to keep the business side of working with computers separate from my “relaxing side” on YouTube, or my blog. If you recall this is also one of the reason I prefer to “lurk” or sign as “anonymous”. Good luck with trying to straightening out your accounts.
    See you on the web,


  33. Milt — always nice to see you! Yeah, I doubt I can straighten this mess out without eliminating some important stuff. So I'll just have to work around it.


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