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Shadow Lane, here we come!

Tomorrow morning, that is. Today, there is still much to do. In the middle of doing laundry, getting my hair cut in an hour. Picking up the rental car this afternoon. And packing. So much packing.

Always a challenge for these events. You’d think I was going away for three weeks instead of three days. But you know, outfits are important. Not to mention panties. Lots and lots and lots of panties.

I have many. This is one drawer of two, and it’s missing several pairs that in the wash right now. Sometimes, I think I should just dump the drawers into my suitcase and be done with it.

But that would be silly. Right? Of course… (sigh)

So I will pick and choose. And of course, then there are the remaining lingerie items, the dresses, the skirts, the shorts, the tops, the PJs, the shoes, the makeup, the hair products, the… oh, hell. The women know what I’m talking about. The men are rolling their eyes.

I never quite relax until we arrive at the Suncoast. The ride to Vegas has much potential for disaster, since the I-15 route going there is rated one of the top 10 most dangerous highways in the U.S. You can imagine how comforted I was when I saw that on TV last week! But so far, we’ve made it every time. That little voice that keeps saying “Maybe this will be the time that we won’t” seriously needs to #$%& off.

I had mentioned this on FetLife a week or so ago — while I always look forward to the play, I find that this time, I’m looking forward far more to simply seeing all our friends, to the hugs, to the laughs, to the closeness and camaraderie. Loners don’t get much of that. Can’t wait to see all the dear familiar faces, plus will be meeting a bunch of new ones too. I do hope people will forgive me if I’m frazzled. I’ll settle down after a day or so; I just get so overwhelmed with all there is to do in so little time.

Plus, I have reasons to be extra excited this time. I didn’t mention this until now, because I was so afraid I’d jinx it somehow. But I am doing not one, but two shoots during this party weekend.

The first one will be a fun quickie clip with BratKaye ofΒ Amateur Spankings. We met her at the “50 Freaks” party last February and she is an absolute hoot, and she asked if we could shoot a little something together. The spanker will be the gentleman who runs the site (don’t know if I can use his name, so I won’t). We’ll do this on Saturday late morning, before lunch.

The second one — are you ready? Drum roll, please. On Sunday afternoon, John and I will be heading to the home of the one and onlyΒ Dana Kane, where I’ll be shooting a scene with her partner, the handsome gentleman formerly known as the Court Disciplinarian for Spanking Court. To my knowledge, this is the first time Dana has shot any M/F content for her site, so I am truly honored. Plus I am sooo jazzed to see them both again — it’s been nearly two years, and now that SC has gone dark, there’s no chance of any reunions in that venue. Oh, and I finally get to meet all her kitties! Dana has a wickedly good idea for a scenario and I think this will be lots of fun.Β 

But of course, more for Erica to stress about! “Ack! I need to get plenty of sleep so I won’t have raccoon eyes on camera!” “Ugh! What if I get marked before the shoots?” “Eeek! What if I’m too sore?” Oh, shut up.

I will simply have to pace myself, and tell people I’m not down for my heaviest play (until Sunday night, when all bets are off). And make sure I get my Zzzzz’s.

It’s been a crazy, crazy time with John the past few weeks. He bought a second property (a condo) and it’s been an insane time of mortgage arrangements, loan approvals, property inspections, dickering with the seller for repairs, shopping for furniture, endless emails and calls with his broker, etc. The heart issue has been put on hold because he has to resolve all his dental issues before any of that can take place. Yesterday, the poor dear had a tooth pulled. I was freaked out, worried that it would make his weekend miserable, but he got two opinions and both said that he’d be OK. It was a particularly bad tooth, which had been crowned and then had a root canal, so there were no nerves left and there wasn’t much tooth left either. So fingers crossed that he won’t be feeling any discomfort this weekend. He called me last night and said he felt fine. All the papers are signed and all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, so we are free and clear to head out of town. (whew)

All right then. I won’t be blogging during the party, but I will check in with email and comments and what-have-you often with my phone. I promise I will have the usual report(s) when I come back! Have a happy, safe and fun holiday weekend, y’all.

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25 thoughts on “Shadow Lane, here we come!

  1. Would be interesting to read in your report what you did not use of the stuff you packed. **rollseyes**
    Have a great time!


  2. MrJ — ha! Yeah, I've never researched that. Except I never, EVER use the bathing suit. John insists that I pack it, but I never go outside! πŸ™‚


  3. David Webley on said:

    Hope you have a Great Time. wish I could be there but hopefully I'll make it next year.
    David Webley


  4. David — hope you do!


  5. Have a fantastic time at SL.



  6. joey — thanks! Wish you could be there.


  7. I'm sure your panty collection will be one of THE must sees at the party. I can't wait to get details about your visit to Dana's place for your “friendly get together.” πŸ™‚


  8. Kelly — (snort) Yeah. Friendly. πŸ˜‰


  9. Anonymous on said:

    Have a great time. I can't wait to read all about it. We'll see you when you get back.



  10. Mike — will do, thanks!


  11. Anonymous on said:

    Erica, would the stars ever align enough for you and Dana to do a video together? Probably not your cup of tea, but I'm sure a number of your mutual fans would love…


  12. Hi Erica — WOW you have lot's of panties, I agree that us ladies need to pack a lot of stuff πŸ™‚ I am so glad that John is not in any pain.I can't wait to read your report and see some pics from the party. Have fun with your shoot at Dana s house, The Villain spanks hard. Have a WONDERFUL time at the SL party πŸ™‚ Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  13. Anonymous — actually, the six clips I did for Spanking Court had Dana in them, playing the bailiff. So technically, we DID shoot together.

    Sorry. πŸ™‚ I love Dana, but no F/F for me.

    Jade — thanks! I promise I will have lots of stories.


  14. Can't wait to see you guys, Erica! We're here, waiting for you to arrive!


  15. Craig — see you tomorrow night. πŸ™‚


  16. Hope you both have a wonderful time.



  17. Have fun, Erica.

    You were featured on this blog for your great facial expressions.



  18. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica, Here is hoping all your spirits are raised, when your panties come down in Las Vegas, for the spanking good times you will have in that fabulous gambling city. May you feel each Whack, before you hit the Sack. May it be all galore, before your bare bottom gets sore. XXX Luv ya.


  19. Ronnie — thanks! πŸ™‚

    Hermione — ha! Big mouth open for business, as usual! (sassing, that is, you perverts) Thanks for letting me know.

    Six — panties down, spirits up. I like that. πŸ™‚


  20. Lots and lots of panties, most definite especially if you catch up with Richard W… have a terrific time, enjoy, relax and spankings oh plenty!


  21. Well… that was fun, got to meet You and John (and he was in good spirits!!!)
    Glad I didn't totally flake out on you guys in the end, lol!
    Can't wait to show the world our grown up bickering spanking film πŸ™‚

    Safe trip back home!
    John. xx


  22. Sounds like it'll be an awesome party and weekend! Can't wait to read all the recaps.


  23. Ron — I did see Rich, but he was a busy man this weekend and we did not play. Lots of other play for me, though!

    John — hey! πŸ˜€ Safe travels to you as well. Yes, John was in fine spirits and he enjoyed you both so much, as did I. πŸ˜€

    Lea — am home now, but running on fumes. I will catch up and put together some reports as soon as human possible.


  24. Michael on said:

    I love you! Thank you for writing such nice things about me sweet woman. Honestly, I just passionately adore you and being in your presence alone is a gift, spanking you is a complete pleasure, but being your friend is what I love the most!

    Thinking about you and so thankful I have you in my life!



  25. Michael — I love you too! Thank you for being such a wonderful and special part of my Shadow Lane weekend, and for being my friend. β™₯


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