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Look out… here it comes…

… party drop. Yes, it has arrived.

It’s quite inevitable, after these weekends. So much stimulation, so much attention, so much love, such a suspension of real life. Then you come back.

I’m taking it in stride so far, knowing it is what it is and it will pass. I knew the post-part giddiness wouldn’t last forever. FetLife and Twitter have been a whirlwind of pictures, posts, comments and thank-yous, and when I look at them now, my heart hurts a little. I miss you guys! I want to be with you again! I want hugs and snuggles and spanks and laughs and all that party goodness. I want to be all over the U.S. at once and see everyone.

I don’t know when I will be playing with Steve next. No, it’s not because of what you might be thinking. He’s simply dealing with a deluge of real-life issues all at once, and his energy and head-space for play have temporarily been squelched. It happens. Reality blows. I will hold good thoughts that things get better for him. I miss him.

But I do get to be with my sweetie tonight and this weekend. I think we may be belatedly celebrating our anniversary, which was last Friday. No big plans, just a nice dinner somewhere. And lots of post-party dishing. Yes, men dish too. šŸ™‚

Meanwhile, on a cheerier note, I got a few pictures from the Amateur Spankings film I shot with BratKaye. Apparently, it’s going to be called “Up to No Good.” How apropos!Ā 

Well, maybe not. I mean, come on. Do we look like troublemakers here?

OK. I guess we do.

No Chross list this week??! Dammit! I was a shoo-in with these party reports! (sulk) How dare he have a life when I’m so in need of attention. šŸ˜‰

Yes, that was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Have a great weekend, y’all.

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26 thoughts on “Look out… here it comes…

  1. You HAVE to ask if you look like troublemakers?!

    You both look adorable and full of mischief. That's what life is about, if you ask me. Do you have any lingering soreness from last week?

    Happy belated anniversary to you and John. CHOCOLATE!!!! šŸ™‚


  2. Kelly — no soreness from the party. However, I missed a couple of workouts, and after Wednesday and Thursday at the gym, I feel like someone hit my ass with a freight train. šŸ™‚ Yes, chocolate! We have leftover goodies from the snacks we brought to SL.


  3. I know how you feel about missing people…I wish we could have these gatherings every month and be able to attend them all….I took a lot of pics which helps me remember all the fun I had…will be posting for a week or more..Miss it all (SIGH)
    PS…Happy Anniversary to you Both…Enjoy!


  4. Nancy — I always enjoy your pictures! Yeah, I wish these big parties were more affordable and easy to get to. When is teleportation going to become a reality, dammit!


  5. Hi Erica,

    No Chross this week? Aargh! How dare he go on holiday šŸ˜€ My pageviews always tank after a Chrossless week.

    Our anniversary was last week as well. A nice dinner out on Monday when no restaurants are busy.

    You both look very naughty in that picture. I'm sure you both got what you deserved.



  6. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica. the only let down you should have after that fabulous weekend you had in Las Vegas, is your panties. Erica here is an interesting question for you. Have you ever thought of writing a book that had absolutely NOTHING to do with Spanking. If so, what would it be about. XXX Luv ya.


  7. Hermione — happy belated to you! šŸ™‚

    Six — Hmmm…I have no idea. Never really thought about it.


  8. sixofthebest on said:

    The reason I ask, is that it expands your interests in life, plus it would help your income.


  9. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica, don't laugh, but here is my suggestion for a book that you can be the author and write, called BEATLES FIFTH SYMPHONY. (synopsis) The BEATLES hire ERICA SCOTT, to be the lead singer in their band. And you travel all around the world, with the FAB FOUR. Singing your blues away. Fiction of course, but it would be a New York Times number one best seller. Would you not agree?.


  10. Party drop sucks! Hope some quality time with John helps ease you past it.


  11. Six — not going to laugh, but no… not my style.

    Lea — it did. We kept busy all weekend and had a nice Italian dinner out last night, so I didn't think about party stuff much, except when we were talking about it.


  12. Anonymous on said:

    Great weekend? Not really. A virus that has been going through the family hit me on Friday night with a vengeance. Fever, loss of strength, vomiting. 3am Saturday my wife was about ready to call an ambulance. Pretty much recovered at sun up, she is asking me how I can do that as she was bedridden for 3 days. Saturday topped off by the lunatic majority of my countrymen voting in a party led by a religious lunatic with Rupert Murdoch's backing. Next 3 years not very promising.

    All the best anyway. Hope you had a good time.


  13. Hi Erica — The pics are AWESOME šŸ™‚ Yes the two of you,look like troublemakers LOL,But I am a troublemaker too LMAO. I wish to meet you someday,It would be fun šŸ™‚ Hope you and John,had a nice weekend.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  14. John — well… I'm sorry about that virus. I hope all of you are much better now.

    Jade — we did, thanks! šŸ™‚


  15. Hi Erica

    I did not cluck out and I made the party. I still haven't finished blogging my experience but I did see you there. I can understand your fatigue every time I saw you you and your friends were really excited and happy. I did get to meet sparky and with her encouragement went to many of the suite events. The only time I saw you chill out was at the punishment court, after that weekend it was amazing that many people showed up and participated.




  16. Emanuele — you saw me?? I wish you'd come over and said hello! šŸ˜¦


  17. I did want to really šŸ™‚

    But I did not want to break in, you were obviously on an emotional and endorphin high and I was loathe to disrupt, although I though I would have to say it is one of the things I missed. šŸ˜¦

    Better luck next time!



  18. Anonymous on said:

    looking at those two shapely, well smacked bums does make me feel a lot better, with the aid of a few Glenlivets.


  19. Can't wait for the movie.You both look gorgeous.


  20. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica, if I had my way and wrote that book. You would have made out with John Lennon, and his wife would have become jealous. Ringo Starr, would have spanked you with his drum sticks. You would have gone to Ascot Race Track, and hobnobbed with the elite, (a la My Fair Lady), Been invited to give a command performance for the Queen. Helped Paul McCartney write a best selling song. See what you missed for not writing such a book. Well one can't have everything in life. XXX Luv ya


  21. John — glad to help.

    Michael — thanks! It was great fun.


  22. Erica

    So glad you had such a terrific time and thank you for the lovely pics of two beautiful bottoms!


  23. Ron — you're certainly welcome. Kaye is a cutie, no?


  24. Total cutie……no questions


  25. Chross? ha! I have never been “Chrossed”, said my blog was “promotional” despite tons of others doing the same self thing. I must admit it does annoy me since I have a ton of uniqur stuff I let on about from my own spanko life as a website owner. ah fuck it *sigh*

    Love reading your blog exploits as ever šŸ˜‰

    John. xx


  26. John — thanks. I do love how my blog views skyrocket after a mention from him. He has a magic touch!


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