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OT: "Bad Dog!"

Today on her Wednesday Win post, our Hermione takes a trip down the memory lane of early computers. You know, DOS? (taking a pause while those of a certain age say, “WTF is DOS?”) The Microsoft Office paperclip assistant? I thought I’d piggyback on her post and add one of my favorites.

Back in the dark ages (1990s), there was a company called After Dark that made some really cool and creative screensavers. Some of them were so entertaining, you’d let your computer time out on purpose just so that you could watch them. One of the most popular ones was called “Bad Dog.”

Basically, it was just a Windows screen, but then a little black-and-white dog would scamper on and wreak all kinds of havoc. He’d dig holes, bark and howl, track dirt everywhere, jump into folders and destroy them, etc. The longer the screensaver was on, the more damage he’d do. Every once in a while, a voice off-screen would scold, “Bad dog!!” Then he’d tuck his tail and whimper for a second… and then get right back into making mischief.

After Dark is out of business, which is a shame. But you can still look at the mischievous pup in this YouTube clip.

I wonder if they ever had a “Bad Kitty” counterpart. That’s what John calls me. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “OT: "Bad Dog!"

  1. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica, talking about DOGS. In the good old days circa 1950's, I used to be call a 'handsome dog'. Now days I am lucky if I just called a dog ?. Erica, you are your boyfriend make a handsome couple, and in my humble opinion THATS THE TRUTH. As the song goes, “Keep on smiling, and the world smiles with you. XXX Luv ya


  2. Six — thanks. 🙂 I think he's handsome too.


  3. Anonymous on said:

    I remember that screen saver. One of my favourites was a saver which showed a man stuck on a tiny island. He'd wander around, scan the horizon, try to get coconuts out of a tree, etc. Good entertainment on slow days.

    C:\> dir


  4. Anonymous — and don't forget the Flying Toasters!


  5. You look like a happy Kitty there. Wonderful picture!


  6. MrJ — thanks! I would have been even happier, had John not had a broken collarbone, poor thing!


  7. I've been a Mac guy as far back as 1986. It was definitely Flying Toasters for us! Oddly, I've seen some interested homages to Flying Toasters lately, including a dude with a Flying Toaster tattoo! Bet he regrets that now!


  8. We all had Johnny Castaway at the office, and we'd do our work at our desks, not touching the mouse and waiting for the screensaver to come on. Usually it was the same old, same old of Johnny catching a fish, but sometimes someone would shout, “There's the mermaid” and we would all rush over and watch. There was one very elusive scene where a boat would come and take him off the island, but it was so rare, most of us never saw it.



  9. That's a really cute screensaver (probably from before I was into computers), and that's a really nice picture of you and John, although he does look a mite uncomfortable. How did he break his collarbone?


  10. Anonymous on said:

    first really enjoy the variety /rants/raves of your blog. as to memory lane try this: being sysop of adult bbs.


  11. Craig — I'll bet he does! That's a bit much.

    Hermione — I don't remember that one. Sounds fun!

    Dana — riding his bike, hit-and-run by a drunk driver. It was not a good time. 😦

    Anonymous — thanks. I had to Google “sysop” — no, I wouldn't have wanted that job for the world.


  12. Hi Erica — That dog is so cute 🙂 he is always getting shocked LOL. I like the pic of you and John, too bad he was so uncomfortable,cause of his broken collarbone 😦 Your shirt in the pic is so cool,You are definitely a cat person 🙂 Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  13. I.LOVE.THIS.PIC! I hope you get it framed. You two are terrific looking.
    I can't believe the havoc poor John's body has endured, though.


  14. Jade — I am! But I love dogs, too. 🙂

    Kelly — you know what's amazing? With all the extreme sports he's done in the past, all the cycling accidents, etc., this was the one and only time he ever broke a bone. It was a whopper, though.


  15. One of the first Web Pranks I saw was a link you send to an office “friend;” it took over the hapless victim's machine, lit up the screen with giant letters flashing “P-O-R-N,” cranked the speakers all the way up and a guy shouted “HEY, Everybody!! I'm watching PORN over here!!! WooHOOOOO!!!””


  16. Dear Erica,

    I have elsewhere commented that I see you as “EVRYWOMAN” in your films, but this pic shows you as the “CUTEST EVERYWOMAN”! Nice to see your beautiful smile. Thanks for sharing!



  17. Wolfie — HA! I'll bet the victims loved that (not).

    FJ — thank you! 🙂


  18. I remember DOS. I used to love that game that came with Windows 95, SkiFree. Do you remember that one? No matter what you did you'd get eaten by this damn Abominable Snowman thing at the end. So frustrating.


  19. Lea — nope, don't remember that one! That name sounds familiar, though.


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