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Birthday sweets and treats

It’s been a lovely birthday weekend. John did his best to make it special for me, starting with sending me birthday roses a week early, so I could enjoy them all last week before the event. Aren’t they beautiful?

Last night, we went to the California Canteen, one of our favorite restaurants, where I stuffed myself with fettuccine in herb-tomato sauce with grilled vegetables. Our server was kind enough to shoot a picture for us:

And then it was on to Aroma Café, where we were very lucky — they still had some German chocolate cake left!

Look at the size of that thing! (that’s what she said) And we completely demolished it. 

Today, my actual birth date, we went to our usual brunch at the neighborhood Denny’s, where I got a free birthday breakfast. I love love love Denny’s pancakes — but every now and then, the cooks are a little stingy with them, making them a lot smaller than they usually do. When that happens, I eat them anyway — but not today! When our regular server put our plates in front of us, I took one look at those shrunken little flapjacks and blurted, “Nahhhh, they can do better than that — it’s my birthday!” LOL! I’m such a brat. Our server, who quite adores us, understood completely, whisked them away and returned with two new ones that were about twice as big. John just shook his head at me. “You sent back the pancakes??” “Come on, did you see the size of those things?” I retorted. Yes, size matters.

After I said goodbye to my beloved and came home, I had an overwhelming amount of treats in store. I went online and found dozens of emails, FetLife messages and wall posts, and even Facebook posts, all wishing me Happy Birthday. I didn’t know who to thank first… my head was spinning. 

Included was my annual birthday greeting from Dave Wolfe, who never forgets me! ♥ He apologized for not creating a Wolfie Toon for me this year, but this is just as good. Some of you will recognize this still from my all-time favorite mainstream spanking scene, from Wagon Train‘s “The Maggie Hamilton Story” with Robert Horton (playing Flint) and Susan Oliver. Wolfie did a bit of doctoring to it, of course.

I know it’s hard to read the cartoon balloons. The horses are saying, “I just LOVE this show!” and “Our man FLINT! WOOOO!” Robert is saying, “THIS’LL teach you to go around WAGGIN” YOUR TRAIN!” and I’m saying, “Oh, for Pete’s sake, who wrote THAT, WOLFIE??!” Why yes, he did. Thank you, darlin’.

(If you click on the picture, you can see it larger and more clearly.)

Thanks to my John, and to everyone who remembered and cared and expressed such sweet sentiments — you guys brought tears to my eyes. Really. 

Almost makes aging worth it. 😉

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22 thoughts on “Birthday sweets and treats

  1. Happy Birthday, Erica! You and John look so happy…. and that cake looks amazing!



  2. Happy Birthday Erica. John knows how to make your birthday special.



  3. Erica,

    Happy you had a wonderful birthday and got some of the chocolate cake. Beautiful roses and a lovely picture of you and John.

    Hope you have a good week.



  4. sixofthebest on said:

    Erica, what a sumptuous glutton you are at those restaurants, you are eating like a horse celebrating that ageless birthday of yours. Talking of horses, how about someone cropping a picture of you with John Wayne, a/k/a “Donovan's Reef”..


  5. Happy birthday, Erica! Glad you had a good one!


  6. Hi Erica — Happy Birthday 🙂 I am so happy you had an awesome one.I love the pic of you and John.The cake looks Yummy,The birthday pic from Wolfie is Amazing 🙂 Everything just perfect for my very special friend 🙂 The roses are BEAUTIFUL too.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade


  7. SC — doesn't it though? Thanks!

    joey — yes, he really does. 🙂

    Ronnie — oh, you bet I got some of it. I even got to have the first bite! 😀

    Six — John Wayne is one of the last men I'd want to be in a picture with, I'm afraid!

    Liz — thank you! 🙂

    Jade — thank you, sweetie.


  8. A very happy birthday to you, Erica!


  9. Craig — thanks. 🙂


  10. Happy birthday, Erica! What lovely flowers. John is a keeper, for sure!

    Loved the Wolfie pic. Dave is so talented.



  11. Hi Erica — I just sent you out a birthday card today,You will get it in the mail in a few days 🙂 I hope you like it, I had other plans but me being in the hospital for 9 hours a few days ago ruined that 😦 I promise to make it up to you.I feel like I am dying I am so scared. I wrote this message on here,cause I am on my kindle and not the computer.I Love you,big hugs from naughty girl Jade. Will keep you posted about my health


  12. Hermione — yes, John is, and yes, Dave is. 🙂

    Jade — please don't worry about it. And you can message me privately, OK?


  13. Erica, John clearly loves you a lot!

    @ Jade: all the best


  14. MrJ — he does, and I love him. 🙂


  15. I commend you for sharing that salivation inducing piece of cake. I would have devoured it all by myself. 🙂


  16. Kelly — and I can guaran-damn-tee that you would have had a stomachache! 🙂


  17. Happy birthday my friend, my very best wishes and hugs


  18. Ron — thanks!


  19. Happy belated birthday, Erica… just thought i'd keep the greetings coming in 😉
    That cake looked awesome, btw!


  20. John — thanks! Well, apparently I'm milking this thing for all it's worth, just as any self-respecting attention whore should. 😉


  21. 5 points for the “that's what she said” joke. 😉 I'm glad it was such a nice birthday! Beautiful flowers, delicious meals, and a great guy. What more can a girl ask for?


  22. Lea — I dunno, a winning lottery ticket? 🙂


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